Andrea’s Recommendations for 09.28.2022

Hi Comic Shop Friends! 

In shop news, we have an ALL NEW Marvel Silver Age back issue wall rerack! With a long box hitting the table with more new Silver Age Marvel books! Come in and check it out!

In two weeks, on October 9th, the shop will be set up at Bay-Con in Bay Village! So stop out for that too!

I’m excited about some new horror books this week, so let’s get to it!


Marvel’s Voices: Community #1 returns with another celebration of Marvel’s Latin/x characters and creators. Fabian Nicieza and Paco Medina have an action-packed Nova adventure, Edgar Delgado and Luis Morocho take us on a spider escapade with Miles Morales, and Alex Segura and Roge Antonio have a new tale for White Tiger. Plus, the introduction of a brand-new character and three other stories from new and established artists.

This week Marvel has another A.X.E. tie-in with A.X.E.: Avengers #1 from Kieron Gillen and Federico Vicentini. This is one of the penultimate chapters of Avengers/X-Men/Eternals: Judgment Day, where heroes face their final judgment. Tony Stark has spent his life building suits to protect him, so he can protect Earth, but now he has to enter a suit of armor that could kill everyone. Will he be able to survive? Will anyone survive?


From Army of Darkness to the Army of the Dead, Bruce Campbell writes the new DC Horror title Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead! Art by Eduardo Risso! Hitler is always messing with supernatural forces, and now he’s using a serum that resurrects dead soldiers, making them stronger than they were alive. Sgt. Frank Rock and Easy Company are sent into enemy territory to face off against the most horrific enemies they have ever seen: Nazi zombies! Lots of head trauma in issue #1, and I’m hoping there will be more gore as we get into more zombies in the rest of this six-issue mini-series. This is giving me B.P.R.D. vibes and is another fun pre-Halloween read.

Picking up after the season finale of the Batman: The Audio Adventures podcast, the new seven-issue mini-series of the same name from Dennis McNicholas and Anthony Marques delves into Gotham’s seedy underbelly and sewers. A group of mysterious assailants is hunting for an ancient artifact, and Batman is on their trail; meanwhile, Killer Croc and Harleen Quinzel are exposed to a batch of Joker’s serum. An easy, entertaining read with a cute rat on the second page.

The world’s greatest Robin returns! Writer Meghan Fitzmartin teams up with artist Riley Rossmo to begin the next chapter in Tim’s life in Tim Drake: Robin #1. Tim has carved out a corner of Gotham just for himself, but a new villain who’s hounded him from afar puts him and everyone he cares about in danger. A mystery over a year in the making takes shape in the form of a glowing gorilla.

Written by Franco, with art by Sara Richard, Isaac Goodhart, Agnes Garbowska, Derek Charm, Christopher Uminga, and others, Deadman Tells the Spooky Tales is a new kids’ anthology collection. I didn’t get to read it all yet, but flipped through and was sold when I saw the guinea pig story. This is something I can read with my nephews when they ask for “More spooky!”


The Roadie is a new horror series from Dark Horse by Tim Seeley and Fran Galan. Former roadie for heavy metal band Mass Acre, Joe D, returns to a job he thought he retired from thirty-five years ago: exorcist. Unknown to him, his daughter Shelby Petroski is being targeted by She-Whose-Tongue-Drips-With-Maggots, so he has to hit the road to protect her. Full of Satan, sex, heavy metal, and hell!

New Image #1 from Declan Shalvey, Old Dog is a spy-fi thriller described as The Winter Soldier meets Mission Impossible. Jack Lynch is a disgraced C.I.A. officer still clinging to his career in a changing world. When a shadow organization offers him a second chance, he’s paired with the last person he could ever imagine. 

Triple the head trauma of Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead! Dang! Another new #1 from Image, Flawed from Chuck Brown and Prenzy, is an ultra-violent limited series about Gem Ezz, a psychiatrist by day and a vigilante by night. Seeking vengeance for a client who lost her daughter to a serial killer still on the loose, Ezz goes hard on the corrupt city of Setham.

We also have two new kids’ books, I Am Batman, and I Am Superman, from the Stories Change the World series. Both of these are very cute and are great gifts if you’re getting the jump on your holiday shopping. 

And as always, we’re putting out new back issues every day, and you never know when you’ll find what you’re searching for!