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You’ve likely gotten our previous emails, so we’re just going to do a quick recap!

All weekend long, that is, Friday Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy:

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 80,000 comics at $1.00 each in our foyer, .50 each for 100 or more.
  • 10% off EVERYTHING in the shop!

Our big Black Friday Event is actually on Friday evening from 7pm to midnight where you can enjoy all of the above but you can take 20% of EVERYTHING in the shop!

The big part of Friday Night and what makes it an event are the raffles!

Every half hour starting at 7:30 we raffle off five graphic novels as well as one Mega Prize! (It’s a pool off 50 hand picked graphic novels and you get to pick one when you when!)

You get one ticket for every ten dollar you spend starting at 7 pm. These tickets stay in all night long and you have to be present to win!

Mega Prizes Include:

A full set of Batman Scott Snyder Graphic Novels Volume 1-10!

Two Marvels Platinum Edition Oversized Hardcovers! ($200 each value)

A set of hand picked Star Wars graphic novels and hardcovers! (Everyone one a great read!)

A set of Harley Quinn graphic novels and hardcovers! (Best of the best!)

A complete set of Geoff John’s Justice League N52 graphic novels!

A Skottie Young World of Oz Omnibus! (Eisner Award Winning, $125 value)

A full set of Wonder Woman N52 and Rebirth graphic novels! (combined into one prize!)

A N52 Zero Omnibus! ($150 value!)


We also have some DC’s Greatest Box Sets to throw in there from time to time when the mood hits us.

Have a great Thanksgiving and yes, we are closed for the entire day so our staff can be with their friends and families!

Don’t forget about us on Saturday for Small Business Saturday, a chance to shop in a less hectic environment.

Also, stop by and see us at Genghis Con this Sunday where you can pick up a blank cover for our Art Show! Keep’em coming in!

Hello Creative Friends of Carol & Johns Comic Shop!

We’ve come to that time of year again where caring and community count for everything. We mean the holiday season in general, but more specifically the Carol and John’s Holiday Party and Charity Art Show! We’re reaching out to you to provide all of the pertinent information and solicit your involvement in this tried-and-true annual event celebrating all forms of giving and good cheer.

Artists Wanted

As always Carol and Johns will be directing all charitable donations to The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, with their uncanny ability to turn one dollar into four full meals. Over the past few years our Holiday Party and Art Show has helped to create over 60,000 meals for those in need during this important time of year. We would love for YOU to be a part of creating those meals by submitting artwork to our Charity Art Show! The more artwork we collect the more interest generated, and the more meals we can provide. Here’s how it works:

Just stop by the shop and pick up blank comic covers from us. They are free of charge but please only take as many as you will be using/submitting to the art show. Each cover collected can then be completed and returned to us by 8 pm on Thursday, December 19th. (All forms of media enhancement are okay, we get a lot of questions about digital.) We will display each cover in a standard  sized frame so please stick to the front. Visitors to Carol & John’s Comic Shop on Saturday December 21st will be able to donate to the Food Bank in the form of money or food stuffs, to receive raffle tickets. Raffle tickets will be used in the form of a basket raffle and each winner will be able to take home a great piece of original artwork. (as well as a sense of contribution during the holidays.) It looks like this:

This year’s theme is a Comic Book / Christmas Movie Mash-Up. We’ve noticed over the years that some of the best submissions have been a combination of a classic Christmas movie or special with a comic book or superhero element. Here’s some from previous events.

Art by Keith Allen

Art by Ryan Finley

Art by Craig Worrell

Movies like A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas (and yes, even Die Hard) are an integral part of our yearly holiday experience, and what better way to pay tribute to this than our own Christmas party and art show.

When you stop into the store to pick up your blank covers please make sure to check in with an employee. We will need to make a record of your involvement, including recording your name and contact information, but more importantly we’d like any information that you use to promote yourself as an artist. This can be a website, Facebook page, Instagram handle, or any other way you’d like to use to show your art to the world. After the event we create an online Facebook Gallery of all the artwork and link the artists URL to their artwork!

Cleveland’s Independent Comic Scene

We will also be setting up at Genghis Con this year on December 1st, and we’ll have a large supply of the blank covers there to pick up! (We’ll also be handing out some free stuff, so stop by and say hi.)

