Raf’s Featured New Releases 12.01.21

Hey there, CNJ shoppers! Raf here welcoming everybody to a New Comic Book Day. December is here already!? Some of the year’s best comics come out in December usually, and this month is no exception. We’ve got a lot of great anniversary specials, some returning series, and one big epic of a Wonder Woman book all new this week. Let’s get into it.

Marvel Comics

This week marks the 750th issue of Avengers, and to celebrate is this week’s oversized Avengers #50. There is a whole lot to unpack in this $9.99 issue including: the conclusion to World War She-Hulk, the story of the Iron Inquisitor, a brand-new team of villains coming for our world including Kid [REDACTED] and Young [REDACTED], Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider receives a new multiversal quest, and new members join the team ALL IN THIS ISSUE. This is definitely not one to miss out on; written by Jason Aaron with a host of other artists as well.

DC Comics

Batman has the best rogues gallery in comics (yeah, I said it) and Gotham is the city they call home. This special one-shot features stories about some of the baddest of the bad including the likes of Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, The Mad Hatter, Killer Moth, and the original Red Hood. Also in this issue is a Penguin story written by the man, the myth, the legend, The Penguin himself, Danny DeVito! Batman Returns is my favorite Christmas movie ever, and if there was one place in the multiverse I’d want to visit it’s Gotham during the holidays. We’ve got tons of variants for this one too, come in and grab a cool one.

Spinning out of the events of this summer’s big event, Infinite Frontier, there’s a new Justice League out protecting the multiverse and it’s the Justice League Incarnate, here in issue #1. With Superman of Earth-23, Flashpoint Batman, Captain Carrot of the Zoo Crew, China’s Flash from Earth-0, and a new hero Doctor Multiverse, they’re our only hope against the one true Darkseid. This five-issue miniseries will take DC fans across the multiverse on a quest to stop the end of everything. Right on.

This next project has been in the works for quite some time, and I’m happy to say it’s been well worth the wait. Superstar writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet) presents the entire story of the Amazons across millennia in Wonder Woman Historia. Trust me when I say this is the Amazons like you’ve never seen them before, in this DC Black Label book beautifully drawn by one of my favorite artists Phil Jimenez! Not for children, this epic three-issue series is an absolute must for fans of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. A true passion project for both creators, with subsequent issues drawn by Gene Ha and Nicola Scott. Just check this art out from Phil Jimenez!

You’ll be sorry if you miss out on this one this week.

Small Press

The horror series that was so popular fans practically demanded a sequel, the “Maniac of New York” is back in “Bronx Burning.”

“After the tragedy of The Death Train, Detective Zelda Pettibone and mayoral aide Gina Greene have lost the trail of the Maniac – and the support of the city. Copycats are springing up, tensions are high and traffic is a nightmare. So, what happens when your favorite unstoppable, mindless killer resurfaces in a Bronx high school? Can Zelda and Gina get there before Maniac Harry adds to his body count? Will the students tear their attention away from their phones long enough to notice there’s a monster in the halls?”

We’re all stoked to jump back into this one.

A new Mark Millar series this week, it’s James Bond meets John Wick (have the rights for this already been bought by Netflix I wonder), it’s King of Spies #1. The world’s greatest secret agent only has months to live, and he knows all the dirtiest secrets. But instead of laying down quietly, he’s going to expose all those who’ve done him and the world wrong. A quest to right the wrongs of the past, this four-issue miniseries is sure to be a hit, most anything Millar writes these days is.

Another shop favorite horror series returns this week in AWA’s Hotell Volume 2. Featuring interconnected storylines that all revolve around a mysterious motel out in the Nevada desert, this is one of the creepiest books out there. If you’re not familiar, check out volume 1 that we have in stock at the shop for only $10. AWA really puts out some great stuff, and I’m excited that we’re getting more from this series.

And that does it for this week at Carol and John’s Comic Shop. Thank you all so much for coming out and shopping with us over Black Friday weekend, it was a big success and we were happy to console everyone after the OSU game on Saturday. Don’t forget that our annual Charity Art Show is coming up soon too, and the deadline to submit a cover for the art show is rapidly approaching. Covers are due December 12th. We’ve started receiving some already and they are awesome. Thanks to all our artists out there. We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with, we’ve got plenty of blank covers available to giveaway at the shop too. In the meantime, have a great week everybody!