Andrea’s Peeper Picks for 11.29.23

Hello Comic Shop Friends! We’re gearing up for the holidays here, and prepping for our annual Holiday Art Show!

This year’s theme is Marvel Vs DC, and you can interpret that any way you want for your cover. We still have blank covers to give out, and you have a few weeks to get them back to us.

Art is due back by 5pm on Sunday, December 10th, and we will display the covers starting Wednesday the 13th through our Holiday Party on Saturday the 16th.

We’re starting to get some submissions in, and they are great! I feel like you guys are stepping it up this year!

Once again, all proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Cleveland Food Bank, so the more covers we have, the more we can donate!

Last year we were able to donate enough for them to create 24,900 meals! The Cleveland Food Bank has the ability to turn $1 into four meals, so every raffle ticket helps them greatly!

In addition to the Art Show during our Holiday Party, on Saturday the 16th you can take 50% off one item in the shop from 8pm to 11pm! We’ll have other sales running that night as well, so stay tuned for those details!


Everything you need to know before Gang War kicks off is here in this prelude issue! After Tombstone was gunned down at his daughter’s wedding, and Hammerhead takes out madame Masque in the ensuing chaos, the balance of the criminal underworld of New York is tipping. What can Spider-Man do about it? And can his best friend Randy Robertson convince the public to vote to repeal Fisk’s law? What hope does the city have when superheroes are illegal and a full-on gang war is brewing? From writer Zeb Wells and artist Joey Vazquez.

Mayor Luke Cage has been trying to save New York City from behind a desk, but deep down he misses when problems could be punched, and superheroes could step in to help. Following the Gang War: First Strike one-shot, Cage needs to go street level again to protect the innocent. What happens when he decides to go against the Anti-Vigilante Act, personally? Find out in this four-issue mini-series from writer Rodney Barnes and artist Ramon Bachs.

In the third Gang War tie-in this month, Spider-Woman is back, after the Web of Destiny restored her life, but something is missing. Captain Marvel and Madame Web want to help her, but Spider-Woman has more urgent matters to take care of. Diamondback and Hydra have formed a union that’s about to tear the city apart, and bring forth a new foe that may be powerful enough to destroy both the city, and Spider-Woman’s life. Written by Steve Foxe with art by Carola Borelli.

Trapped in an anniversary celebration he wants no part of! It’s Howard the Duck’s 50th Anniversary, and thanks to writers Chip Zdarsky, Daniel Kibblesmith, Jason Loo, and Merritt K, and artists Joe Quinones, Annie Wu, Derek Charm, and Will Robson, we get to see some “What If?” stories! The year is 2025, and Howard and his friend Tara Tam ask the Peeper to help them stop The Great Hero War VII. But what the Peeper has peeped are three tales of what could have been for Howard. What if Howard had been elected President? What if Howard joined the X-Men? What if Howard had become Star-Lord? What if Spider-Man asked the Peeper if there are any universes where he’s doing okay? Happy birthday, Howard!


Sam Hamm, screenwriter of the 1989 Batman film, and artist Joe Quinones reunite for another tale of Gotham! After Harvey Dent’s crusade against Gotham and Batman in the Batman ’89 series, the Caped Crusader has disappeared. Now two years later, citizens are dressing up as Batman, and some of them are ending up dead. Captain Gordon thinks the irrational fear of Batman ties these murders together, and while visiting Wayne Manor, she learns that Bruce vanished a month earlier, without a word to Alfred. Where is he? Gotham may need him again, with Firefly showing up, and both Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Dr. Jonathan Crane working on their own agendas.

The only hero who can save the Earth from the Necrostar is Beast Boy. To save innocent lives from being taken over by Necrostar spores, Garfield Logan must change himself into Garro, and with the Titans and the Justice League beside him, their plan may work. Until Doctor Hate appears. Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again, as Earth becomes Beast World. It’s the Titans first crossover event, and writer Tom Taylor and artist Ivan Reis hit them with a universe-shattering story!

Hey, did you miss out on Wonder Woman #1 and #2 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere? Maybe you didn’t listen when we kept telling you to pick up this series? Don’t make the same mistake again! It’s the Outlaw Edition! Collecting both of the sold-out issues!


Sorry, small press fans, it’s another fifth week this month, and there really isn’t much, besides a new Brzrkr series, Fallen Empire, and one new Image #1, Crave. We only have one copy of Crave hitting the table, so ask us if you’d like it, and we’ll see if it’s available.