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Hi Comic Shop Friends! We’re starting out the new year with a pretty quiet week. We do have free Marvel 2023 calendars to give out while supplies last, and Marvel previews should be here next week.

Thanks to everyone who came in (or called) to pick up your files!

John’s working through a large new collection and did a wall rerack on Monday with lots of Star Wars, Venom, and Spider-Man, and we’re starting to work through more back issues from our backlog, so stop in and check out what’s new.

In other news, Late Nite Comics will return on January 19th! No word on what sales will happen that night, but it’s always a good time to hang out and dig through long boxes to find weird cool stuff.

And the holidays aren’t over yet! Because the Ho-Ho-Ho-liday episode of Lenora’s Midnight Rental went up on YouTube last night with a cameo from our very own John Dudas! Check it out here:


Wanda Maximoff has pledged to use her power to help those at their lowest. There is a door that appears to those who need it most and who have no one else to turn to. The door opens into a witchcraft shop. Scarlet Witch’s shop. From saving a cruise ship full of “bored and very rich” men to helping an Italian village under the control of The Corruptor, Wanda’s magic doesn’t fail, but a strange stone seems to be immune to her spells, and she needs to find out where it came from. Written by Steve Orlando with art by Sara Pichelli.


A new story arc starts with Batman #131 from Chip Zdarsky and artist Mike Hawthorne. After the events of Failsafe, Gotham City is darker and deadlier than before, and there is no Batman to protect it. Bruce Wayne wakes in a Gotham that’s not his, unsure of where and when he is. Featuring my new favorite version of Jim Gordon (not a spoiler because it’s on the cover): skeleton with a mustache! Also, a backup story with Robin and Nightwing also written by Zdarsky with art by Miguel Mendonca.


After a couple of weeks without small press books in the email, we’ve got two cool ones this week. We only have one copy of Children of the Black Sun #1 on the table, but we will gladly order you a copy if you’re interested.

From writer Rob Guillory and artist Sam Lotfi, Mosely is a five-issue mini-series about grizzled old janitor Marvin Mosely who is tasked with “smashing the bejeezus outta our Tech Overlords” to free humankind while also trying to reconnect with his daughter, and come to terms with his small part in the rise of AI in the late 21st century.

One part Village of the Damned, one part Black Hole Sun, Dario Sicchio, and Letizia Cadonici’s new series Children of the Black Sun is an evil kid story where maybe the kids aren’t the worst people in town. Twice a black sun has risen, driving people to murder and madness, and the fear still remains that a black sun will rise again. And the fear of the children conceived during the black suns is rampant as the world prepares for the anniversary of the last incident. Will a black sun rise again? What will the children discover about their true nature?

We’re getting ready for the new year, so that means some news and then on to a few new books to finish out December.

We will be closed on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2023.

We are extending the 50% off all back issues to the end of the year! Yes, that’s wall books too! We know you got gift certificates for Christmas, so stop in and use them!

And now a couple of PSAs from John:

“Hey! It’s that time of year again! If you have a file, please come in to clear it out by the end of the year or you are in danger of having your books put out and your file canceled! Like a car dealership, we pay inventory taxes on unsold items at year’s end, so those books someone hasn’t picked up start costing us money on January 1st. I get the job of personally contacting the top ten offenders, a job that Carol used to have back in the day. It sucks, but it sucks more when people don’t pick up the stuff they ordered. If you cannot afford the books you have on hold please let us know that too so we

can put them out. If you cannot make the trip out we are but a phone call away, you can call in a credit card by year-end and save yourself! Thanks to everyone for being understanding on this matter. We’re pretty easygoing here, but this is something we have to do to stay in business. We cannot afford more stuff sitting on a shelf waiting to be picked up!”

“Thanks to Steve Gavin, son of John Gavin, (owner of the greatly missed York Comics and Cards) we now have a proper security system to fight back against the gunk that 2022 devolved into. The entire store is now monitored and recorded 24/7, with an incredibly easy interface to review cameras and download video feed to a thumb drive if necessary. (Hopefully, it won’t be.) “I assure you we are watching.” This doesn’t affect 99.99% of our customer base, so thanks for understanding some of the new measures in place for the 00.01%.”


Murderworld: Spider-Man is the second one-shot in the new Murderworld story, written by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes, with art by Farid Karami. This time a bunch of Spider-People are out to thin the herd of contestants, MMA fighter Eden thinks she’s on her way to winning, and Black Widow is one step closer to finding Arcade’s location.

