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Break out your costume, it’s time for our 6th annual Halloween Comicfest on Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 7pm!

Halloween Comicsfest features FREE comics FREE candy and FREE photography services!


The day is essentially a miniature Free Comic Book Day, with many publishers creating special books exclusive to the day to be given away for free! This year is a nice representation of many different genres so everyone should walk away pretty content. This year there are 18 full size comics and 12 mini comics, and people stopping by in costume are welcome to take one of every book they are interested in! (So yes, you may take all 30 books if you are so inclined.) We also allow customers not in costume to pick out five books for themselves. What constitutes a costume? Our typical answer is, “If you have to ask us if you’re wearing a costume you probably aren’t.” However, we are committed to making everyone happy that day and we’ll work with you on that one. 😉

Here’s are some of the full size highlights:

Batman Night of the Monster Men Special Edition: Doctor Hugo Strange has unleashed a swarm of monsters upon Gotham City for Batman and Company to deal with!

Thor by Simonson Special Edition: With Thor Ragnarok right around the corner, check out this classic battle between Thor and Hela, as well as Hela’s first appearance by Jack Kirby!

Hellboy and the BPRD 1953 Special: Halloween is a great time to dip into the monstrous world of Hellboy in these two short stories!

DC Superhero Girls Special Edition: It seems DC has one of these for every event. This one has the opening chapter of the new upcoming graphic novel. (So yes, it’s new material.)

Runaways Special Edition: This Marvel comic was written by Saga’s Brain K Vaughan and is a real treat if you’re unfamiliar with the characters. The perfect ‘tween’ books that can also completely be enjoyed by adults. A TV show is even coming on Hulu next month.

Other full size comics include:

  • Battle Angel Alita Sailor Moon Eternal
  • Choose Your Own Aspen Adventure
  • Darth Maul
  • Ghostbusters Dia Del Los Muertos
  • Junji Ito Shiver
  • Lady Mechanika La Dama De La Muerte
  • Malika Dragon Trials
  • Mortal Instruments
  • The Tick
  • BabyTeeth (Mature Readers)
  • Black Betty (Mature Readers)
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season Two (Mature Readers)
  • Grimm Tales of Terror (Mature Readers)

(Don’t worry mom and dad, the mature readers comics will be kept up and away from the other books.)

In addition, there will be 12 mini comics, all of which are rated “All Ages” including:

  • Hotel Transylvania: Huge property pretty much year round at our house.

  • Archie Madhouse
  • Boom Haunted Evening
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Donald Duck
  • Gao Mini Comic
  • Lovecraft Undersea Kingdom
  • Moonlighters
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha
  • Stitched
  • Witch Boy
  • Wrapped up

To view complete descriptions of the books as well as images for you to look over with your family, check here!

But wait, that’s not all! We’ve also got left over copies of all three books from Batman Day 2017, so you’ll also be able to grab a different Batman Special Edition, a Harley Quinn Special edition, and another DC Superhero Girls comic if you didn’t make it in on that day!

Our best advice is the same as on Free Comic Book Day “COME EARLY FOR THE BEST SELECTION!” We have thousands and thousand of books to give away but there is a finite number of them. 

It goes without saying that we will have candy to go with those comics. (We’re a big believer in healthy snacks but not so much on Halloween.)


Another huge part of the success of our day is the FREE photography services from Heather Linn Young.  From 10am to 3pm Heather will be taking studio pictures of everyone in the foyer attached to our shop. Heather has done work for Cleveland Magazine a specializes in portraits, so this is a great opportunity to capture your cosplay costume, your kids super cute costume, as well as group pictures with family and friends. 

Photo’s are made available in a Facebook gallery the day after so that you’ll have a great images for your social media sites for Halloween. Here’s a few of the previous years galleries:

2014    –    2015    –    2016 

There is also a national costume contest going on associated with the event, and you can find the details of that here.

(Big tip, if you want you picture from Heather to be used for the contest be sure you’re holding one of the HCF2017 books in the picture!)


We’re also trying something new this year with a couple cool new people, the crew over at Heroes United for Kids. <http://heroesunited4kids.com/>

From 4pm to 6pm they’ll be setting up their green screen photo booth, so that you can take pictures in front of a background of your choice including:

Space Planet – Exploding City – Taco Truck – Sewer for Turtles – Ben 10ish Green Border – Castle with Dragon – X-men type background – Batman type background – Avengers type background – Justice League type background – Hoth type location – and just plain “Space.”

This service will also be free and they’ll have the pictures up on their website the next day as well. They’ve even have people in costume to take pictures with! How cool is that?!


