Andrea’s Nameless Picks for 02.22.2023

Hello, Comic Shop Friends! Not much news this week as we’re getting prepared for our trip to Pittsburgh for Comics Pro, but it’s a big week of books, and the table is packed!

We, of course, are always putting out new back issues, so look at those when you stop in too!


Another Sins of Sinister tie-in starts this week! Immoral X-Men begins with the Quiet Council of Sinisters not interested in following Sinisters’ orders anymore, and now have their own agenda for the world. And the galaxy. They were written by Kieron Gillen, with art by Paco Medina.

Betsy Braddock is questless and country-less. Britain doesn’t want a mutant menace carrying the shield of Captain Britain, and she doesn’t even wear the flag. When a Fury ends up on Earth-99476, and Britannica Rex summons the Captain Britain Corps, a new threat shows up to end all Captains Britain! Writer Tini Howard and artist Vasco Georgiev have a fresh take on the character and the Braddock family.

Frank Castle makes his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #129, as Spider-Man and the Punisher’s rivalry begins! If you missed this one when we had it on the wall, now’s your chance to pick up the facsimile edition! Re-presented in its original format with ads and all.


“This was just one bad day.” Basil Karlo wanted to be one of the greatest actors ever. But then he became Clayface. Creating a new identity and moving across the country to Los Angeles, “Clay” pursues his dream. But he may not have what it takes to make it, and like the city and the business of show, there is a darkness that runs under the bright façade. From Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Xermanico.

Superman is back, and it’s the Dawn of DC! Clark Kent is trying to settle back into his life, Lex Luthor is behind bars, and Superman has been gifted Supercorp! Why has Lex given him Lexcorp, and what villains are coming out of the shadows now that Superman has returned? From writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jamal Campbell, this first issue is oversized! (No ads disrupting the story!)

DC’s Facsimile is Whiz Comics #2! Billy Batson utters the magic word Shazam! and summons Captain Marvel for the first time. This re-creation also contains backup stories starring Ibis the Invincible, Spy Smasher, Scoop Smith, Dan Dare, and more!


Featuring what writer James Tynion IV calls his “True Weird” stories, Blue Book is a nonfiction series about reports of UFO encounters, starting with the widely publicized abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, with art by Michael Avon Oeming. Each issue also has a one-off short about other strange and impossible events ordinary people have witnessed. Issue #1 features Coney Island, written by Tynion, and art by Klaus Janson.

Former superhero Crossjack, Jack Xaver, has been thrown out of super-team Third Gen, and now his only option is to move back to his hometown in the Midwest and into his parents’ basement. Hated by the locals and his former teammates, he’s struggling to fit back into the everyday world he had left behind. After a run-in with a former adversary, things start to get worse. This flip book from writer and artist Tim Seeley, and artist Tony Fleecs, is part 90s Image superhero book and part rural crime tale all in one!

Set during the High Republic era, a Pathfinder Team of Jedi Knights are on a mission to the planet Dalna in the Outer Rim but are suddenly attacked by an unknown ship. After both vessels crash on a seemingly uninhabited planet, the survivors find they are far from safe. Something evil is in the shadows, affecting those who use the Force, a Nameless Terror! Written by George Mann, with art by Eduardo Mello.

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