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Wow. Lots of great stuff coming out and going on this week and beyond! Fun new releases, Local Comic Shop Day on Saturday, and a primer from Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.


First up, here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, November 14th, 2018!

Have the X-Men titles been overwhelming you lately, even when you consider yourself a fairly knowledgeable fan? Well this week is for you, as Uncanny X-Men will be the only X title for the next ten weeks, coming out weekly and starting with issue #1.

Being dubbed “X-Men Disassembled”, the X-Men will be deconstructed and maybe put back together again. Great hop on point, and written by all three X-writers, Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Matthew Rosenberg! Lots of cool covers too, so be ready to pick one out.

Be warned, it’s 72 pages and $7.99. (but that’s not a bad thing.)

Somehow in the world of Marvel math, Avengers #10 is the 700th issue of the Avengers, and they’re celebrating with an over-sized issue. Jason Aaron’s run is worth taking note of anyway, I mean, Ghost Rider is officially on the team! We’re also supposed to get a hint about Wolverine’s current status, as well as a new member. This is the best Avengers run since Remender’s early work on Uncanny Avengers.

So, what’s going on at the other end of the pond? Wonder Woman has a new writer in the ever popular G Willow Wilson!

Artwork by Cary Nord, who you might not know but who did have a killer run on Conan, so I’d say he’s good to go here.

It’s a good week for the Whedonverse, with two new indie titles.

BOOM Studios has the license to Firefly, and a new #1 comes out this week written by Greg Pak of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk.

For the first time learn the story behind the War of Unification, as well as Zoe and Mal’s first meeting. Heck, let’s see how he assembles his whole crew as well.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Firefly fan, pretty much just like everyone else I guess. I like to think of the shop as a ship and the employees as it’s crew. So excited to see this play out at BOOM.

Dark Horse may have lost the license for Firefly, but they’re not sweating it. They’ve got Doctor Horrible #0 written by Josh Whedon himself.

It’s a team up! Hourglass is the main villain but expect cameos by everyone. This is another property I can’t get enough of.


Local Comic Shop Day is Saturday November 17th!

Local Comic Shop Day is the Comic Book World’s answer to Record Store Day, with exclusive items for sale you can only get at a brick and mortar independent comic book shop. It’s also meant to remind people about the existence of the local comic shop before the holiday season. If you’re reading this then you pretty much already know about us. Hi! We’re you’re local comic shop.

Since we have such a big Black Friday event, and Small Business Saturday has really come into it’s own, we’re never quite sure what to do on the day but sell the merchandise.

But this year we were contact by local creator Ted Sikora, who has two new comics coming out this week. Apama #5 and Tap Dance Killer #3.

We’ve worked something out with Ted where he’ll be signing and handing out free copies of his two new books starting at noon that day. This is a great time to meet Ted and check out his stuff. If you enjoy the books, please consider adding them to your file. Ted will also have all his other books on hand to sell.

Oh yeah, the Local Comic Shop Day merch! That will be available first come first serve at 10 am on Saturday. Here’s a link to all the stuff with even more info.

Some items are so alarmingly limited, that shops only got one of each book. Specifically the items limited to 500 copies. This includes the Green Lantern #1, the Marvel Knights #1, and the Blackbird #1. So to be fair, we’ll be raffling these items off on Saturday, you get a ticket for every $10 you spend. (These books will likely go for hundreds each in the after market, so it may be worth a trip to the shop to throw your hat into the ring.)

Other cool easier to get items include a Rick and Morty Treasury Edition, an exclusive cover to the aforementioned Uncanny X-Men #1, and a X-O Man O War Deluxe Hardcover with new content. Again, see the link above for all the details.


Next, one of the funnest nights at the shop and out longest running event, our (anti) Black Friday Sale!

Here’s a link to all the info about the whole weekend, including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!

We can also add that we recently acquired a new collection that will only be in the back room during the Black Friday Sale for only $1.00 each. Always a great night and just another great reason to come up.


Lastly, I’d like to give an official Rest In Peace to Stan Lee at 95 years old.

Joan passed away in July of 2017 at 95 as well, and when that happens the clock really starts to tick. It’s not a sad thing so much as a loss. Every time I feel something about it, like how I wouldn’t have the life I have without Stan, I realize it’s an amazing thing. A beautiful thing. Man, what a life.

The outpouring of stories people have been sharing on social media has been overwhelming. I’ve never seen any celebrity that had such a connection with his fans, that every encounter with him became it’s own story. I even threw mine out there:

“I was 15 years old when I met Stan Lee in June of 1988 at the International Superman Exposition at the Cleveland Convention Center. I waited in line for Stan’s autograph for over an hour. The first three volumes of Marvel’s new Masterworks line had just come out and I wanted to get one signed. I was only a few people away when his handlers shut down the signing and said Mr. Lee was done for the day. I snuck around to the back of the room afterwards and caught him as he left. I asked him if he would sign my book and his handlers replied for him, “Son, Mr Lee is done for the day.” In the best form possible he brushed them away with a,” Nonsense! I always have time for one of my True Believers!” He asked my name, signed my book and said, “What do you have to say for me?!” I went with, ” Make mine Marvel!” He finished with “Exactly! Excelsior!” and wandered off into the convention. I never felt the need to meet him after this. It was a perfect encounter, and it’s the one I get to keep. Thanks for everything Stan. Thanks for giving us all a chance to be a hero.”