You do not need to buy anything to engage the event and get your free comics and whatnot, but man it sure helps us out! To help that along we’ll be offering 50% off all back issues all day long. 

We’ve also got 50 copies of an exclusive Walking Dead #1 cover that Wizard World gave us, and we’ll be giving those away FREE with any purchase!

As mentioned above, Thor Ragnarok is only a few weeks away, so we’ve also secured copies of the first and third volumes of Walt Simonson’s Thor Graphic Novel to give away with any purchase. (You can choose either a graphic novel or a Walking Dead Comic Book when you check out.)

Walt’s five volume run on Thor is legendary, and it’s the perfect material to get you ready for the movie. 

Here is a great read on why his work on Thor is so important!

Seriously, read this article. Why did we pick volumes one AND three? Because three has Thor frog in it. 

The only other thing to mention is that the tv show Stranger Things 2 is sponsoring Halloween Comic Fest this year. (The full season will be available the day before Halloween Comics Fest on Netflix.) We’ll have free stuff to give away early in the day, as well as this really cool photo op display where you pop your head into it and your number eleven. It’s huge and we’ll put it out side the shop for you to take your own pictures. The first season was probably an all around top five pop culture pic of last year for me, so this sponsorship is a pretty cool bonus. Also, if you take any cool pictures at the event, be sure to tag them #CNJCOMICS (the official shop hashtag) and #HCF2017 .

Whew, that’s it! Come out and see why we won Diamond’s Best Practices award for Best Halloween Comic Fest Event! We put a lot of work into it some come out and enjoy! I personally change costumes about as many times as Britney Spears!

It’s one of those really terrific weeks at the comic shop, with loads of new product hitting the shelves.

Here’s the featured new releases for Wednesday, October 4th, 2017.


This is the first week for the new Marvel Legacy titles. Each book is a new starting point with some component that pulls in some of Marvel’s rich history. Each issue also features three extra primer pages to give you a quick recap of the character or team featured in the book.

Marvel has returned to ‘Legacy Numbering’, and where appropriate, has given a numbering guide to show you how they got to where they are today.

Here’s a few examples of this week’s stand out Legacy titles:

Avengers #672 : Written by Mark Waid and springing out of the Generations One Shots, it’s the Avengers verse the Champions!

And here’s how they came up with issue #672.

Iron Fist #73: Featuring Sabertooth, who made his first appearance in the title way back in issue #14 in 1977.

Venom #155: Featuring the return of classic Venom artist Mark Bagley and Kraven the Hunter.

Jessica Jones #13: For fans of the Netflix show, we’ve got the return of the Purple Man by the crew that dragged him through Jessica’s life the first time around, Brian Bendis and Mike Gaydos.

Other Legacy titles this week include X-Men Gold #13, Ice Man #6, Spirits of Vengeance #1 and Royals #9.

While not a Legacy title, Punisher Platoon is also out this week, and marks Garth Ennis’ return to the character. This six issue mini series tracks Frank’s journey through Vietnam, including his first kill and first command. Mature readers only! (duh.) Garth Ennis back on Punisher!!!!!

We’d like to thank everyone for making Marvel Legacy #1 our best selling book of the year, at this point we’ve sold over 400 copies. We still have some of the standard cover available for only $2.99, and you still get the free copy of FOOM! and Marvel Spotlight with it. (That’s a lot of stuff for only $2.99!)


While Marvel’s finding it’s ground with Legacy, DC is full out killing it with Batman and Dark Days Metal. We can’t keep these book on our shelves.

So many people added the Batman One Shots to their file that this week’s Batman The Dawnbreaker is already sold out, as is Batman The Drowned coming out on 10/18, and Batman The Merciless on 10/25.

File customers have nothing to worry about, so consider opening a file at the shop! You only have to hold five books a month, pick them up monthly, and you get 10% off all your new comic purchases. (Plus you need never miss a book again!) Just ask for the low down at the counter!

Fear not though! DC is reprinting all these books, and they will all be coming out on 10/25. In an unprecedented move, both the first and second prints of Batman the Merciless will be released on the same day, 10/25. File customers who have the book on hold will be getting the first prints.

This week’s Batman is also a pretty big deal, apart from being this final part of the War of Jokes and Riddles, it also has Catwoman’s response to Batman’s wedding proposal. DC warned us that this is a pretty huge issue with national coverage.

Batman White Night is a standout, and is written and drawn by Scott Snyder’s go to guy Sean Murphy. This seven issue mini series sees a sane Joker trying to save the city from the one true villain, The Batman. Murphy’s punkish line work is second to none, and this book will likely go down as a perennial classic. Sean Murphy is just plain cool.

