Andrea’s Feast of Picks for 11.22.2023

Happy Thanksgiving Comic Shop Friends!

Let’s start the email off with this banger:

We will be closed this Thursday, the 23rd, but rest up because the next day starts our Black Friday Weekend Sale!

Yes, all weekend we’ll be running the sale! Starting Friday, the 24th at noon and going through Sunday the 26th you can get all these great discounts:

  • 50% off all back issues!
  • 20% off all statues and action figures!
  • 10% off everything else in the store!

And, the foyer will be filled with boxes and boxes of dollar stock! Buy 100 or more and they become 50 cents each! That’s the best Black Friday deal around!

Also, that Sunday is Genghis Con! Ben, Missty, and I will be there from 12 to 5pm with a bunch of posters and comic book freebies, and blank covers for our upcoming Holiday Art Show. Here’s the link,

Come check out a ton of great local artists and creators!

This year’s Art Show theme is Marvel Vs DC! We have blank covers in the shop for you to create your interpretation of that theme. (You can also grab them from us at Genghis Con!) Art is due back by 5pm on Sunday, December 10th, so we can frame and label it before it is displayed starting Wednesday, December 13th. We’ll have the foyer open with art displayed through our Holiday Party on Saturday, December 16th, and you can purchase raffle tickets any time those four days! Winners will be drawn at the Holiday Party and a reminder that every ticket bought is donated to the Cleveland Food Bank! Last year we were able to donate enough to create 24,900 meals!

The more art we receive, and the more raffle tickets you buy, the more we are able to donate! Help us break last year’s total!


A shocking start to the next chapter of Carnage’s story, from writer Torunn Gronbekk and artist Pere Perez, which lays the groundwork for the next Venom epic. There has only ever been one host that made Carnage feel whole, and now that he has attained Godlike power, it is time to reunite. After fighting his way across the multiverse, and tearing through bodies in the Hall of All-Knowing in Omnipotence City, Carnage makes his way home and a plan, a doctrine, forms. This world feels ready for Carnage. Gathering his apostles, Cletus Kasady welcomes us to church.

Celebrating forty years of Secret Wars, it’s an all-new story set between panels four and five on page 36 of issue #12 of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars! Writer Tom DeFalco and artist Pat Olliffe reveal some secret connections and missing characters, as Spider-Man goes for a snack and finds himself on an ice world. The subject of an unknown experiment, with unseen forces controlling the locations and the heroes and villains that appear, Spider-Man must succeed. The fate of the human race depends on it.


Sadly, one of our long-time customers, the biggest Sandman collector the shop had, passed away recently, and he had pre-ordered both of the Sandman Masterpiece Editions. We would love for them to go to a good home, so if you are looking for a Christmas gift for the Sandman fan in your life, or for yourself, we have one of the Direct Market Editions with the Netflix series Helm, and one with the Classic comic book Helm.

The Netflix series Edition. This is the solicit image, and these look even more impressive in person.

The Classic Edition. There are two different pieces for the bone nose, so it can be displayed flat with the shorter one, or the longer one can overhang on a shelf.

A classy black-and-white shot.

Both come with six exclusive leather-bound foil-embossed hardcovers collecting issues #1-75 of the Sandman series, and prose editions of The Dream Hunters, Endless Nights, and Overture. They are designed to fit into the intricately carved book stand Helm. Also included, a set of art prints from illustrator Michael Wm. Kaluta, and an original piece of fiction from the world of The Sandman, exclusive to this set and written by Neil Gaiman.

Jason Aaron writes his first Batman story ever! With art by Doug Mahnke, Batman: Off-World is a six-issue mini-series sending Batman to the farthest reaches of space. Set within the first year of the Dark Knight’s crime fighting, Gotham City knows to fear him, but will the alien fighters on the War Storm? Why has he decided to venture alone into the Slag Galaxy? See Batman use a space chainsaw! Watch the flightless bird fight robots! Enjoy the robots enjoy being punched!

Once again, I am asking you to read Wonder Woman.


It’s a new Archie horror one-shot from writer Sarah Kuhn and artist Carola Borelli, bringing back the character of Darkling, first seen in 1983. Darla Lang wants to be a normal college student, but she’s cursed with a peculiar black cloak that she cannot remove. Try as she might, she can’t reverse the curse, and the cloak makes her an outcast among her peers. Other students on the fringe at Ivy Hollow University are going missing, and Darla, her cloak, and her new friend Phoebe have to figure out who, or what, is taking them before they’re next. And her tie to the cloak may be the thing that saves them.

Holy crap, this is a sexy, steamy, witchy, demonic book. (Good thing it’s my job to read comics and write about them, because otherwise, I’d be in trouble for reading this NSFW stuff at work.) Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay’s new creator-owned project, with both writing and drawing, draws inspiration from cinematic folk horror. Set in an English village during the witch hunts in the 1600s, the story follows Ingrid on her descent into eroticism and the supernatural. Trapped in an unhappy marriage with Roland, the town’s bailiff and witch hunter, Ingrid dreams of a shadowy figure. He has secrets to share about Ingrid’s friend, and about a mystery in the village. Is he just in her dreams, or is he really there? Can she resist his dark temptations? Does she want to?

When you see Holy Roller, do you hear it in your head as Dio’s Holy Diver? Well, now you do! You’re welcome. Rick Remender is joined on writing duties by Andy Samberg and Joe Trohman, and artist Roland Boschi, on this new vigilante-hero-who-smashes-people’s-faces-with-a-bowling-ball series set in Ohio! Decades after a childhood of being bullied, Levi Coen is forced to leave his dream job of lounging on a Greenpeace yacht to return home to care for his ailing father. Finding his hometown changed for the worst, the bullies now Neo-Nazis, and with only his father’s bowling ball to defend himself, Levi becomes The Holy Roller! For fans of Kingpin, Inglourious Basterds, and Batman, it’s the story of a Jewish superhero battling to bowl the perfect game against crime!