New Releases at CNJComics for 3-31-2021

Before we start this week’s new releases it’s time again to say thanks for the tremendous amount of support you’ve given us this year. With the pandemic slowly pealing back a bit we’ve been doing great, and the only way for us to process that is to say thank you. I keep saying that the only real difference between 2020 and 2021 is that we have no illusion about doing events this year. Last year we kept laying out plans that never got to play out so this year we feel like we’ll just know when the time is right. That being said, Free Comic Book Day is being heald nationally on Saturday August 14th this year. 


We do plan on having an event but it may look a bit different than it has in the past. We are likely looking at a scaled down and manageable event with a focus on the day portion. We’re keeping in contact with Chris Claremont and we will be ready to have him out if the opportunity presents itself.

Since we have to order the FCBD books now and we’re not positive how the climate will look come August, we have to be realistic and responsible in 2021 just as we were in 2020. So we will do something and we will keep you updated on what it will look like as it gets closer to the event. For now, here’s a link to the books that will be available.

We’ve also gotten in a few cool collections lately, so be sure to keep an eye on our wall for a lot of new additions. Also, in case you didn’t know, every Tuesday a little after 8pm the boys go live on Facebook and give you a tour of the new comic book table! This has developed a really great following and is a fun way to find out about new releases and see what the staff is excited about. Just tune in here and you can comment as they go to add stuff you see to your file. Don’t have a file? Stop by the shop and set one up.

You just have to have five comics a month held and pick them up monthly. You also get 10% off ALL your new comic purchases, not just the ones in your file. You can also keep up with my featured new releases by checking our website each week at ! In a world that’s becoming overwhelmed by Social Media, it’s nice to have a place with less background noise to check things out. 

Okay! Let’s dig into this week’s featured new releases on this fifth Wednesday of the month, March 31st, 2021!


So, we are really going to push this one! Beta Ray Bill #1 is by Daniel Warren Johnson, and if that name doesn’t ring a bell he’s the creator behind Wonder Woman Dead Earth and Murder Falcon from Image. (Two books we really love around here.)

This five issue mini springs out of Donny Cates Thor run and has connections to King in Black. (like a nullified Fing Fang Foom!) Take our word for it and check this one out, Johnson is a really bizarre writer and artist but he’s hit his mark everytime.

Speaking of King in Black, Ghost Rider gets his own one shot as Johnny Blaze joins the fight.

Silk also gets her own number one, and we’ve even going to give you a glimpse of Jen Bartel’s Women’s History Month variant. 

Spider-Man start a new all ages Marvel Action series. 


DC has a small week but Batman Catwoman is one of our favorite monthly titles right now.

The second issue of “The Other History of the DC Universe” was academically an amazing read. This week issue #3 features Katana and is appropriate given the current social climate. I look forward to this read, as each issue hits a different demographic that has been marginalized by the DCU. 

Guess what the best selling graphic novel line is right know? The answer is Dog Man by Dav Pilkey, and a tenth Volume finally hits the table this week. 

We always keep all the Dog Man’s in stock at all times, so bring your early reader in to check them out! 

That is it for this week. I’d also like to give a shout out to Falcon and the Winter Soldier. As a lifelong Captain America fan that second episode was everything I’d want out of the charcters and is a great story about what it means to be a hero, which is really about living with past trauma while trying to function and lift others up. Maybe some of my favorite MCU stuff ever. 

Check out Invincible too! A really great adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comics, which John Shearer has sworn by for years.

If you have any questions about either of these two properties just let us know!