I never got a picture with him, but Carol did.

I’ll always think of Peter lifting up that wreckage in ASM #33, something he shouldn’t have been able to do. It’s a metaphor for all the accomplishments in all our lives if we just keep at it, and that’s what Stan meant to me.

To this end, we have decided to shift the theme of this year’s Holiday Art Show to Stan Lee and the Characters he has created. This should still work with anyone who may have started on their X-Men cover already. This will also give our holiday party a theme, where we can celebrate Stan’s overwhelming influence on our culture.

So, one last time, Excelsior!


Mark your calendar for our longest running event, out (anti) Black Friday sale from 7 pm to midnight on Friday, November 23rd!


Why is it an ANTI-Black Friday sale? Because we let our employees stay home with their families on Thanksgiving and we don’t have our event till 7 pm on Friday Night, so all our friends working that day can come in when they get off of a grueling day at work.

It’s also a really fun social hang out, and a tradition for a lot of customers. It’s more about enjoying the hobby than a mad consumer war.

It’s our biggest sale of the year too, one of only two times that we are able to bring all the comics out of our storage locker and sell that at only $1.00 each. (50 cents each if you buy 100 or more!)

This year we’ve built up and incredible inventory, so we will have books in the foyer and the back room. Lot’s of books have never been seen before, and there’s about 75,000 total. They are in pretty good order too, so be sure to bring your lists!

Also that night:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s. (Due to the demise of ToysRUs, we’ve made efforts to have a really great inventory for the holidays this year.)
  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop. (Which includes comic book supplies, which we never have on sale.)

And most importantly…

THE RAFFLES! It’s the cornerstone of keeping you shopping longer than you like and what makes the night really fun.

We’ll be raffling off 50 graphic novels at a rate of five every half hour starting at 7:30 pm. You get a raffle ticket for every ten dollars you spend and the tickets stay in all night long. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Tickets are non-transferable and you can win up to three times.

Expect lots of additional surprise items to keep things interesting. ($200 X-Men Adamantium Hardcover anyone?) We end the night at midnight with a $100 gift certificate raffle. Lots of people do their shopping, get their tickets, then head over to Red Lantern or Working Class Brewery next door between raffles.

We’ll also provide snacks and pop during the night to keep you going.

This is a really fun way to celebrate Black Friday even if you hate it. Just to tame that primal shopping urge on the day. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and it’s one of my favorite nights of the year. Great conversations, great deals, great people.


The next day is Small Business Saturday and a much more mellow way to dig through the $1.00 bins. The back room is closed, but we keep the foyer open and shove as many of the books in there as possible. Our hope is that you shop somewhere local on Saturday, even if it’s not with us. I make an effort to visit one of my favorite shops on that day, Paisley Monkey, to do a little shopping and let them know they are appreciated.

Shop Local and FEED THE CAT!

If you decide to shop with us that day let people know! use #smallbizsat #shopsmall and #cnjcomics to remind people of the importance of the day and that you participated in it proudly!

We will have a smaller sale going all weekend including:

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 10% of all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s.
  • 10% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers

We will also have a visit from Jason Fitch and Rick Lozano that day, and they’ll be handing out and autographing free copies of their new American Knight comic! Jae and Rick are staples of our Free Comic Book Day event and have created a comic together this year!

Thanks again for shopping with us this holiday season! A quick shout out for our Holiday Party / Art Show / Fund Raiser on December 22nd! If you are a local artist who would like to turn your talents into food just stop in the shop and pick up a free blank comic book cover to turn into a piece of artwork for the show! This years’ theme is X-Men and the Holidays! Excelsior!

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We just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this our busiest Halloween ComicFest ever! Here’s a link to the full gallery of pictures on Facebook!!

If anyone needs a high resolution copy of one of the photos just let us know and we’ll email one to you. Facebook reduces picture quality to the point that they can’t be printed out. 


File Customers! If you haven’t been in for awhile it’s time to come in and pick up your file before we start the holiday season. We have benchmarks for when the files are being allowed to stack up to much and I’ve been informed that we are currently there. 

If you’ve come in recently – thank you, thank you, thank you! If not, it’s time! If you’re looking for that extra push to stop up, this is it. It’s actually a really small new comic book week so that helps a bit. 

To quote from our neighbors down south in Columbus at Packrat Comics:

Thank you for helping us with this! We hate closing files and when we do it’s because we have too. 

As we move on towards the final two months of the year, here’s some dates to look out for:

  • Local Comic Shop Day: November 17th
  • Our yearly Midnight Madness Sale on Black Friday November 23rd. That sale continues all weekend and into….
  • Small Business Saturday on November 24th. (This is one of two times throughout the year where will pull all the books out of our storage locker for only $1.00 each)
  • Our yearly Holiday Party, Art Show, Sale and Fundraiser for the Cleveland Food Bank is on Saturday December 22nd! We will be announcing the theme of the art show next week!

Thanks as always for the support!

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