“Not” Free Comic Book Day at CNJComics May 1st and 2nd

We’re only a little over a week away from our “Not” Free Comic Book Day event on May 1st and 2nd and we’ve got some new details to share with you!

First and foremost, this is not in any way a regular Free Comic Book Day, mostly because the comics are not free. There are no local artists or costumes, this is just a place holding event until August 14th, the day that FCBD has been moved to nationally. 

You can even see the books that will be available then here.

What will that FCBD look like? We don’t know yet, but we feel we’re heading in the right direction. We are working towards having Chris Claremont out but this is still in the planning stages. If it happens there will be an open autograph session for all the the 14th. We will likely have no more information on this until June 1st. The staff has told me that lots of people have been asking for additional details but at this point there are none. Please stay tuned until then for more information!

So what’s happening on May 1st and 2nd?!

We will be using the empty storefront we typically use for FCBD (17430 Lorain Ave, 100 feet from the shop headed towards Marc’s) to put ALL of our overstock fout at only $1.00 each. (50 cents each for 100 or more.) This is the first time we’ve been able to have all these books out at the same time. It’s just shy of 200 long boxes. Especially if you’re an indie fan, this is a really big deal. All the indie books we get from collections basically go right into the locker, since we don’t have room for them in the shop.Of course there will be Marvel and DC books as well. There’s lots of breathing room down there and we’ll even have a register. 

In the shop we will be offering:

  • 50% off all Back Issues.
  • 10% off Everything else.

Since back issues are at a premium right now the boys advised against the half off sale, but we’re going to do it anyway. Expect these half off sales to be very rare from here on out though and plan accordingly!

Since it’s a major pain in the a$$ to move all that overstock we want to make the most out of it, so we will be extending our hours on Sunday to match our hours on Saturday. Meaning that both storefronts will be open from 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday!

So yes, this whole thing is a blatent cash grab to help us fund the actual FBCD in August. Do your part to keep the machine moving forward, citizen!

It should be a fun weekend, because at the core of it all, we do love to sell you comic books!