Lastly on this front, Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica in a six issue mini series written by Harley’s creator Paul Dini. Something about free college tuition and wetlands or something. Can anyone say cheese-cake?

In addition to a new issue of Walking Dead, we also have a hardcover collecting all the chapters of Negan’s origin story from Image Plus. Learn how this true American went from being a creepy gym teacher to running his own movement through hard work and determination!

Seriously, this is one to run to the shop for if you follow the show.

We’re also gearing up for this year’s Halloween Comic Fest 2017, which will be one Saturday, October 28th and will feature the usually free candy, comics and photography services. Check out the record amount of free comics that will be given away here: www.halloweencomicfest.com

We’ve also secured Heather Young to take pictures again from 10am to 3pm, so plan your visit accordingly.

Whew! That’s it! October is the only nice weather month of the year in Cleveland, so enjoy it with a few comics!


This is it! Marvel Legacy #1 comes out this Wednesday, September 27th, 2017! This is the beginning of Marvel’s new direction and their answer to DC’s Rebirth last year. 


This issue features the return of the first of many classic Marvel characters. (I know who it is, and it is a big deal. The reveal made me breathe a big sigh of relief.)

This issue also introduces the Avengers of one million BC, whose roster includes many of Marvel’s iconic characters who pass their mantle on over the generations, such as Doctor Strange, Phoenix, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Odin and Starbrand.

Here’s a brief video from Marvel explaining the focus of their initiative:


We will be carrying 15 different covers for this book, but we’re proud to say that we will be selling the main cover for $2.99 instead of the listed $5.99. We qualified for a deal from Marvel and we’re passing that savings on to you. We want to get this book into as many hand as possible.!You will also receive a free copy of FOOM! magazine, a throwback to Marvel’s fanzine from the 70’s. (I own a near full collection, missing only issue #10, which is ‘considered’ the first appearance of the New X-Men. The magazine was full of worthless information that expanded on the culture of the Marvel Bullpen. Stuff like photo’s from their company baseball games, weird layouts from Sterenko, etc. I Love it. )

You will also get a free Marvel Legacy Previews book with your purchase. That’s a lot of stuff for only a $2.99 buy in!

<insert Marvel Previews>This is also the final week for the Marvel Generation One shots, and It looks like they saved the best for last, as Miles Morales gets to meet geeky Peter Parker written by Brian Bendis, and Sam Wilson gets to see Steve Rogers in his prime during World War II by Nick Spencer. (For the record, Secret Empire Omega was one of the best Captain America issues I’ve read in years. I great dissection of the character, America, and Marvel Comics itself. The book made me optimistic for Marvel’s future.) 

We will also be displaying the previous Generations one shots in case you missed any of them. They’re all light-<insert Generations Captain America><insert Generations Captain America>hearted fun, with a couple surprises and foreshadowing thrown in. (Who knew Odin and the Phoenix Force had a thing back in the day?)

Wondering about all those other covers and how much they’ll cost? Here’s the breakdown on what we’ll have. We’re not holding any of them, they will be first come first serve starting tomorrow at noonPlease be advised that file discounts do not apply to these books. We are well below the aftermarket sale price, so please shop around. Also, please do not pick up the variants and carry them around tomorrow if you are not 100% buying it. We’ve had trouble with this in the past. 

  • Marvel Legacy #1 Regular Cover ($2.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Alex Ross Variant 1:50 ($25)
  • Marvel Legacy Brooks Wraparound Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Christopher Trading Card Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Deodato Wraparound Variant 1:500 ($100)
  • Marvel Legacy Dodson Party Sketch Variant (One per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Land Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Party Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Quesada Lenticular Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Quesada Premier Variant (2 per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Reeder Woman of Marvel Variant (1:25) ($10)
  • Marvel Legacy Ross BW Variant (1:100) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Schiti Retailer Variant (One per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Young Variant ($5.99)

We love our variant chasers, but our primary goal is to get this book into as many hands as possible to READ. 

Alright! Get ready to sit down and read a pretty darn good comic book, and MAKE MINE MARVEL!


If you enjoy Marvel Legacy and want to read further after that, here’s a checklist for all the new storylines beginning in October. 

You can print this out and turn it in or just email back with the books you’d like to get. 

We’re recommending Captain Marvel #125, Despicable Deadpool #287 and #288, Falcon #1, Incredible Hulk #709, Invincible Iron Man #593 and especially Mighty Thor #700. These books all spin directly out of the contents of Legacy #1!

For the record, as many of you have asked, we’re only getting the Lenticular covers for four books, and they will be cover price: America #8, Cable #150, Defenders #6 and Uncanny Avengers #28 (which is a Beast/Wonder Man story, which I’m all about.)

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