Green Arrow Special and other New Releases for 6-30-2021 at CNJComics

Hello from Universal! I’m writing this one from the road so I’ll keep it quick!


The big book this week is the $9.99 Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special, full of short stories by some of Ollie’s most important creators. 

Expect names like Grell, Lemire, and a really important story by Lenny O’Neil, Denny O’Neil’s son. Decades variant covers too, so be sure to research the one you want. 

Like Neal Adams 1970’s and Gary Frank’s 1980’s.


I’ve really been looking forward to this next book, The United States of Captain America mini series by Christopher Cantwell, who’s a rising star in the shop. 

The shield has been stolen and Cap and Sam hit the road to find it. Along the way they meet new ordinary people who have adopted the mantle of Captain America. 

First up, Aaron Fisher, the Captain America of the Railways!

The Hellfire Gala concludes this week and Marvel promises a very important issue with X-Factor #10.


For the kids we have a Young Readers John Constantine book?

Ryan North is the Squirrel Girl and Adventure Time guy, so looks like fun.

We also have two new board books from DC, as well as reissues of some old favorites. We sell a lot of these books when we can get them.


Lastly, Thursday is the day tickets go on sale for the Chris Claremont VIP event on Friday August 13th. All the info is here in our previous email at the bottom. We know tickets will go fast so plan accordingly. 

Claremont VIP Info!!

Remember, even if you don’t get tickets we still have an open signing with Chris for FCBD from 10am to 7pm on August 14th, the next day!

Congrats to Ben for running the Comic Shop last week in Jim and I’s absence. Thanks to the staff (and you!) for supporting him as well. I’m sure John Shearer as senior advisor is helpful. See you all soon at the comic shop.