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It’s Valentine’s Day at CNJComics, and every year we put some valentine’s in a bowl and let you pull one out when you check out. These can contain extra discounts, free graphic novels, all kinds of sweet stuff. Stop by on the 14th and see what you get! And remember…

This week in celebration of the release of Harley Quinn (and whatever they’re calling it now) we thought we’d featured female lead characters in our new releases!

(It goes withour saying that we carry a full compliment of Harley Quinn Graphic Novels, Comics and Action Figure. One to grow one.)

First up, appropriately enough, is the new Black Label Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #1!

The big news is this four issue mini series and written and drawn by Amanda Conner! Supercool to see her back on the character. The Joker sends ‘every super villain in Gotham’ to go after Harley, and the Birds step up to help her out. The Black Label designation means an oversized format for mature readers!

While you can jump on the above at the ground floor, this week is also the final issue of the Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy mini series.

Issue #6 has some great Mark Brooks variant covers showcasing the two heroines. (er, villians.)

Over at Marvel, Gwen Stacy gets her own book with a J. Scott Campbell cover!

In a story that tells her ‘origin’ and predates her first appeance in ASM #31!

Also this week, Thanos’s other daughter gets her own title with Nebula #1.

This five issue mini series is from two up and coming female creators Vita Ayala and Claire Roe!

I don’t usually recommend Marvel Epic Collections, but this week’s Black Widow is fantastic. It reprints all her earliest appearances in order from the 1960’s.

Finally, one for the kids. Zatanna gets her own all ages original graphic novel from DC’s.

I get really excited when these come out, they’re perfect for early 2nd through 4th grade readers.

That’s it for this week! Happy Valentine’s Day! We love ya!

This week we’ve decided to give you a run down on the upcoming events that we’ll be involved in over the next few months!

Book Club!

February starts off with our Doomsday Clock / Watchmen TV Series Book Club this Thursday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm!

Hosted by Valentino Luca Zullo and our own Rafael Calzada, we’ll be covering the Watchmen sequels both in print and on tv. (We may even talk about how Alan Moore feels about it all.)

If you’d like a really great recap of the shows after you’ve watched them, ScreenCrush’s videos really helped me see alot of stuff I never knew was there.

Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 14th is obviously Valentine’s Day, and no matter where you are relationship wise, you can always stop in the shop and get a little love from us.

Every year we let customers pull a Valentine from our box with your purchase, and each one gives you discounts, free stuff, you know, LOVE.

Stop by the shop on the day and see what you get.


After that I’ll be headed out to Portland Oregon for the yearly ComicsPro meeting, where we establish relationships with publishers, distributors, creators and other retailers that we use all year long to provide you with the best comic book shop experience possible. I’m even on the Board of Directors!

Here’s what the meeting schedule looks like if you’re interested. I’ll even be taking Ben out there for the first time.

The Cons, Big and Small

Once we get back, we’ll be setting up at Lake Erie Ink’s Comicon for Kids on the East Side on Saturday, February 29th.

In it’s eighth year, this is a convention to help kids create their own comic books and learn from local creators.

Here’s some more info on that, it’s a great space for ages 8-18!

We’ll be there mostly to hand out free stuff to attendees to show our support, but we’ll also bring some cheap dollar stock so the kids can get the feel of digging through bins at a convention.

Then it’s time for Wizard World Cleveland, which also means it’s time for Winston World in the shop.

Wizard World is from Friday March 6th till Sunday March 8th. We WILL be going down there this year and setting up a booth. Since we’ll be taking most of the Silver Age down there with us Winston World (our yearly sale to coincide with that other thing.) will start a week early this year and run from Saturday February 29th to Sunday March 8th. During this time you can get 50% off all back issues as well as 10% off everything else in the shop! Be advised that the Silver Age will only be in the shop from 2-29 till end of day on the 5th. This should give you plenty of time to get what you’re looking for before we take it down for the masses.

To be clear, we want you to get first crack at it. So says the cat..

In April, Jim and I will be going down to Orlando for the Diamond Retailer Summit. (As well as sneaking off to Galaxy’s Edge for a day. Shhhhhhhhhh….)

Free Comic Book Day

Then it’s time for Free Comic Book Day. Get ready for this one, because we’ve got Chris Claremont coming out this year!

Contracts have been signed, plane tickets have been purchased (the first time I’ve ever bought a first class ticket in my life actually) and we’re even listed on Chris’s website.

Here’s a great video on Chris to get you as excited as we are.

Our second book club in April will likely be on Claremont’s X-Men run, with an emphasis on the Dark Phoenix Saga. We’ll host this before his FCBD appearance to get everybody jazzed up and ready.

The best part of it is not just the visit, but the chance to show him how CNJComics throws a FCBD.

To quote the Joker, “Wait’ll he gets a load of us.”

At this point, we’re not sure how the Friday Night part of the event will go down, but we do know that all day on Satuday from 10 am to 6 pm he will be available to all, signing autographs and meeting his fans. In the spirit of FCBD, the first autograph is free, then it’s $10 each after that. We’re more excited for everyone to get a chance to meet this legend in our industry. To say that we have alot of other exciting things planned for FCBD would be an understatement. 😉 I’ve been working on this one since last year’s ended.

Okay! That’s the plan, so let’s see if we can make all that stuff actually happen. Let’s go 2020!

The first month of 2020 went like a Flash!

Here’s the featured new releases for the final week of January!

Marvel’s “End”

Marvel has been making a series of one shots chronicling the final days of their heroes and heroines. This week we’ve got books for Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Deadpool!

It’s also a really big week for X-titles, with new issues of X-Men, Fallen Angels, New Mutants, and X-Force.

We’ll also be getting in reprints of alot of X-titles that we’ve sold out of.

If you were a fan of the original Old Man Logan, this week’s Avengers of the Wasteland #1 shows the lives of the heroes living out in the, well, the Wasteland.

Luke Cage’s daughter is the new Thor!

DC and Watchmen News

We’ve been a big fan of DC’s all ages original graphic novels, and this week Cassandra Cain returns to one as Batgirl.

We just restocked all of out PVC Gallery statues, they’re in the case where the pub glasses were. We’ve got a few brand new ones this week too, like the Joker Killing Joke.

Finally, it’s getting close to our second book club on Thursday February 6th. At 8pm that night we’ll be discussing Doomsday Clock and the Watchman TV Show.

The ramification of Doomsday Clock are just being felt in the DCU, specifically in Wonder Woman #750 last week, so it’ll be a fun topic to discuss. The TV show had an incredibly satisfying ending, so catch yourself up and come on in.

Lasy time we had some cool raffle prizes and this time is no different. I’m going to raffle off my Watchman Portfolio at the end of the book club! Looking around online prices vary but it’s worth at least $150, and it’s pretty rare too.

Just a head up way in advance that we will be setting up a Wizard World this year.

Wizard World

We want you to get first shot at the half off Silver Age we have before we take it to the show.  Winston World (Our in shop sale to coincide with Wizard World) will start the weekend before the show on Saturday February 29th and last until the end of WW on Sunday March 8th.

While the 50% off back issues will be for the whole week, be advised the Silver Age will only be in the shop from the 29th to the 4th. You get first crack before we take it Down Town!

On a side note, did you know Winston was once featured in a national article and was selected as the best comic book shop cat in America? Ridiulous. He literally does nothing.

Anyway, that’s it for this week!

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