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Mark your calendar for our longest running event, out (anti) Black Friday sale from 7 pm to midnight on Friday, November 23rd!


Why is it an ANTI-Black Friday sale? Because we let our employees stay home with their families on Thanksgiving and we don’t have our event till 7 pm on Friday Night, so all our friends working that day can come in when they get off of a grueling day at work.

It’s also a really fun social hang out, and a tradition for a lot of customers. It’s more about enjoying the hobby than a mad consumer war.

It’s our biggest sale of the year too, one of only two times that we are able to bring all the comics out of our storage locker and sell that at only $1.00 each. (50 cents each if you buy 100 or more!)

This year we’ve built up and incredible inventory, so we will have books in the foyer and the back room. Lot’s of books have never been seen before, and there’s about 75,000 total. They are in pretty good order too, so be sure to bring your lists!

Also that night:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s. (Due to the demise of ToysRUs, we’ve made efforts to have a really great inventory for the holidays this year.)
  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop. (Which includes comic book supplies, which we never have on sale.)

And most importantly…

THE RAFFLES! It’s the cornerstone of keeping you shopping longer than you like and what makes the night really fun.

We’ll be raffling off 50 graphic novels at a rate of five every half hour starting at 7:30 pm. You get a raffle ticket for every ten dollars you spend and the tickets stay in all night long. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Tickets are non-transferable and you can win up to three times.

Expect lots of additional surprise items to keep things interesting. ($200 X-Men Adamantium Hardcover anyone?) We end the night at midnight with a $100 gift certificate raffle. Lots of people do their shopping, get their tickets, then head over to Red Lantern or Working Class Brewery next door between raffles.

We’ll also provide snacks and pop during the night to keep you going.

This is a really fun way to celebrate Black Friday even if you hate it. Just to tame that primal shopping urge on the day. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and it’s one of my favorite nights of the year. Great conversations, great deals, great people.


The next day is Small Business Saturday and a much more mellow way to dig through the $1.00 bins. The back room is closed, but we keep the foyer open and shove as many of the books in there as possible. Our hope is that you shop somewhere local on Saturday, even if it’s not with us. I make an effort to visit one of my favorite shops on that day, Paisley Monkey, to do a little shopping and let them know they are appreciated.

Shop Local and FEED THE CAT!

If you decide to shop with us that day let people know! use #smallbizsat #shopsmall and #cnjcomics to remind people of the importance of the day and that you participated in it proudly!

We will have a smaller sale going all weekend including:

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 10% of all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s.
  • 10% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers

We will also have a visit from Jason Fitch and Rick Lozano that day, and they’ll be handing out and autographing free copies of their new American Knight comic! Jae and Rick are staples of our Free Comic Book Day event and have created a comic together this year!

Thanks again for shopping with us this holiday season! A quick shout out for our Holiday Party / Art Show / Fund Raiser on December 22nd! If you are a local artist who would like to turn your talents into food just stop in the shop and pick up a free blank comic book cover to turn into a piece of artwork for the show! This years’ theme is X-Men and the Holidays! Excelsior!

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We just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this our busiest Halloween ComicFest ever! Here’s a link to the full gallery of pictures on Facebook!!

If anyone needs a high resolution copy of one of the photos just let us know and we’ll email one to you. Facebook reduces picture quality to the point that they can’t be printed out. 


File Customers! If you haven’t been in for awhile it’s time to come in and pick up your file before we start the holiday season. We have benchmarks for when the files are being allowed to stack up to much and I’ve been informed that we are currently there. 

If you’ve come in recently – thank you, thank you, thank you! If not, it’s time! If you’re looking for that extra push to stop up, this is it. It’s actually a really small new comic book week so that helps a bit. 

To quote from our neighbors down south in Columbus at Packrat Comics:

Thank you for helping us with this! We hate closing files and when we do it’s because we have too. 

As we move on towards the final two months of the year, here’s some dates to look out for:

  • Local Comic Shop Day: November 17th
  • Our yearly Midnight Madness Sale on Black Friday November 23rd. That sale continues all weekend and into….
  • Small Business Saturday on November 24th. (This is one of two times throughout the year where will pull all the books out of our storage locker for only $1.00 each)
  • Our yearly Holiday Party, Art Show, Sale and Fundraiser for the Cleveland Food Bank is on Saturday December 22nd! We will be announcing the theme of the art show next week!

Thanks as always for the support!

Winston’s got his Halloween sweater on, so that can only mean we’re only days away from this years Halloween ComicFest 2018!


The new Pop Fun Box is ready for Saturday! Taller! Bigger! There’s artwork on all sides! The box was actually too big to fit in my cargo van and I had to UHaul it to the shop. 

The Box will be in the foyer all day long to take pictures in, from 10 am to 7 pm. We will have a photographer taking pictures from 10 am to 3 pm. These pictures will be put up on Facebook before Halloween. You are also welcome to take your own pictures or have our photographer take another picture with your camera/phone. Feel free to work to get the angle you want, especially with artwork on all sides!

Please be careful getting in and out of the box! Parents help the kiddos! Seconds after taking this picture my daughter tripped over the front and damaged it, and I had to replace it. Whomp Whomp. 