Tying in with Star Wars: The High Republic, The Blade follows Jedi Knight Porter Engle, perhaps the most skilled lightsaber wielder, and his sister, Barash, as they travel as guardians of peace across the galaxy. When they answer a petition for Jedi aid on Gansevor things may turn out more difficult than they appear. Written by Charles Soule with art by Marco Castiello.

Kang the Conqueror is in search of the one thing he cannot have: The Missing Moment. But now someone else is after it as well, and Kang finds himself doing something he never does: fleeing. Kang is Timeless and the future of the Marvel Universe is revealed! Written by Jed MacKay, and art by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Patch Zircher, and Salvador Larroca.


Another entry into the expanded Sandman Universe from writer Pornsak Pichetshote, and artist Jeff Stokely: Dead Boy Detectives #1. Charles and Edwin have been dead best friends and dead boy detectives for decades, but their newest investigation puts them in the path of ghosts they’ve never encountered. They learn that Thai Americans are turning into some of the many Thai ghosts, including the bloodthirsty krasue. And close to the Dead Boys’ adventure is the witch, Thessaly, held hostage by dangerous magics.

To celebrate Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, DC brings us ten new adventures featuring his reimagined version of the DC Universe created over 20 years ago. Written by Michael Uslan, Mark Waid, Jerry Ordway, Kenny Porter, Stephanie Williams, Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Steve Orlando, Zac Thompson, and Meghan Fitzmartin with art by Lee Weeks, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway, Karl Mostert, Juan Ferreyra, Anthony Marques, Pablo M. Collar, Max Dunbar, and Hayden Sherman. Batman faces down a villainous new threat, the Choker! Green Lantern digs deep when Nekron arrives to consume the World Tree! The Justice League teams up with a familiar face in order to save the day! Shazam ventures into a top-secret facility to face off against a mind-blowing enemy! The Flash uses her time-bending speed abilities to attempt to reverse the tragedies of her past! Chaos ensues when Wonder Woman becomes the editor of the National Exposer!

Happy Holidays Comic Shop Friends! It’s a light week new comic-wise (There’s not even any new Image #1s!) but there’s lots of news!

First, thanks to all of you who donated, we were able to gift the Cleveland Food Bank enough to create 24,900 meals! This blows away our previous record of 20,360 in 2020! Thank you to the artists who donated covers for the raffle, thank you to all of you who purchased raffle tickets, and thank you to the community that has formed around the shop. We could not have done it without all of you! Thank you to all of you for stopping in and shopping at our Holiday Party, from all of us!

We also want to remind you that we are stocked, stocked, and stocked with action figures and trades! Our trade reorders came in, we have new action figures and statues hitting the table this week, we have a bunch of manga figures that came in late and most are half off, AND John just gave Ben the go-ahead to mark down most of our DC figures 50% off!

These giant stacks are half off!

Brand new for your last-minute holiday shopping needs!

What if . . . you bought these?

Check out this bad boy!

Even more new stuff!

It’s too late for Amazon, it’s too busy at Target, and online orders will be showing up after Christmas, but your local small businesses are here for you! We’ll help you find what you need for gifts (or something for yourself) and we can write you a gift certificate for any amount!

  • We’ve got comics! We’ve got books for all ages! We’ve got stacks on stacks of toys!
  • All back issues are 50% off! Yes, even the wall books!
  • All statues and regular-price action figures are 20% off!
  • All sales go through Saturday the 24th at 5 pm!

This brings us to the next bit of news: we’ll be closing at 5 pm on Christmas Eve, and will be closed on Christmas Day. Stay safe in this winter storm that’s headed our way, enjoy the holiday in whatever way you celebrate, or whatever way you don’t, and we’ll see you all again on Monday the 26th!


Marvel’s Dark Web is continuing this week with Dark Web: Mary Jane and Black Cat #1, Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1, and Gold Goblin #2.

Set against the explosive backdrop of Dark Web, with demonic newspapers and evil appliances, Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy find themselves thrown into one another’s paths and into Limbo! But there is something different about MJ, and she’s not the only one keeping secrets. With a backup story about Black Cat stealing Doctor Doom’s mask!

Kamala Khan is in her first few weeks as an intern at Oscorp, but she may be the last line of defense when dangerous experiments go haywire thanks to the Spider-Epic Dark Web! Things are even worse when Ms. Marvel finds herself in Limbo with no choice but to fight her way out.


The finale of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths that launches the DCU into 2023 is here! The Great Darkness is defeated, but the final war has just begun between the remaining heroes and Deathstroke’s Dark Army. The Justice League and the Infinite Earths have returned, but at what cost?

And finally, just a head’s up that we will be closed on New Year’s Day, Sunday, January 1st, 2023 as well. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the shop the rest of this year and into the New Year for more great comics!

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