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We’ve got alot going on at the shop this week, but the top of the charts is this:


We have over 90 long boxes of small press comics (meaning anything except Marvel and DC) going into the foyer for only $1.00 each. (buy 100 or more and we’ll make that 50 cents each.) Everytime we buy a collection the small press goes into a storage locker that has been building and building. I personally move them all into the foyer next to the shop where they will be all weekend. A majority of this stuff has never been picked through and it is in -some- semblance of order. We will likely not do this again for a long long time so take advantage of this opportunity. For everyone who has ever asked us to check the foyer for small press comics, this is your chance to do it yourself, at a huge discount as well.


Second, it’s election season, so we’ve gotten in hundreds of Darryl Young’s amazing election buttons. There are over 150 different designs to choose from, with an emphasis on super heroes and heroines.

(honestly, the villains are the best. Who doesn’t want Galactus for President?) Buttons are $2 each and you likely won’t find them in any shop anywhere. We worked out a deal with Darryl to carry them because they are so on point.


In the world of new comics, two of DC’s best storylines continue this week. Dark Nights Death Metal #3 continues Snyder and Capullo’s epic, which to me is scores above the original.

Also, Joker War continues in Detective #1025!

Our sympathies go out to our friends over at DC during the Timer Warner restructuring. I’m not sure what’s going on over there since the pandemic but there’s still real people behind these layoffs and we’ll always have empathy for that.


It’s easy to feature another issue of Empyre over at Marvel, but this week the boys demanded I draw attention to Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man and the Sin Eater storyline, which we’ve all really (really) enjoyed.

It’s like the old school Punisher, a villain armed with a shotgun moving across the Marvel landscape.


BOOM leads the indie charge with super hot writer Tom Taylor’s new Seven Secrets title.

“For centuries, the Order has trusted in Keepers and Holders to guard the Secrets in seven briefcases against all harm, but when their stronghold is attacked and the secrets put in peril, the entire Order must face their greatest fear-an enemy who knows too much and is willing to kill to get what he wants.”


We had alot of success with our Marvel discounted graphic novels last week, so we have two more long boxes of different titles hitting the table today. Most of these books are more than 75% off list price!

New titles include:

Doctor Strange The Oath, written by Saga’s Brian K Vaughan!

Regular $19.99 for only $5.00.

Deadpool Carnage by Cullen Bunn.

Regular $16.99 for only $4.00.

There’s actually a lot of new Deadpool titles in there.

We love being able to provide this discounted reading material during this time period. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that people really want something to read right now, at an affordable price when possible.

This Saturday continues Free Comic Book Day Summer, so another fun reason to come out. Because we have opened up the 400 square foot foyer next to the shop, we are able to add five people to our occupancy rating, getting us up to 20 plus staff. This will only be in effect while the foyer is open, then we’ll go back down to 15.


We’ve got five new Free Comic Books, two mature and three all ages.

In the mature line, we have the Critical Roll / Norse Mythology Sampler, which is great from fans of DnD on one side, and Neil Gaiman on the other.

We also have a mature readers Blade Runner comic book.

On the All Ages side we have to mention John Stanley’s Little Lulu comic, as it was one of Carol’s favorite books growing up.

Other All Ages books include Eric Powell’s Hillbilly and ONI’s Super Mercado Mix Tape.

All books are free all day Saturday. We also have leftovers on some titles from previous weeks!

That’s it for this week!

I’m on the road again, so this week’s email will tune you in to some discounted reading material!

We bought up a bunch of liquidated Marvel Graphic Novels, and went heavy on stuff we recommend.

There’s alot to choose from but here’s some of our favorites to give you an idea.

Punisher Vs the Marvel Universe GN

This has tons of amazing material like the non cannon Garth Ennis “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” one shot, along with the Punisher War Zone mini series by Greg Rucka. (Thor and Frank share a beer and discuss what it means to be a soldier.) Lots more in here. Hightest Rec.

Regular $34.99 for ony $8.00.

Super Villians Unite The Complete Super Villain Team Up.

This collection of 1970’s material has Doctor Doom written by many different voices of the era, and you can see how his personality (and self doubt) changes with every writer.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Secret War.

Alot of people consider Avengers Disassembled to be the beginning of Bendis’ Marvel legacy, but it really starts here, with the actions of Nick Fury’s undercover team of Marvel regulars. Fully painted by Gabriele Dell’Otto too!

Regular $24.99 for only $6.00.

Complete Howard the Duck Volume One.

You live in Cleveland! You need to read Steve Gerber’s political satire (set in Cleveland) at some point in your comic collecting career. Includes his earliest appearances and sixteen regular issues. Lots of supplemental material as well. (oh yeah, we have volume two at the same price as well.)

both volumes Regular $34.99 for only $8.00 each.

Inhumans by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

Ask around and you’ll find this story tops a lot of people’s ‘best of’ lists. It’s a relic of the Marvel Knight’s era and really introduced the world to the art of Jae Lee. It’s an all around great story of the Royal Family, the importance of Black Bolt to the Marvel Universe, and a stellar introduction to the Inhumans in general, no prior knowledge necessary.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Inhumans Origin of the Inhumas.

Want more Inhumans? Here’s all the early material by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, including issues of Fantastic Four and Thor. This stuff came out at the height of the Lee/Kirby creative process.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Deadpool Classic Volume One.

