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First off, we’d like to thank everyone who helped out with the food drive this year. With your help, we were able to assist the Cleveland Food Bank in creating 14,276 meals for those in need this holiday season! This is a record for this event and gets our lifetime total up to 77,644! Whoa!

We were also able to collect 1,399 food items this year! Thanks to the Fitch family for getting the food where it needed to go after the event! This gets us up to a lifetime total of 8,347 food items!

Thanks to all the artists who dedicated their hard work and talent, the art looked great up there this year. 

118 pieces, also an all-time record! (119 if you count a late submission by my daughter Zoe.) We will have an online art gallery up soon with links to all the artists URL’s and contact info!

This is an incredibly small new comic week, almost a skip week, which often happens during the holidays. Only a dozen or so new books including Marvel’s huge “Incoming” one-shot for $9.99, wrapping up some plot threads from 2019 and launching some new ones for 2020. Written primarily by Immortal Hulk’s Al Ewing. 

We also have some endeavors out there to stimulate sales during this small week. 

After conferring with the staff, I have decided to extend the 50% off back issue sale until the end of the year, end of day on the 31st. This is officially the last time this will happen until Wizard World hits town on March 6th-8th. You have been warned! Dig through that Marvel collection while you can. 

We have also bought out the entire inventory of Imaginary Worlds on the East Side. We’d like to congratulate Josh and Eric and a great five-year run. (this is not nor will it ever be an easy business.)

This lead to us putting out ten long boxes of graphic novel stock at just $5.00 each. We also have a bizarre table of “misfit” action figures for $5 each or 3 for $10. (As of this writing, the figures have been pretty well dug through but there are still a lot of graphic novels out there.)

We also have 120 long boxes of comics to deal with, but that’s an issue for next year. 

We have gotten a really great following online for our “pick your own 9.8” sales, where we get bronze age warehouse finds and make them a dollar each. We are putting our last batch of the year out……NOW. (The new comic table was empty anyway.) Here’s a glimpse at what’s out there but you’ll have to stop in to see everything. 

Yes, that’s a huge pile of Dazzler #1’s ($22 book), as well as Deadpool the mini-series #1, Thor 338 and 339 (the second and third Simonson run issues) as well as Amazing Spider-Man #253, Avengers #192 and #211 and a whole lot more. All $1.00 each. People have been traveling up from southern Ohio to get these books. (I mean, Howard the Duck’s man!)

We even have the 9.2 or higher Rom #1’s back in at $5.00 each, they guide out at $75.00!

The closing of Imaginary Worlds brings us to another point for the end of the year. Get ready, it’s a drag.


Come in and clear out your file by year-end. If you are more than a month delinquent do not be surprised if your books are put back out under my orders to the staff. It’s a bummer but it’s something we have to do to stay fluid. Just like a car dealership, we pay taxes on unsold inventory at year-end, so you are compounding the issue by not clearing it out by December 31st. We completely respect that everyone is broke after the holidays, but in the same breath, the file didn’t stack up like that overnight. You may think it’s only a small amount but everything adds up for any business our size. We cannot shoulder the burden of multiple delinquent accounts. We just can’t. It’s nothing personal if your books are put out at years end. (but we really hope they aren’t. Get in here.)


Lastly, thank you all for your business. We are ever grateful to still be here after 29 years in what has become a very challenging industry. We’re happy to be a part of our community and to occasionally make a difference, always with your help and support. 

From both Carol and I, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. 

Saturday is the big day and we’ve got so much in store for you!

We expect to be busy right at 10 AM when we open because we are offering an incredible 50% off ALL back issues, including the collection of 1960 and 70’s Marvel’s we just bought. That is eleven long boxes of incredible books, as well as our regular back issue inventory at 50% off! Here’s a look at some of the keys that are still up there as of today!

The sale will last all the way till the 24th, and also includes…

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 20% off all graphic novels
  • 20% off all action figures, statues and pop funs.
  • 10% off everything else in the shop!

Hours until Christmas include:

  • Saturday 12-21 (10 am to 7 pm) and (8 pm to 11 pm)
  • Sunday 12-22 (noon – 5 pm)
  • Monday 12-23 (noon – 8 pm)
  • Tuesday 12-24 (noon – 8pm) Ben will be staying late so stop by and say hi. We always have gift certificates ready for your last-minute shopping needs!

I have been diligently drinking beer and grading comics over the past couple of weeks to get ready for this day!

What kind of beer? The beer that we’ll be giving out FREE Saturday Night at our Christmas Party!

This includes Thanos’ Ginger “SNAP” Christmas Ale by Ben and Raphael!

As well as Spider-Man’s “Shitter’s Full” Christmas Ale by yours truly.

