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There’s lots of great stories going on right now, and the top three are all represented in this weeks’ picks!

We also have some info for you on this Saturday’s ‘Batman Day’ which basically features some FREE comics and discounts on Batman books and merchandise. 

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 18th, 2019! (My birthday!)


Absolute Carnage is the 90’s story you always wanted but crafted with a modern feel. It really shows how far comics have come when you hold this series up against the original “Maximum Carnage”, which we sold a lot of back in the day!

In addition to a new issue of the core series, we also have a new issue of Lethal Protectors, and reprints of Scream #1 and the Separation Anxiety One Shot coming in. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by crossovers if you don’t want to, the core five issue mini series is enough. (It’s fun to look around to though.)


There’s not much of a team left after House of X #4, but issue #5 comes out this week. 

This whole thing has been fun. To see how Apocalypse and Mister Sinister really do play a role in the survival of mutants is a great element to the story. 

We’ve been getting big stacks of reprints in, and this week House of X #2 and Powers of X #3 will be hitting the table.

Don’t forget to grow your Krakoa plant and mark your calendar for our first ever BOOK CLUB reviewing the series on Thursday October 10th at 8:15pm.


Tom King kind of fell apart after Batman’s non-wedding in issue 50, but as he completes his run with ‘City of Bane” we’re back in with some of the best stuff he’s written to date.

Catwoman and Batman have one more job to do before they re-enter the city.

Reprints on issue #77 this week, which featured the death of…..I’m not sayin. 


I haven’t read it yet, but the new five issue Spider-Man series looks to be a big deal. 

JJ Abrams co-writes this book with his son Henry, and word is it’s got a very strong father/son theme to it. This is going to be a timeless story, and the art by Sara Pichelli will surely do it justice. 

The story is so off that people are tying to decide if it’s a What If story or possible cannon. 


Also, this week is a huge Original Graphic Novel, Guts by Raina Telgemeier.

Raina is literally a comic book powerhouse all by herself, and her line of semi autobiographical books (Smile, Sisters, Drama, Ghosts) are the best selling in the genre. This book has over a million copy print run coming out of the gate. 

This week is also the release of the “Selling Comics Guide to Retailing” printed by Dark Horse and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

” Selling Comics is a practical guide to the nuts and bolts of modern comics retailing, with essays and “best practices” guidelines from some of the sharpest minds in the industry. Featuring articles on almost every aspect of comic retailing, including staging successful in-store events, training staff, and diversifying product lines, Selling Comics is a ground level guide to building, developing, and growing your shop.”

Why is this book in this week’s picks? Do I want everyone to run out and open up a shop? 

The answer is I got to write the chapter on Social Media! Hey! Cool! (it’s like a birthday present to myself.)


Lastly, this Saturday is “Batman Day”. It’s gotten to the point where it caters to big box stores, but we still want to take care of everyone. We have stacks of the two FREE comics to give away that were made especially for the day. 

The Batman Who Laughs Batman Day Special Edition:

Batman Nightwalker Batman Day Special Edition

In addition to giving these books away FREE with any purchase, we will also give:

  • 50% off any Batman Back Issues
  • 20% off any Batman Action Figures, Statues or Pop Funs.
  • 20% off any Batman Graphic Novels or Hardcovers

When we say Batman it means “show me Batman in the book or on the cover and you get your discount!”

Thanks for tuning in everyone! See you this week at the shop!

Wow! It’s about to be another great week at the comic book shop with some spectacular new releases!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 4th, 2019!

Spawn 300

First up is Spawn #300, setting the record for the longest-running independent comic in history!

Oversized $7.99 issue, lots of covers to choose from, with interior art by Greg Capullo, J Scott Campbell and Todd MacFarlane himself! Scott Snyder even has a few words in there!

Come early on Wednesday to get your copy, because they will go fast and our distributor is out of stock!

Marvel Comics

House of X #4 is here, but the really big news is we have big stacks of the third prints of both House and Powers of X #1!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 10th! These books have been so fun to talk about that we’ll be hosting a book club to talk about it from 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm the day after the final issue of Powers of X #6 comes out. 

This will be a spoiler full zone so do your due diligence and catch up before-hand. We’ll have help with this endeavor from Valentino Zullo, who’s well versed in making these things go off without a hitch.

Oh yeah! We also have more first prints of Marvel Comics #1000 and Absolute Carnage #2 coming in, as we sold out of both last week. 

DC Comics

Everybody’s already reading it, but the new issue of Doomsday Clock is out and it’s fantastic.

The Legion of Super-heroes returns in a two0part mini-series by Brian Bendis. This book will help to connect all of DC’s future timelines to the present. 

There’s even a little Jim Lee art in there!

Harley and Ivy get a new six-issue mini-series that’s a romp through the DCU while also exploring the nature of their relationship after Heroes in Crisis.

DCeased A Good Day to Die one-shot features the zombie hunting dream team of Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and John Constantine!

Gabby Rivera

Lastly, we’ll be providing some support to the Gabby Rivera lecture going on at the downtown branch of the Cleveland Public Library this Saturday at 2 pm. 

Gabby writes AMERICA for Marvel but her lecture will be about all kinds of things. Here’s one of her TED Talks that I thought was pretty great. 

We’ll be down there handing out FREE (you know how we roll) copies of America so you can get something signed after the lecture.

We are proud to be supporting Gabby during her visit to Cleveland!

That’s all folks! See you this week at the shop!

It’s a short and simple week at the comic shop! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, August 21st, 2019!

DC Titles

Frank Miller and John Romita Jr have been crafting a new origin for Superman in DC’s adult “Black Label” line. Issue #2 (of 3) comes out this week. 

This chapter follows Clark though a coming of age story set in Atlantis, which likely means Lori Lemaris.

A lot of readers tapped out of Tom King’s Batman run after the wedding scam fiasco, but it seems like everyone’s back for his final arc, “City of Bane”.

Batman #85 will be his final issue on the book, closing it out 15 issues earlier than planned. 

Marvel Titles

Spider-Gwen will be joining the proper Marvel Universe with Ghost Spider #1.

We still only have enough copies of Powers of X #3 to cover preorders. We will be ordering heavily on reprints though, so don’t give up hope just yet. This book is well worth the wait and fun to read as a periodical. We’ll have our orders under control for issue #4. (This is what happens with a weekly series.)

Another book that’s caught everyone off guard is Absolute Carnage. We do have first prints of issue #1 back in stock at cover price, so hop on board at ground level. This week’s Deadpool vs Carnage is also sold out before it hit the table, but if you’ve got a preorder in, we’ve got you covered.

(If it seems like we’ve laying on the preorder thing heavily, it’s because we want everyone to get the books they want. Just ask at the counter to set up a file. You save 10% off all your new comic purchases!)

The third and final volume of Ed Piskor’s Grand Design is out, and it’s must reading for any X-Men fan. 

Piskor wrote Hip Hop Family Tree and used those skills to craft an ongoing narrative of X-History!

Image Title

Lastly, we can’t say enough about Image’s Criminal.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are the perfect crime noir team. In addition to graphic novels like “My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies” and “Bad Weekend”, you can tune into the monthly comic for a regular dose of their work. 

That’s all for this week. We know it’s early but mark your calendar for Halloween Comic Fest on Saturday, October 26th, All the comic that will be available for free can now be seen here!

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