There will also be two Drink and Draws down at Goldhorn Brewery this season on November 27th and December 11th. We’ll be at both of those, for both picking up and dropping off covers for your convenience. If you’ve never made it out to a Drink and Draw before stop down and say hi. It’s a great environment for aspiring artists to meet others in a low key social environment. (and drink beer.)

Both Genghis Con and the Drink and Draw Social Club are a huge part of what makes Cleveland’s independent comic art scene incredible, and we greatly encourage everyone to support both of these fantastic organizations. They’re a big part of what makes Cleveland awesome all around.

Everyone wants to help in someway during the holidays, well this can be your thing! Artists, we can turn your talent and artwork into food and have a lot of fun doing it too! Last year alone we were able to collect enough funds to help the food bank create over 12,000 meals while collecting over 1,800 food items! We put a lot of work into the party and to us this is the key day of the year where the community that has formed around the shop comes together for all the right reasons.

We look forward to seeing your artwork this year, and we truly thank you for your support!

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We’ve got some exciting new releases this Wednesday, and Saturday is Local Comic Shop Day, a day to celebrate your LCS with some exclusive items you can only get in brick and mortar independently owned comic shops!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, November 20th, 2019!

First up is the finale to the incredibly popular Absolute Carnage series!

It’s Carnage Vs Venom to the Death!

Lots of variants and if you can wait till Saturday there’s even a cover priced LCSD variant!

Deadpool gets a new ongoing series written by Kelly Thompson with trippy art by Chris Bachelo!

If you’ve been reading comics for a (long) while, you may have heard about Denny O’Neil and Deny’s Cowan’s classic Question run. It’s a hidden gem, with the background of Hub City being as important to the character as Gotham and Metropolis is to those other two guys. He starts the series off as a loser and basically fails at his entire mission during the run. Here’s an article I found.

This week the Question returns in an over sized Black Label four issue mini series with Jeff Lemire writing (a perfect choice) and Deny’s Cowan returning to do the art work. (along with Bill Sienkiewicz!)

The Question was even the basis for Rorschach in Watchman, before Alan Moore had the Charlton characters pulled out from under him.

Local Comic Shop Day

That brings us to Local Comic Shop Day, this Saturday, November 23rd!

Local Comic Shop Day is full of items created especially for the day and sold only in comic shops. Stuff like this:

  • LCSD 2019 ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #5 (OF 5) VIRGIN VARIANT – 600 copies
  • LCSD 2019 DCEASED HC – JOKER COVER – 1400 copies
  • LCSD 2019 OVER THE ROPES #1 (OF 5)
  • LCSD 2019 LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #1 – 600 copies
  • LCSD 2019 NEW MUTANTS #1 ARTIST VARIANT – 1000 copies
  • LCSD 2019 MMPR YEAR ONE & TWO HC SET – 750 units
  • LCSD 2019 CATALYST PRIME SEVEN DAYS #1 (OF 7) – 1000 copies

We’ll have all these items on a first come first serve basis starting at 10am. Some are so limited that we only got one or two copies, so we’ve like to focus on the stuff we got lots of.

The leading book by far is the Walking Dead The Alien One Shot, a canon story by local writer Brian K Vaughan of Saga fame.

It’s a $5.99 self contained story about what happened to Rick’s younger brother in Spain, which was briefly mentioned way back in Walking Dead #3.

It’s really a great story, and a great way to show your support of the local comic shop!

We ordered 200 so we could have some throughout the holiday season.

The second book is a variant cover to Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas, an Umbrella Academy special one shot.

The regular cover comes out on Wednesday, but we ordered to sell out so people could get the LCSD variant on Saturday. $4.99 and likely another great story to celebrate the day. (isn’t a great story what the LCS is really about?)

Also, to make the day a little more fun, we made reprints of four of our most popular 11 x 17 cardstock prints, and we’ll be giving them away FREE with any purchase. That’s right, you can spend just $1.00 on anything and get all four prints.

These include Ladies Night, Superman Americana, Stan Lee “I Have So Many More Stories to Tell” and our Superman map to Cleveland.

We will also make these prints available during Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. If you’d like to know more about those event click on over to our website!

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