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Before we get started, a quick shout out to our Winston World event, which is going on in shop during that other thing going on downtown, Wizard World.

We keep in really simple with this one, from March 8th-10th you get:

  • 50% off Back Issues
  • 10% off Everything else in the shop. (Yes, we mean everything.)

Winston World is in place in case you don’t find what you’re looking for down there or you just plain don’t want to go. It’s expensive, but we do have a code for you for 20% off you tickets. “CNJCOMICS”

(We heard some people were having issues with the code but Wizard says they’ve fixed it sooooo…give it a try.)

I’ll be headed down there on Sunday with the family to go Pop Fun hunting and to sit in the Mystery Machine. (The heart wants what the heart wants)


Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, March 6th, 2019.

My favorite TV Show (now that True Detective is over) is Deadly Class, produced by the Russo Brothers and based on the comic by Rick Remender.

I had never fully read through the comics before and that’s something I’ve now rectified. They’re amazing actually, Remender in his prime. Ben’s been hand selling this book for forever. We have all the graphic novels and a new issue comes out this week.

Another recommendation is pretty much everything from Bendis’ new curated “WONDER” imprint from DC Comics. So far it’s just Young Justice, Naomi and Wonder Twins, with Dial H for Hero on it’s way. Wonder Twins was a huge surprise and I actually laughed out loud (you know, LOL’d) three times. Young Justice is really fun and actually written by Bendis, as is Naomi. A new issue of that comes out this week as well.

I’ve read a preview of Dial H and that was a big thumbs up, too. So yeah, big ‘YES’ to the whole line.

Head’s up that we’ll be having a midnight release party at 11:59pm on Tuesday March 26th for Detective Comics #1000. Stop up to get the Midnight Variant or any of the Decades variants that you want. I’ve seen this book too and it’s worth the trip out. This week we’ve got the Detective Comics 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Hardcover.

Similar in scope to the 80 Years of Action Hardcover and also priced at $29.99. Let me just give you DC’s long winded description so I don’t miss anything.

“Over the past eight decades, Batman has remained at the forefront of popular culture, which is in no small part because of this comic book series that is synonymous with the Dark Knight! Celebrate DETECTIVE COMICS with DC, as we revisit classic stories from comics from the 1930s onward, featuring some of Batman’s greatest allies and villains and work from some of the greatest creators ever to grace the graphic-literature medium! Curated by guest editor Paul Levitz, it features reprints of the Dark Knight’s most memorable adventures, from his first appearance to the debuts of Robin, Batwoman, Bat-Mite and Batgirl, as well as villains including Two-Face, the Riddler, Clayface, Man-Bat and more. This hardcover also spotlights crime-fighters including Slam Bradley, Air Wave, the Boy Commandos, the Martian Manhunter and the 1970s Manhunter, Paul Kirk! And, published for the first time anywhere: a new tale of a traumatic early moment in Bruce Wayne’s life written by Paul Levitz with art by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz, and an extraordinary look at a long-ago work in progress-the original layouts for the Batman tale from DETECTIVE COMICS #200, as illustrated by Lew Sayre Schwartz (and signed “Bob Kane”). As if that’s not enough, this volume includes essays on Batman from contributors including Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Glen David Gold, Dennis O’Neil, former San Diego police chief Shelley Zimmerman and pulp historian Anthony Tollin. With a new cover by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, These stories will be accompanied by breathtaking essays from some of the best writers of our time about how Batman has affected their work and American culture at large. Be here for the celebration of the year!”

Whew. And you wonder why we summarize things for you.

Just for fun, a new Cosmic Ghost Rider mini series starts this week, with Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History.

Look for a time traveling deconstruction of the Marvel Universe, starting at the beginning with the Fantastic Four.  Six issues.

Get ready trolls, this is also the week to see Captain Marvel! As always, we’re here if you have any post movie questions or need any reading recommendations. We’ve got the $1.00 Marvel True Believers Comics reprinting classic Captain Marvel stories as a good gateway.

But we all know the real hero will be her cat Goose, who looks oddly familiar.

Here’s an interview with ‘Reggie” who plays Goose. I guess he’s also computer generated, stuffed, and has three stunt cats to back him up.

On a personal note, I just got back from the yearly ComicsPro meeting, and it was the best year we’ve ever had. Several legends in the comics retailing world gave speeches, such as Joe Field, Brian Hibbs, Phil Boyle, and many of them are readable here.

I will be starting my second year on the Board of Directors, and have been elected to the position of Treasurer of the organization.

Finally, our FCBD event has a theme this year, and it is…X-Men! We’ve decided to make this a local artist extravaganza, and this is a theme that has been asked for again and again. Everything from the art show to the craft beers to the lithographs will be X-Men themed.

It’s never too early to start thinking about www.freecomicbookday.com

Here we go! 