I printed out an extra front in case it happens again but hopefully, we won’t have to. 

One quick reminder before I repeat last week’s info, BACK ISSUES ARE 50% OFF ALL DAY! With the resurgence in popularity of old comics, this is a great time to dip in and go through all the new stuff we’ve bought. The next time this will happen is on Black Friday weekend!

Get that costume ready, it’s time for our 7th annual Halloween ComicFest on Saturday, October 27th, 2018!

Halloween ComicFest is our yearly event featuring FREE comics FREE candy and FREE photography services running from 10am to 7pm.

The day is basically a miniature Free Comic Book Day, with publishers creating special books just for the day to be given away for FREE. This year there are 22 full size comics and twelve mini comics. People in costume are welcome to take one of every book they are interested in that are age appropriate. (So yes, you could walk out with 34 comics)  We also let customers not in costume to pick five books for themselves. What constitutes a costume? Our typical answer is, “If you have to ask us if you’re wearing a costume you probably aren’t.” However, we are committed to making everyone happy that day, so we’ll work with you on that one.  ðŸ™‚

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s full size comics:

The Superior Spider-Man #1: Doctor Octopus claims the ultimate victory over Spider-Man! After years of defeats at the wall-crawler’s hands, Otto Octavius achieves the unthinkable-putting his mind in the body of Peter Parker! As one Amazing era ends, a new one begins for a smarter, stronger, Superior Spider-Man!

Thor Road to War of the Realms #1: Featuring the bloody return of one of Thor’s greatest enemies, Malekith the Accursed! Once the former lord of the Dark Elves is freed from his otherworldly prison, the chase is on across the Nine Realms to capture him and end his vengeful reign of terror!

John Constantine The Hellblazer #1: Celebrate 30 years of John Constantine, one of Vertigo’s most enduring and controversial characters with one of  his  most memorable  tales written by # 1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman and illustrated by his longtime artistic collaborator Dave McKean.  A dead homeless man is wandering around London but John Constantine has his own problems. Don’t miss this unforgettable haunting story of fear and loneliness. (T)

Hellboy and the BPRD 1953 Phantom Hand and Kelpie #1: Hellboy’s first experiences with Bruttenholm in England involve the phantom hand of a murderer and a demonic water spirit in stories reminiscent of the early Mignola masterpiece “The Corpse.”

Other full sized comics include:

  • Aposimz Sampler
  • Aspen Comics Presents Aspen Mascots #1
  • Battle Angel Alita Homecoming
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe Genesis
  • Franken Junji Ito
  • Goosebumps Monsters at Midnight #1
  • Hilo Boy Who Crashed to Earth Sampler
  • Howard Lovecraft Kingdom of Madness
  • Jughead The Hunger
  • Lady Mechanika La Mama De La Muerte #1
  • Monstrous Three Monsters and a Baby One Shot
  • Ms Marvel #1 (Yeah! Go Marvel Rising!)
  • Princeless Raven Pirate Princess
  • Shibuya Goldfish
  • Windmaker Birth of a King
  • Witch Halloween #1
  • A Walk Through Hell #1 (Mature) (A really great new horror comic from Garth Ennis by Aftershock Comics)
  • Danger Dolls Amalgama Lives (Mature)
    (Don’t worry mom and dad, the two mature readers titles will be kept up and away from the other books.)

In addition, there will be 12 mini comics, all of which are rated “All Ages” including:

  • TMNT Rise of the TMNT
  • Archie’s Madhouse Mayhem
  • Ghost Friends Forever
  • Hollow Fields Sampler
  • Johnny Boo and the Spooky Tree
  • Nancy Drew
  • Over The Garden Wall
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Splatoon
  • Spookhouse Sampler
  • Vamplets Undead Pet Society
  • Zo Zo Zombie

To view complete descriptions of all the books as well as images for you to go over with your family, check here: https://halloweencomicfest.com/

Our best advice is the same as on Free Comic Book Day. Come early for the best selection. We have thousands of comics to give away but there is a finite number of them.

It goes without saying that we will have candy to go with those comics!

(We’re a big believer in healthy snacks but not so much on Halloween.)

Another HUGE part of the day is our FREE photography services from 10am to 3pm in the foyer next to the shop.  Laura Wimbels from the FacesOfCLE project will be around to perfectly capture your costume in our new custom Pop Fun Box 2.0. We’re building it bigger and better than last time so you can have a cool photo of your cosplay costume, your kids super cute costume, or a group photos with family and friends!

In case you never saw the old one, it looked like this:

Again, bigger and better this time. More sides.

Here are some galleries of pictures from previous years for you to check out for fun:

2014   –   2015   –   2016   –   2017

You do not need to buy anything to engage the event and get your free comics and whatnot, but it sure helps us out of you do! To help that along we’ll be offering 50% off all back issues all day long. (This is the last time we’ll offer this discount until Black Friday.)

If you take any cool pictures at the event be sure to tag them #CNJCOMICS and #HCF2018 !

I’m hoping Mrs. Dudas will let me steal the giant T-Rex Skeleton off of our lawn for the day to put outside.

Come on in and see why we won a national award for Best Halloween ComicsFest Event from Diamond Distributors! We put a lot of work into this one and I hope it shows!

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