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It’s another week shuttered up with CNJComics!

Let’s see, where to begin.  We actually got an article in the Wall Street Journal this past Monday about our efforts to keep the boys employeed while we’re closed up. The Wall Street Journal man! Both online and in print! America!


We also sent out a bunch of deliveries. Ben’s been busy bringing your comics to you through non contact delivery.

Please continue to email us with your comic book needs. Free delivery within the county for orders over $20 and we ship anywhere too.

You can also call us at 216-252-0606, either Ben or Jim is there most of the time. If no one answers go with email at

To be clear: No one enters the store, no curbside pickup. We hope restrictions will lighten up on May 1st but who knows?

In general, we’re doing fine. Everyone is keeping busy. I even put a Lego Comic Shop set together in my spare time.

We are doing another Facebook Live Sale on Monday April 13th from 6pm to 7:30pm! This one will be all late Silver / early Bronze ags DC’s so I’m really going to have to stretch my knowledge base to keep it together. (I even dipped into my private collection to put some interesting things in there. Some minor changes after receiving some feedback from everyone.

There will be a gallery of the books going up early on Facebook as always, with no prices on them. During the live sale, when you claim the book, you have to give the price of the book in your claim along with the name of the book. So “Claim Justice League #55 $10”. Since I reveal the price when the book is presented this puts everyone on the same starting ground.

At the end of the show we will rewatch it and make the claims in the order in which the are put in through the time stamp. Then Ben will post of list of all the books with the name of the people who won them, so you’ll have confirmation that night! Then just contact us as always for payment and delivery/shipping options. We’ve had alot of issues with people thinking they won a book but they didn’t for this reason: when you type a claim, it always looks like you won on your computer. It’s like typing your name into Microsoft Word, it’s just there right away. This is not how we wind up seeing it on our end. The best way to see this for yourself is to watch the show after it is posted on our page and you will see the true claim times after your post makes it through cyber verse. We want this to be as fair as possible (shake the box!) and this is the best way to make sure everyone is treated fairly. (Respectfully, we cannot come into your house and speed up your internet.)

To be clear, we are grateful for every purchase you make and it helps to keep us afloat during this period in time. Thank you thank you thank you! The response to this has been amazing, in the last sale we sold 135 out of 139 books! (We even posted a pure gallery sale last week, with no live sale attached to it, and that did really good as well.)

The upcoming schedule for shows will be:

  • Sunday April 19th 6 pm to 7:30 pm Late Silver / Early Bronze Marvels
  • Monday April 27th 6 pm to 7:30 pm Late Silver / Early Bronze Marvels

There will also be another gallery only sale somewhere in between.

Then hopefully, we’ll be open on May 1st! I watch the Governor’s 2pm speech every day it’s on ans things seem optimistic, but again who knows?

Stay safe everyone and remember…

Ever working even as the ship is taking on water…

Yes, yes, we know we’re close to each other in the picture, but it was a rare occurance, and we are all properly sanitized up.

Happy Easter too!

Yup, there are no new comics, and there won’t be for a little bit. (Sort of for the best, as we’re shuttered till May 1st anyway)

So, what else is going on?

We hope you’re taking care of your self and staying safe. That’s the most important thing.

If you’re okay, then let’s talk about the shop!

Our first Facebook Live Sale was a success on many levels. We sold 90% of the books we listed by the end of the sale, which also included a gallery we posted on Facebook of the books remaining after the live sale. It also felt like hanging out in the shop on a Wednesday. The support from everyone was incredible, and with the sales we are able to keep Ben and Jim around full time with the medical they hopefully do not need for three more weeks. I said it before but it bares repeating, I will not take a salary out of the store until we open again to the public. So this week’s Facebook Live Sale is to pay the rent, and by rent I mean rent and utilities. 6 pm to 7:30 pm on Monday April 6th!

I guess everybody dug me babbling about old Marvel Comics so we’re going to roll the same system out again. (With a lot of measures in place to help things along. We learned quite a bit last week!) I promise, the week after that will be DC. (eye roll emojii.)

Expect about 120+ Marvel Books at 50% off present in alphabetical order, late Silver, early Bronze, not major keys but all significant. (to me at least!)

