Free Comic Book Day 2022 at CNJComics

Free Comic Book Day 2022 is on Saturday May 7th from 10am to 7pm at CNJComics!

If it seems like we just did this, we sort of did. Last year free comic book day was pushed to August due to the pandemic. This year we’re back on schedule though, returning to the classic date of the first Saturday in May! This year’s big announcement is that we will be having Jim Shooter as our guest of honor!

Jim started writing for DC comics when he was on 13 years old in the 60s and went on to be Marvel’s Editor in Chief from 1978 to 1987. During this time he wrote some of my favorite Avengers comics, as well as the classic “Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars”, which introduced us to Spider Man’s Black costume. You can read more about his career here.

Jim will be autographing comics in the foyer next to the shop from 10 am to 6 pm. In the spirit of the day, the first signature is free! We even have four hundred copies of Avengers #211 (released in 1981) that we’ll be handing out for free so you have something to get signed!

After that, you can pay $10 a signature, or buy a five-pack of signatures for $30. It’s important to us that everyone gets a chance to meet Jim, so please limit the number of books you get signed to eleven. (1+5+5) We highly recommend reading Secret Wars beforehand, and we have copies of the complete graphic nvoel for sale at the shop right now!

John Shearer and I will be hosting a Facebook Live Video on Monday, May 2nd at 8:30 pm talking about what we love about Secret Wars, so be sure to tune in. I will also be hosting a Q and A with Shooter the night before FCBD at 6 pm on May 6th during our VIP event, so be sure to tune into that as well. The VIP event is sold out, and thank you to those who bought a ticket. You have helped to fund Jim’s appearance so that everyone gets a chance to see him on the day.

This year’s FCBD poster is an homage to Secret Wars #8, with a little Cleveland thrown in there for good measure. Unlike years past, this poster is free and you can pick it up at the shop right now!

Our resident graphic designer Jameson Campbell will be on hand at FCBD signing copies of the print from 10 am to noon.


The free comics are handed out in the same space as previous years, in an empty storefront about 200 feet from our shop. (we will have everything heavily signed so you know where you’re going, but the address is 17430 Loran.) Everyone is allowed to take 12 books from the 49 that are available. Books are broken up into three age categories, Green (All Ages), Blue (Teen+, meaning 13+, so nothing too crazy but parents should keep their eyes open for stuff they don’t care for.), and Red (Mature, meaning 18+, there are only four books with this designation.) We keep the books clearly marked and in these groupings.

You can check out all the books here. In addition to the books listed in that link, there is also another Spider-Man young readers comic and three titles from DC: Dark Crisis, Galaxy, and DC League of Super-Pets. (This disconnect is due to the current fractured state of the comic book publishing industry.)

So you Dog Man fans can grab a Dav Pilkey sampler…

Spider-Man fans have two books to pick from…

…and Winston will likely be picking up a Max Meow!

We always say, “Come early for the best selection!” We had to order books this year in January when the pandemic was flaring up, so we weren’t quite sure at that time what kind of event we would be able to have. This also affected our decision to not have a full-blown midnight event this year. We have over 20,000 books coming in but the early bird gets the worm!

Numerous cosplay factions will be walking about Saturday morning starting around 9:30 to make waiting in line more bearable. Dress up yourself and be sure to take some awesome pictures with them! Tag those photos with #cnjcomics #fcbd2022 for the most traction. We will also have Laura Wimbels back on photo duty this year, walking around and taking pictures of everyone.

While the art show was put on hold this year, we will have some cool photo op areas, as well as some spaces for kids to play after waiting in line. Jeff Ritchie is even designing a backdrop that looks like the cover to the aforementioned Secret Wars #8, without the Spider-Man in it. We will also have some local artists and vendors set up for you to check out, stay tuned for more details on that.

The Rust Belt Monsters will be doing a live mural outside the shop again, and this time we’ve got the sponsorship!

Every year this six-member art conclave creates a twelve-foot-long mural throughout the day. This year we decided to have a black light theme, inspired by the old Marvel blacklight posters from the ’70s! (it is Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness movie weekend too!)

We got sponsorship from DayGlo <> right here in Cleveland! They donated special paint for the RBM’s to use in the project! Thank you, Day-Glo! They have never used the paint in a live mural before and are excited about the challenges it offers!

Also, did you know that CNJComics sponsors numerous events at libraries around the county on FCBD? Both Westlake and Rocky River City Libraries, as well Mike Pawuk’s big event at the Cuyahoga County Brooklyn Branch. We also provide books to every Cuyahoga County branch and they participate at different levels, so check with your local branch to see what’s up!

Okay, everyone, that’s all we’ve got for now. Stay tuned for updates in the weeks to come! The staff and the Dudas family are looking forward to another successful year! Thank you as always for your support!