New Releases for 5-5-2021 at CNJComics

First off thanks for a great ‘Not Free Comic Day’ event!

We had a steady crowd all day, we stayed under the occupancy limits and the whole thing felt really comfortable. We hope everyone got some great deals and found some new stories. It was really awesome for us to see a lot of those small press comics find a good home. All in all I think we sold around 40 long boxes of comics over two days! We can now confidently head into the real FCBD on August 14th with enough funds to make it awesome. Zoe also got to work her first official shift at the comic shop and Carol even came out to watch over her. 

We will keep reassessing what Free Comic Book Day will look like as the restrictions lift, but for now we know it’s at least Free Comics, Chris Claremont and an Art Show. 

Now on to this week’s featured new releases!


Marvel has an ambitious project out front this month with the weekly Heroes Reborn seven issue mini series by the really strong team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness!

A call back to the event of the same name in the 90’s, the heroes we know do not exist and the Squadron Supreme are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. (you know, Marvel’s rip off Justice League.)

But if you look closely our heroes are still there, they just don’t look anything like we remember them. Sort of like an “Age of Apoclypse” for the entire Marvel Universe. 

There will be some one shot tie in’s but for now we’re excited about the core weekly story!

We thought we’d give you a look at the cover of the third issue of Carnage Black White and Blood by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman. 

A new Star Wars story begins in War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven (Civil War). 

Really beautiful book as Boba Fett has to deliver Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt and we learn what an ordeal that turned out to be. The whole big crossover starts with this one shot. 

If you’ve never read Thanos Quest before now’s your chance. 

The best $7.99 you’ll spend this month as you learn how Thanos got the Infinity Stones one by one from the Elders of the Universe before the Infinity Gauntlet was even a thing. Written by Jim Starlin with art by Rom LIm, this is an all time Marvel classic. A Plus stuff here. 


Batman #108 has gotten some major buzz, with a huge amount of people adding it to their files. 

The first appearance of Miracle Molly!

What’s not to love about the Tiny Titans Pet Club, featuring all the pet stories from the “classic” Art and Franco series. 

This is a great book for early readers!


We’ve got a few new additons to the “Try Something New and Independant” selection, starting with AWA and Garth Ennis’ Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal #1. 

This key word here is Garth Ennis but imagine a time traveling Catwoman and you’ve kind of got the idea, except more fun. I’ve read it and it’s great. 

We’ve also got the first graphic novel from “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” by Immortal Hulk’s Al Ewing. 

“Captain Malik and the crew of his spaceship are in search of the only resources that matter  – and can only be found by harvesting the giant corpses of alien gods that are found on the edge of human space. Now they see an opportunity to finally break free from this system: by being the first to find a living god.”

Only $9.99 too!

Lastly, the long awaited (like 35 years) Barry Winsor Smith “Monsters” hardcover is finally out. 

Not for eveyone, “The year is 1964. Bobby Bailey doesn’t realize he is about to fulfill his tragic destiny when he walks into a US Army recruitment office to join up. Close-mouthed, damaged, innocent, trying to forget a past and looking for a future, it turns out that Bailey is the perfect candidate for a secret U.S. government experimental program, an unholy continuation of a genetics program that was discovered in Nazi Germany nearly 20 years earlier in the waning days of World War II. Bailey’s only ally and protector, Sergeant McFarland, intervenes, which sets off a chain of cascading events that spin out of everyone’s control. As the titular monsters of the title multiply, becoming real and metaphorical, literal and ironic, the story reaches its emotional and moral reckoning.”

This book has been on the slate for as long as the shop has been around so to finally get to see it is a heck of a thing. 

That’s it for this week! Thank you again for being awesome!