New Releases for 1-27-2021

It’s the final week of January and we’ve got a full line up of new comic releases!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, January 27th, 2021!

DC Comics Comin’ ATCHA

DC Future State has six new titles, including FS Aquaman #1, FS Dark Detective #2, FS Batman Superman #1, FS Suicide Squad #1, FS Legion of Superheroes and FS Superman vs Imperious Lex #1!

Dark Detective will catch you up with what Bruce Wayne is doing, Suicide Squad looks like an evil rif on the Justice League, and Superman Vs Lex is by Mark Russell, who always puts an interesting spin on things.

Batman Black and White #2 is out, with three different covers and stories by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, David Aja (Hawkeye and Iron Fist artist!) and many more!

We really loved the first issue of The Other History of the DC Universe, and issue two will stand on it’s own merit as well as complimenting it. 

Told from the point of view of marginalized DC heroes, this one features Bumblebee and Mal Duncan. I’m a big 1970’s Teen Titans fans so this one’s at the top of my pile this week. 


Dardevil #26 is not only a King in Black tie in, but features Elektra as the new Daredevil.

A shop favorite, Savage Avengers, has a Conan / Deadpool team up and is also a King in Black tie in. Fun stuff!

We also thought you’d dig seeing Alex Ross’ take on Rob Liefeld’s 90’s work on the cover of Marvel #4. (cover only, but the interior stories have been really cool. 

Lastly, we are starting to get inventory back in! We got new PVC statues, Diamond Select Action Figures, and most importantly Current and Silver Age bags are back in! The bad news is that the price went up to 7 cents for bags and 12 cents for boards, the good news is that that’s still lower than the industry standards. The price of plastic has just gone up during the pandemic in general I guess. 

See you this week at the comic shop!