Get your New Mutants #98 right here, along with the first two mini series and Joe Kelly’s #1 ongoing. (I’m going to be honest with you though, this is another book we have volume 2’s for as well, and it’s a better book, as Deadpool really hits it’s stride with the continuation of Joe Kelly’s ongoing.)

both books Regular $29.99 for only $6.00 each.

Young Marvel Little X-Men Little Avengers

We’ve got to have something for the kids as well, so how about a volume full of Skottie Young artwork?

Regular $24.99 for only $5.00.

Mile Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 Revival.

This is a gem too, includes Ultimate Spider-Man #200, which was a great issue, as well as the new series #1-5. Bendis and Marquez in their prime.

Regular $17.99 for only $4.00.

Avengers Korvac Saga.

It’s a classic storyline for a reason! Jim Shooter brings the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mix, Hawkeye stands alone against the Collector, and Don Blake is needed more than Thor. A little Perez artwork at the beginning and not the ending you’d expect.

Regular $24.99 for only $6.00.

Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Complete Collection.

We all have our guilty pleasures and this one is mine. Two eight issues mini series in one package, expanding and reimagining Avengers history. This first one takes place during Avengers #1-#16 and is really fun to read alongside the original material. The real highlight is the second series though, taking place during Roy Thomas’ era where Black Panther and Vision join the team and we see how bat sh$t crazy Hank Pym and the whole Yellowjacket thing was from a new point of view. Again, really fun to read alongside the original material.

Regular #34.99 for only $7.00.

There’s lots more in there too, including one of Ben’s favorite Deadpool stories, Night of the Living Deadpool, for only $5 bucks.

Oh yeah, Free Comic Book Day Summer continues this Saturday with six new free titles. (be sure to grab Resistance by J Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, it’s a shop favorite. It’s rated Teen.)

Other books include:

  • LumberJanes Farewell to Summer (All Ages)
  • Tick (All Ages)
  • Zoo Patrol Squad Kingdom Caper (All Ages)
  • Bibi Miyu and Fox Little Tanuki (All Ages)
  • Invincible (Robert Kirkman od Walking Dead’s Super Hero Epic. Just ask John Shearer about it. Rated Teen.)

That’s it. Thanks Everyone!
John Dudas

This one’s all about the status of Free Comic Book Summer 2020!

We’ve  been deligently getting the Free Comic Books into everyone’s files, and opening up Saturdays to give away the remaining books. It’s worked out incredibly well, and keeps us busy each Saturday without being overwhelmed. Last week we even had Carol back in the shop to keep the customer count.

This Saturday I’ll be hanging out at the shop and watching the occupancy! After consulting the staff we have decided it’s okay to move the free books into the shop on the glass counter when you first walk in. We’ll still keep the touchless hand sanitizer station outside so please use if before entering. If we reach capacity at any point I will step outside to regulate people going in and out. (This only happens rarely throughout the day if at all.) We know everyone is used to this from other stores but we will always thank you for your patience when it happens.

Since I’m hanging out I’ll be digging out more stuff to give out FREE on Saturday, like a couple boxes of old FCBD books we have, and some of our old prints!

As always, buying a $5 print is the best way to support FCBD.

This week has one of the best selections of offerings out of the nine weeks this will be going on.

In our ‘All Ages’ Catogory we have Stanger Things/Mincraft from Dark Horse, two properties that eveyone loves. Minecraft is hard to translate into comics but this one has the pacing I think is correct.

Batman Tales Once Upon a Crime is an All Ages Sampler of DC’s Young Reader Original Graphic Novels, including Batman Overdrive (Young Bruce Wayne and cars) Primer (a girl who gets her powers from art and cans of spray paint) and My Video Game Ate My Homework (DC’s answer to Minecraft!) Which is cool, because all the previews are for books that are highly recommended.

Another cool all ages selection is Stepping Stones/Max and the Midknights!

Stepping Stones is a great original graphic novel in the vein of Sisters and Guts, but with a Farmer’s Market storyline.

We also have Richard Fairgray’s Monster Showcase, which is made by the LA comic book shop Gold Apple Books. (Good people.)

This book is All Ages but recommended for readers over 8.

The ‘Teen” selection is Archie’s preview of their Original Graphic Novels for Riverdale and Betty and Veronica.

And lastly, for adults only, a preview of the first issue of ‘The Boys’ the Amazon Prime deconstruction of super heroes and the Justice League.

Great book by Garth Ennis, creator of Preacher amongst other things. Super over the top so don’t grab it if you’re easily offended.

As I said above, I’ll guide you through the other Free Stuff we have when you stop by on Saturday,

So, for a shop that prides itself on large scale events, we’ve come to terms that we likely won’t be having any in 2020. It’s a drag since our 30th Anniversary is this year, but we do have something special lined up for that. We will also likely do our Christmas Art Show for the Cleveland Food Bank, but stretch it out over the course of four days, then pull the winners live on Facebook. The Food Bank needs money now more than ever.

To that end, we will start to do some things to bring our storage locker inventory out into the foyer, which will up our occupancy slightly while bringing stuff out for everyone to dig through. From Wednesday August 12th to the 16th we’ll be bringing out all the small press books from our locker at one dollar each (50 cents each for 100 or more. ) It’s like 18,000 books most off which you’ve never seen. Bad news is they are only in a semblance or order. By the end of the weekend we hope to get them in letter order at least.


We will be doing stuff like this once a month over the course of five days to control occupany.

Okay everyone, we hope to see you Saturday at the shop! Thanks for being awesome!

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