Not-At-Comicon Sale at New Releases for 6-7-2021

First up, we’re excited to annouce that even though there will be no San Diego Comicon this month, we will still have our “Not At Comicon” sale!

From Thursday July 22nd to Sunday July 25th we’ll be giving 50% off all back issues, as well as 10% off everything else in the shop. We’ll also be filling up the foyer next to the shop with thousands of comics from our storage locker for only one dollar each. (50 cents each for 100 or more as always.)

50% off back issues will be a rare thing now that the pandemic is fading, so plan to take advantage when it happens!

This Friday is (finally) the premiere of the Black Widow movie! I’ve got a free comic to give everyone who stops in starting that day, while supplies last, with a purchase. 

Come check out our selection of Black Widow graphic novels too!

I’m a big David Harbour fan, and it’ll be cool to see Yelena added to the MCU. Plus, Taskmaster!

On to this weeks new releases!


X-Men #1 comes out featuring the new team by Gerry Duggan. 

Duggan does a great job on Savage Avengers and this will be an easy way to check out the book if you’ve lapsed during Hickman’s run. 

Extreme Carnage Alpha is the first in a series of eight one shots that will detail the aftermath of Venom #200 in a post Cates world. 


The final issue of Batman Fortnite is out, #6. The book that caught everyone off guard this year. Thanks for sticking by us as we figured things out. 


Master of the Universe is getting a new comic to go with the upcoming Netflix Show, written by Kevin Smith of Clerks fame. 

Skybound X #1 is new from Image and it’s a spotlight book for their properties. Each issue is supposed to introduce new characters and is spearheaded by a new Walking Dead story by Robert Kirkman, Rick Grimes 2000! 

The first issue also has the first appearance of Clementine from the Walking Dead video game. 

We’ve also decided to featured three great new indies this week. (well, one’s from DC, but it’s not superhero and it’s awesome.)

The first issue of Nice Houe of the Lake was likely my favorite read last month. By James Tynion IV (Something is Killing The Children) and it’s a twelve issue mini series. You just have to read it to not ruin the surprise concept, trust me it’s good. 

Geiger by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank is another standout, a irradiated man defends the bunker his family is (hopefully) living in.

Nocterra is Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel’s “trucker across the wasteland” story. It’s fun to see him work with characters he’s allowed to do whatever he wants with.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who came out to buy VIP passes for Chris Claremont. We sold out day one so thanks for the support. More info on FCBD is forthcoming and we’re excited to get back at it this year!

For now just check out to see all the books that will be available. Every person will be able to pick ten on August 14th!