Mark Waid signing at CNJComics (and other October events)

The legendary MARK WAID is coming to Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop for a FREE open signing on Friday, October 13th!

Mark has written just about everything over the years, the Flash, Superman, Daredevil, Captain America, the Fantastic Four. It’s hard to find any character that hasn’t been impacted by his writing. Mark is coming out as part of Superman’s 85th Celebration in Cleveland, which has events popping up all over town this month.

Superman’s Cleveland

Not only is Mark doing an open signing, he’s also challenging the staff (and another local team of comic book experts) to a trivia contest afterward.

From 5pm to 8pm Mark will sign three books for free for all attendees. (people are welcome to get back into the end of the line afterward for three more signatures, but we are cutting the line sharply at 8pm if need be.)

Starting around 8pm we’ll move on over into the foyer connected to the shop for the aforementioned trivia. Three teams will answer 48 questions provided by local comic book retailers and writers covering both Marvel and DC’s Silver and Bronze Age. Ben Joines Mundy will be hosting and reading the questions and refreshments will be provided for all. Mark Waid is his own team and a well-renowned comic book historian. Mike Sangiacomo will lead a team made up of himself, John Kuehner, and Frank Esposito. The CNJComics Team (the one you will be rooting for) is comprised of John Dudas, senior staff member John Shearer, and Raphael Calzada. Chairs will be provided and we’ll figure out a way to accommodate as many people as possible. We hope to broadcast the event on Facebook Live but somehow that never seems to work out for us.

So what should I read by Mark beforehand? Here’s a list of books available at the shop that are in print. (we have lots of other stuff as well but this is the stuff we have stacks of.)

Kingdom Come is the obvious first choice, a dissection of the violence in 90’s superheroes comes full of DC history, easter eggs and art by Alex Ross. A true classic.

Superman Birthright is an epic retelling of Superman’s origin.

Justice League Tower of Babel is a personal favorite, where Ra’s Al Ghul uses Batman’s preplans to take out the Justice League. (he kept secret files on how to take out each member of the team if need be.)

The History of the Marvel Universe is a testament to Mark’s knowledge base and a great retrospective of the whole MU.

As a lifelong Captain America fan, I really like Captain America Home of the Brave, as a look at the iconic ideals that Steve upholds. (The Chris Samnee art doesn’t hurt either.)

Mark will also be speaking at the Cleveland Public Library downtown the next day on the 14th, check him out there as well!

Yes! The schedule does say the shop signing is from 6pm to 8pm, but CNJCustomers are allowed to come in for the signing starting at 5pm as a shop exclusive. Very cool of Mark to come in an hour early for us!

In other news, we’ll also be setting up at Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland Party on October 12th. We didn’t win best of, Winston did! Best Shop Cat in Cleveland.

This actually led to us being invited to the Science Center to be a part of the party. (and enjoy all it has to offer.) Tickets are available here and they do sell out:

We’ve also got a few more upcoming events to be aware of this month.

Thursday, October 19th will be another session of Late Nite Comics, with dollar stock and 50% off back issues from 8pm to midnight as always. Cory Holliday will be joining us again, selling his horror/comic book mash-up prints for Halloween.

Sina Grace will be in the shop the next day on October 20th from 6pm to 8pm for a free open signing, also in conjunction with  Superman’s 85th Anniversary Celebration. Sina’s new Superman Original Graphic Novel comes out this week!

Sina also drew up this amazing print to showcase the connection a city has to its libraries and comic shops.

We printed it up at 11 x 17 and we’ll be giving them away for Sina to sign that day.

Sarah Kuhn will be in the shop for a signing on October 27th from 6pm to 8pm, her contribution to the Superman mythos is an original Lois Lane graphic novel, now in stock.

(we’ll also have a Free Comic Book Day preview of the book to give away that day so everyone can have something to sign.)

October 28th is our Halloween Event. All day we’ll be giving out candy and comics that were created just for the day! There’s a bunch of titles to pick from and people in costume can take one of each.

Whew. Thanks everyone! It’s going to be a heck of a month! All of this month’s efforts will help to pay for the new carpeting going in next month!

Happy October and we look forward to seeing you at the shop!