For Valentine’s Day this year we’ll be offering 50% off all back issues from Thursday, February 14th to Saturday, February 16th!

This is our VALENTINE to YOU! 


This will be a big one for many reasons. 

  1. According to Jim, all of the DC’s have been refilled with everything we’ve got. This is a project that has taken almost a year. There are actually four boxes of DC stuff that will be on the side because they don’t fit in with the rest of the stock, it’s full to the brim.  
  2. We still have lots of key back issues up, and they will absolutely by 50% off as well. 
  3. Over the holidays we processed three collections and they keys went up right away, now we’ve got some of the good common stock going out. 
  4. We’re putting out some new dollar stock as well.
  5. It’s Valentine’s Day and your significant other should understand that this is what YOU need to do during the holiday, not a romantic dinner. That you love going through back issues and getting a bargain. As a matter of fact, they should get you a gift certificate and send you off to the shop.

Anyway, the fact the back issues are making a comeback has made life at the shop pretty fun. We love back issues! 

On a side note, things went great at Facebook HQ last week.

I got to be on a panel, met some great people, and feel very supported in our future endeavors. In a nutshell, we were there to talk about how a 2,000 square foot business can host a free event that brings in over 3,000 people annually, i.e. Free Comic Book Day. The answer was to find people doing awesome things and give them support, period. They liked that we used their platform to bring people together in the real world. We expressed that Facebook is only a way to show the hard work you’ve done, not to replace it. I talked about the differences between Iron Man and Captain America’s worldviews, and how we apply them to social media. That Iron Man’s belief is that the end justifies the means, that if you have a great event, good attendance, decent sales, money collected for charity, that it doesn’t matter how you got there. We’re of the Captain America mindset, that how you behave every step of the way is more important than the end results. Everyone’s watching, so make sure that your business aligns with what you say your core values are, and as long as you stick to your principles you’ll do well on social media. We also stressed the most important part of Social Media, to have fun.

On that note, here’s one more Valentine for you! A Billy Ray Valentine!

(Did anyone get that one? Anyone?)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Before we begin, here’s a quick shout out for our “WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS” Valentine’s Sale!

A big part of it is that we’ve been refilling the back issues at such a rapid rate that they’re full. Like to the brim. So we’ve got to stimulate some sales and that means…

50% off ALL Back issues from February 14th to the 16th!

We were going to wait until Wizard World Cleveland, but from looking at their website we can’t even tell if it’s happening or not. No guest list yet? What?

We bought three large collections at the end of last year, and all anyone has really seen are the big ticket books, we’re now finally going through and refilling the common stock. This is also creating some new dollar stock, as some people know from having to enjoy going through them already.

The 14th is also a pretty big day for me as it will be my 25th anniversary serving with the fire department. So yeah, let’s do three days of back issues.


Alright, now on to this week’s new releases.

The big one this week is Chip Zdarsky’s new Daredevil #1.

If you’ve enjoyed the third (and best?) season of Daredevil (definitely the last) on Netflix you can enjoy hopping on here. Chip is great writing with a nod to classic characters and dynamics.

The X-Men have been stripped down to just Cyclops and Wolverine with another oversized issue of Uncanny X-Men, #11.

Here’s the Rob Liefeld variant cover to piss you off artistically.

Whether you follow the new Age of X-Man titles or just stick with this one, they’ll likely both come to a head in a few months. I have no opinion on the matter but yeah I’ll give this one a try to see Logan and Scott try to get along.

Captain Marvel is a little over a month away, and each trailer looks better and better, though Brie Larson still comes off a little clunky. The super bowl trailer was okay, but I enjoy this one more:

February starts the Marvel True Believer Reprints of Classic Carol Danvers material, so look for these great one dollar reprints all month to catch up on her history.

We also have a guide to Captain Marvel Graphic Novels you can have for free,  just ask at the counter!

Batman will be in another four-part cross over with the Flash starting this week in Batman #64, as the two go at it over Batman’s role in creating Sanctuary, which resulted in Wally’s Death.

“The Price” will jump back in forth between both titles and spins out of Heroes In Crisis.

If you enjoyed Young Justice, be sure to add it to your file. Bendis is curating a whole ‘tweenish’ line a DC but it definitely has adult appeal.

Other titles in his Wonder Line include last week’s Naomi (also by Bendis) and the upcoming Wonder Twins (!) and Dial H for Hero.

This week I cleaned up our Facebook Page and removed some of the old photo galleries. This was bittersweet as it was a great trip down memory lane and I really amazing reminder of how long everyone has been around. We kept a lot of them up and if you ever want to see more about our history, here you go!

I will be attending and speaking at the Facebook Community Summit this week in Menlo Park, and my gratitude for all the support you’ve given us over this years is off the charts.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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