Monday around noon we’ll put the gallery up and you can see what the books look like, they will not have prices on them. During the live sale, once I add the price just type “Claim” with the book you want, and the condition as well. (In case we have multiple copies.) Just saying “Claim!” does n work because of the Facebook Live time delay, we aren’t sure which book you’re talking about without the issue number. Afterwards you just email the shop at to set up payment. We’ll try to get though all the emails within 48 hours. Best possible email? Here it is:

Facebook Name
List of book you think you won
Preferred Payment method (paypal or call in credit card)
Delivery (free in county for orders over $20!) or shipping.

Ben is also in the live thread and confirms claims as he goes, and I’ve gotten better at talking to people while live streaming.

So what can you do to help the shop right now if you’re able?

1.) Tune in to the above Sale and buy something you need. (Or don’t need. Who cares, there’s a pandemic on.) To us, this is like donating to a GoFundMe but you get something!

2.) Call in a gift certificate for yourself. 216-252-0606 You can use it later, or we can deduct books in your file from it. Super helpful to keep us liquid.

3.) Make arrangements to clear out your file. We still have some people with some pretty big stacks back there. Expect a call this week to make arrangement to clear it out. If your financial situation has changed just let us know! We totally get it and can put your books out no problemo.

4.) Send us a want list of comics, graphic novels, or books for your kiddo’s who are stuck at home. We’ll fill it and deliver. Amazon’s backed up a month now in certain areas anyway.

5.) Keep up with us on social media to find out what’s going on. Not only was the live sale fun, it was actually very therapeutic for me personally. It was great to rewatch it and see everyone out there.

Okay everyone, keep washing those hands, watch out for our elderly national treasures and tune in on Monday!

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First off, I’d like to give a big round of applause for Jim and Ben, who took orders, wrapped up and delivered over 80 packages in three days.

“In a world quarantined by a global pandemic, one millennial, armed with only Purell and a strict non-contact protocol, will attempt to deliver 52 packages covering over 100 miles, spreading hope and comic books to Cuyahoga County. Stay put Cleveland, we’re coming to you. (While also not coming anywhere near you.)”

Thanks to everyone who gave Ben a wave from a safe distance. Can you see yourself on the map?

There are offically no new comics next week, or for the forseable future, but we are still taking orders for backstock and graphic novels, delivered free within in the county. Otherwise we can ship it out to you for a cost. Just send us your lists and we’ll see what we can dig out for you. We’re grateful for the sale!

Email or just call us at 216-252-0606. (If you call and no one is there shoot us an email.)

On that note, this Sunday will be our first Facebook Live Sale at 6pm, with the funds going to keep Jim and Ben employed throughout this quarantine.

“Join us here Sunday at 6pm for our first Facebook Live sale to benefit Jim and Ben’s ongoing employment. I personally will not take a single dollar out of this store while we are shuttered. I plan to keep Jim and Ben, our two full time employees, working full time as long as I can, with the medical coverage they need to make it through. I will present 100 fun late Silver/early Bronze books for 50% off list. (Fun means not a major key, but I’ll give you a story behind each book so it has a purpose in your collection.) We will never ask you for something for nothing, you will get a great value for your dollar. But this is a way to help two of the people who help you with your comic book needs on a weekly basis. I will always take care of them, but now you can help a bit too. Thank you Cleveland!”

Just hop on over to our Facebook Page at 6pm this Sunday and chime in when you see a book you would like. These books can also be delivered within the county for free or shipped outside of that. The sale will be all Marvel, and there will be a bit of an educational component to it as well, as I review each book’s significance. If you cannot attend the live sale fear not, you can just watch the video later and email us any requests for books that were left over. Payment will be through credit card over the phone after the sale.

Here’s where you go!

This is our first attempt at this, but we will be doing more in the future while we are shuttered down. (Please forgive us for any hiccups that happen, again it’s our first time.)

We’re prepared to start bleeding money, but things like this will help to keep us afloat longer. We thank everyone so much for helping us through this time period.

Okay Cleveland, let’s keep washing those hands at look out for our at risk population!

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