Raf’s Smoking Hot Comics for 4.20.2022

Good morning and Happy New Comics Day at Carol and John’s! It’s a week full of issues from staff favorite series, along with a brand-new Captain America series for John Dudas too. Let’s just jump right in.

Marvel Comics

Finally, back with his own title, but now with two new series to boot! Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson both share the Captain America moniker, and in this brand-new #0 issue this week, we’ll see how they work together (and differ) in this exciting team-up issue. Armin Zola launches an attack on New York City, but two Captain Americas are better than one and will work together to bring him down. This issue #0 will launch two new Captain America series, with Sentinel of Liberty starring your friendly neighborhood Steve Rogers and Symbol of Truth with Sam Wilson on an action-packed adventure with Deadpool (more on with him later this week too).

The first arc of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s epic Hulk series comes to an end in this week’s issue #6. Starship Hulk has been pushed to the limits by President Thunderbolt Ross on this alternate Earth, and now Bruce Banner is losing control. But there’s more at stake as a dangerous new entity takes control of the most powerful Hulk in the multiverse. We all love this new Hulk series at the shop, and this issue is the biggest and craziest one yet. You won’t want to miss out on the first full appearance of Titan this week in Hulk.

“The brutal return of the Best There Is… with an unlikely partner! Deadpool was the king of Staten Island – now he wants to be an honorary citizen of Krakoa. Wolverine just wants him to shut up. But when Deadpool uncovers a dangerous plot that could mean doom for the mutants’ safe haven, it’s going to take a titanic team-up of the Best There Is and the Merc with a Mouth to quell the threat. But that doesn’t mean Logan has to like it.” Ben’s been looking forward to this one for a while, and hot off the events of X Lives / X Deaths of Wolverine, we’re all excited to see where things go next for Wolverine. Plus there’s Deadpool!

DC Comics

Mark Waid’s triumphant return to DC in Batman/Superman World’s Finest read like a modern Silver Age team-up issue between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, and we loved it. Now with issue #2, Batman and Robin are working with Niles Caulder of the Doom Patrol to cure Clark of his red kryptonite exposure from last issue. This series is great for fans who miss the simplicity of older DC books, and features fantastic art from series artist Dan Mora. Last issue had a few surprise appearances from different corners of the DC universe too, and issue #2 follows that trend as well. You’ll have to read to find out who shows up…   

Cliff Chiang’s DC Black Label book Catwoman: Lonely City is a favorite of ours at the shop, and we’ve been patiently waiting since December 2021 (!) for more, but finally we have more with issue #3 this week. “Catwoman had assembled the crew of a lifetime for her heist of the Batcave, and everything was going to plan—until it wasn’t. When tragedy and disaster strike, she’s got to find a way to land on her feet… but as her need for answers grows stronger and more desperate, she might be prepared to make a deal with the Devil himself…” A lot of cool character appearances this week in DC books, including this one also. One of the best DC Black Label books at the moment too, and that’s saying something.

Small Press

Deadpool writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan reunite along with artist Scott Koblish for this well timed one-shot The Secret History of the War on Weed. “The year is 1985. The First Lady decides to crush Northern California cannabis farmers and deploys the biggest tool in the armed forces: Scotch McTiernan… ‘If it weeds…we can kill it.’ Scotch puts his boots on the ground in Humboldt and does what he does best – but what happens when he gets high for the first time?” There’s even an activity page in this comic also. Spark up and burn through this hilarious comic joint from Image Comics that’ll have you rolling this week.

Back from my previous small press article about Source Point Press, this next series was one of my featured highlights of upcoming titles from this small Michigan-based publisher. And now finally it’s the release of Corollary #1 new this week. “In a galaxy filled with twin moons, twin suns, and twin planets, everything comes in twos. Even the people. And if your twin dies … so do you. This is the way it’s always been. So, when Captain Andromeda’s twin loses her life in a far-off military battle, and Captain Andromeda herself DOES NOT die, needless to say, the universe demands answers. Answers that the Captain is willing to give … to the highest bidder, of course.” I read a small preview of the first issue and it’s a cool and colorful sci-fi book, something I’ll always try out. I’m excited to read the whole issue and the rest of this four-issue mini.

We’ve got more at the shop this week too, but those are just some of the issues we’re excited about this week. John’s out of the shop too, so it’ll just be the boys and Andrea holding it down. Say hi and buy new comics! We’ll see you all around.