These beers go fast at the party starting at 8 pm! (So yes, you do have to make a decision between sniping that item with your 50% off coupon and getting in line for a beer, BUT IT CAN BE DONE!)

Here’s that coupon again, good for 50% off one item AT THE PARTY ONLY!

The really big part of the day is the ART SHOW! Thank you artists for all the amazing work that has been turned in! We have a really fun display to check out this year! Bring your food items (and extra money) to donate to the food bank for a chance to win one of these one-of-a-kind prizes!

Here are a few:

By Jeff Ritchie

By Jes Melon (IG acct)

By Jason Dunbar

We would also like to thank Jason Fitch and his family for taking responsibility for getting all the food items collected in the right place! Word is the Cleveland Food Bank is even sending representatives to thank everyone at the party around 9 pm!

And as always, there is … RICK.

Carol will be there too, and I think I have Ben convinced to dress up like Uncle Eddie for photo ops for a bit.

and now…. for some reminders from the previous messages…

Art and Fundraiser

On Saturday, December 21st from 10 am to 7 pm we’ll be hosting an art show featuring local artists who created custom covers to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. These covers can be won in a basket raffle system where one food item or one dollar gets you a ticket. You pick which cover your ticket goes to so you can win a one you really like. This year’s art show theme is a comic book character / Christmas movie mashup, which we’ve been having a lot of fun with.

Here are some of the covers from previous years, all based on Uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation:

By Keith Allen

By Craig Worrell

By Ryan Finley

And here are some of our fantastic artists:

We will shut down the store at 7 PM only to reopen at 8 PM for our annual Holiday Customer Appreciation Party! The party lasts till around 11 PM and features snacks, beverages, and the required holiday cheer. Winners of the basket raffle are drawn promptly at 10:30 PM. Winners need not be present but if you’re there you can take your artwork home with you.

All the money collected during the art show will go to the Cleveland Food Bank, who have the amazing ability to turn one dollar into four full meals for those in need during the holidays.

The Party

All are welcome to our holiday party which, as previously stated, runs from 8 PM to 11 PM on Saturday December 21st. Our first party gift to you is this coupon good for 50% off any one item in the shop! Please print the above image out or show it to us on your smartphone when you check out. Coupons MUST be used at the party between 8 PM to 11 PM period. (sorry, no exceptions.) Limit one coupon per person.

The beers are free and go pretty quickly starting right at 8 PM. We’ll also have other beers as well as non-alcoholic refreshments. (For the record, our holiday party is and will always be an all-ages affair.) While refreshments are free, our bartender Macklin works solely on tips, so please do the right thing.

Chocolates will also be provided by Fear’s Confections in Lakewood, one of our favorite small businesses in the area. Thanks, Cassandra!

As we mentioned before, Carol will be there, and hopefully, Santa Claus will stop by too! Honestly after a few drinks, anything is possible. We always have photo op areas set up around the shop so be sure to wear your Christmas finest. Wearing stupid holiday clothes makes everything more fun. I know I’ve got my outfit ready. (From Lansky Brothers!)

This is our way of bringing all of our favorite people together to give something back to the community. Over the last six year’s we’ve been able to assist the Cleveland Food Bank in creating over 60,000 meals. All this is only possible with your help, which we are always grateful for. This party is our way of saying thank you for your support year-round! (and it’s a lot of fun to put together too!)

So spread the word Cleveland, and we’ll see you on December 21st!

We’ve got the big Christmas Party / Art Show / Fundraiser / Sale coming up this Saturday, but first here’s this week’s featured new releases!

New Releases

The theme this week is definitely year-end and story closure!

The big book this week is Doomsday Clock #12! (finally!)

We’re also proud to announce that our next book club in January will be on this and the new Watchman TV Show! (Stay Tuned!)

This week is also Tom King’s final issue of Batman!

This week is also the final issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman Last Night On Earth!

DC’s Year of the Villain is starting to wrap up with the first issue of Year of the Villain Hell Arisen #1!

Branching off of the events of Justice League and Batman/Superman and written by James Tynion IV. (Both of which are out this week and wrapping up their respective storylines.) Four-issue mini-series.

This is also a big week for DC Black Label Books, with new issues of Joker Killer Smile, Harleen, and the all-new Wonder Woman Dead Earth #1! (which looks beautiful!)

Over at Marvel, the Star Wars Empire Ascendant One-Shot will bridge the gap between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back, paving the way for the new post Empire Strikes Back comic coming out January 1st!

Be warned ahead of time, this is the biggest week of the year by far! 

As stated above, this Saturday is the big day for the art show and to get 50% off ALL back issues! Here’s all the info on that! 

The entire Marvel Silver and Bronze collection is now processed and out! It will be 50% off until Christmas Day!

Also, at the party ONLY:

That’s it! Expect another email with more party details this week!

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