Andrea’s Sinister Picks for 01.25.2023

Hi Comic Shop Friends! Happy start of tax season! May the tax fairy bring you a refund, and you get to spend it in the shop!

John Dudas has been working through a few new collections (and is picking up another one in Erie, PA), so there are many new Modern keys on the wall. You all cleaned out half of it at the last Late Nite Comics! He’s been restocking and adding new books as he goes.

John Shearer and Kevin have been trucking through sorting and checking the collections too, and Kyle and I have been pricing and putting out tons of new back issues! The newest stuff is labeled on the boxes on the statue case, so come in and check them out.


Sinister has been battling the X-Men for over a decade, but now it seems that his secret schemes are paying off, and all his darkest dreams are coming true. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Lucas Werneck start off the Sins of Sinister X-event that continues in Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants, Nightcrawlers, and Immoral X-Men.


From G. Willow Wilson and Jamie McKelvie comes the next One Bad Day. This time Catwoman is planning a heist to reclaim an item from her past, one that is now being auctioned off for way more than it was worth when in her mother’s possession. Batman tries to stop her from impeding his investigation, but she’ll do anything to steal it back, even tangle with the mysterious Forger.

Another Lazarus Planet one-shot! We Once Were Gods has four vignettes featuring Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and the Shazam Family as the Lazarus rain continues to affect all beings on Earth, human and extraordinary. Written by Francis Manapul, Dan Watters, Philip Kennedy Johnson, and Josie Campbell, with art by Francis Manapul, Max Dunbar, Jack Herbert, and Caitlin Yarsky, these stories continue the Lazarus Planet epic, and continue on in upcoming issues of Dawn of DC, and Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods.


The follow-up to TMNT: The Last Ronin, Lost Years follows Michelangelo during the years when he only had Master Splinter’s journal and the need for vengeance. Original miniseries writers Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz team up with artist Ben Bishop to reveal the lost adventures of the Last Ronin. And it’s both a prequel and a sequel! In the present, Casey Marie Jones has become a new master to some adorable baby turtles to train the next generation of Ninja Turtles!

Inferno Girl Red is a new three-part mini set in the Massive-Verse from Erica D’urso and Mat Groom. Cássia Costa is moving to a new place, Apex City, with her mom and starting at a new school, but the big changes don’t end there. They’re just getting settled when an ancient cult rips the city out of the universe and casts it into darkness. Now the stories she heard about Inferno Girl Red are becoming her new reality, and Cássia has to embrace a secret legacy and find the courage to become a light of hope in the dark.

Look, it’s a new Darkwing Duck comic, what else do I need to say? Written by Amanda Deibert with art by Carlo Lauro. He is the terror that flaps in the night.

I haven’t bought an Archie comic since I was a kid, but they got me with the Mad Max: Fury Road (Best action film ever!) description and the most hardcore Josie and the Pussycats! Written by Aubrey Sitterson with art by Jed Dougherty. Pick it up, it’s fun.