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We had a great Swap Meet with hundreds of people stopping by. I got some great stuff for myself, and I got to take the family shopping around the booths too, which made for a fantastic event. Thanks to all who came out and braved the heat. Thanks to NEO-TACC for making it all possible.

We got a little press too!


The big news is we finally got some Winston pub glasses and stickers made!

Enjoy a beer and a comic with this spectacular pint glass! Only $11.99. (they say they are dishwasher safe but I doubt it!)

There are also three different styles of Winston stickers at $2.00 each!

Thanks to Dee Piotrowski for the artwork!


This is a great week for Marvel Comics, and it starts with the highly anticipated House of X #1 by Jonathan Hickman! 

This book is the start of a multi year plan to reinvent the X-Men franchise before the movies begin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hickman will write two books side by side, this book and Powers of X,  both of which will run six issues each and be bi weekly. (Meaning you will get a book a week for twelve weeks.) Issue #1 of Powers of X will be out next week. 

I’ve read both books and they’re really good. Creating new ground with lots of hints at the past. Beautiful books as well. This is one that will have some shelf life. 

The One Shot Marvels Epilogue is a pretty big deal.  

This is a follow up to the classic MARVELS story, and it’s even written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Alex Ross. Remember that time in the 70’s when the X-Men went ice skating at Rockefeller Center and got attacked by Sentinels? 

This is a different take on that story. It’s only 16 pages (plus supplemental material.) but look at this promo artwork:

History of The Marvel Universe looks like a fun project as well. Mark Waid is writing the definitive history of the Marvel Universe in six issues. 

After the announcement this weekend that the new Thor movie is going to be starring Natalie Portman as Thor, I just know we are not going to have enough Valkyrie Jane Foster #1’s this week. 

All new ongoing series written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk!).

It looks like we’re going to have another Marvel death. Rocket Raccoon is going to meet his fate soon, and it all begins here in Guardians of the Galaxy #7 by Donny Cates. 

Fearless #1 will feature an amazing line up of female characters, like Captain Marvel, Invisible Woman, Storm and Jessica Jones. Millie the Model too. Expect a rotating line up of heroines in this three issue mini series. 


DC does have one big winner that’s worth mentioning, Sean Murphy returns to write and draw the new eight issue Batman Curse of the White Knight. 

A follow up to the previous White Knight series, which had some of the best art of 2018. What if Joker was the hero and Batman was the one who was insane. At least from the Joker’s point of view…

Thanks again for the support at the swap meet!

Sick of hearing about your friends’ plans for San Diego Comicon? Does your stomach curl when you think about all the photos they’ll be posting on their social media when they get there?

Well let them have their fun, and we’ll have ours too!

It’s time for our Annual NOT-AT-COMICON Sale, culminating on Sunday, July 21st with our second annual Swap Meet in association with NEO-TACC. (The North East Ohio Toy and Collectible Club.)

From Thursday, July 18th till Sunday, July 21st, (the same days San Diego is going on)

  • 50% off all back issues!
  • 20% off all statues, actions figures, and pop funs!
  • 10% off everything else in the shop!

The really big part is, we pull all the books out of our back room and storage locker and make them available for only $1 each. (or 50 cents each if you buy 100 or more!) It’s about 70,000 books.

What’s more, all the Marvel’s and DC’s are in alphabetical order, so bring those lists. The Small Press book are grouped by letter. (So all the “A”‘s are together, etc.)

This is one of only two times we are able to do this each year, so take advantage. Books are in the foyer attached to the shop.

We will also be raffling off a $200 Stan Lee Marvel Treasury Edition, so be sure to fill out that slip when you stop in!

This all leads up to Sunday, July 21st, when we’ll be hosting our Second Annual Swap Meet in the space we use for Free Comic Book Day, 120 feet from the shop. (17430 Lorain Ave, we’re at 17462) The Swap Meet will be from noon until 4 pm, with vendor set up starting at 11 am.

Last year we had 40 tables and attendance was around 500 people!

This year we’re almost doubling the amount of tables by branching off into the parking lot, under the plaza awning, and by adding a few local artists who are affiliated with NEO-TACC!

This is not a Comicon convention! This is a swap meet where people set up to clear out and add to their collections! Imagine a big pop culture garage sale where the prices are great.

We have also encouraged vendors to bring more comics this year!

(Oh yeah, you do not have to swap, this is a Buy Sell Trade group! So even if you’re not set up you’re welcome to purchase items as well as bring stuff in to trade.)

Here’s a look at the set up inside:

As well as a look at what the outside set up will be like:

Tables are all sold out, but we have opened up a 1,000 square foot area outside (uncovered) for anyone that would like to bring a small (six foot max) table into the area and set up in a respectful manner. (ie, in accordance with the NEO-TACC volunteers wishes)

This area is first come first serve and you can drop a table down starting at 11 am.

As mentioned we have also added a few local art vendors who are also members of NEO-TACC:

Also, set up outside the comic shop, will be Erin Schechtman Caruso and the record painting duo of Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar!

We also recommend stopping by a few of the businesses in the plaza for some other important sundries to get yourself through the day, like Ice Cream and Beer.

We couldn’t put these events together without Lisa Kay from the Kamm’s Corner Ice Cream Co, so walk on over to her shop and get some Ice Cream while you’re here.

You can’t have a NEO-TACC meet up without having a few drinks, so we recommend dipping into Working Class Brewery, right between the shop and the event space.

This is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your family. Last year my seven-year-old daughters comment was “People’s old junk can be someone’s new treasure.” Bravo Zoe. You never know what treasure you will find…

So remember…

Hope to see you out there!

We’ll have a full email on the NOT-AT-COMICON Sale and Swap Meet coming out this week, but first here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, July 10th, 2019!

Marvel Titles

The big book of the week is the oversized Amazing Spider-Man #25, which begins Nick Spencer’s 2nd year as writer on the book. It’s got some Mysterio in there too, for everyone who dug the character in Spider-Man Far From Home. 

Lots of variant covers too! $7.99 cover price. 

Marvel’s other selections are all over the place, and good summer fare. 

Wolverine Vs Blade One Shot. 

I was going to write this book off but flipping through it today it’s pretty graphic and a good one off selection. 

Wolverine and Captain America Weapon Plus One Shot.

This one looks great! Ethan Sacks wrote Old Man Hawkeye, which was fun. Throw in a 1940’s story expanding on Steve and Logan’s history together and you’ve got a winner.

There’s also a new Invisible Woman mini-series by Mark Waid, the epilogue to War of the Realms with an Omega issue, another Infinity Warps Annual, and a Giant Size X-Static One Shot by the original team of Pete Milligan and Mike Allred. (!)

DC Titles

We detest the decision by DC to publish exclusive Walmart material and hate even more that there was some really great stuff in there. This week comic shops finally get the Batman material in Batman Universe #1, the first in a six issue mini-series.

This is a great story by Brian Bendis and his first work on Batman. He even teamed him up with Green Arrow, who feels like the character he was destined to write. 

Bendis has three other books this week as well, with the second issue of Event Leviathan (great book!), the final issue of Naomi, and a new issue of Young Justice. 

Jeff Lemire is always at his best when he writes about properties he cares about, so we’re pretty sure he’s going to give his all with the Black Hammer/ Justice League mini-series.

If you haven’t explored the world of Dark Horse and Lemire’s Black Hammer before this is a great place to check it out. Conceptually, Lemire is building a universe on par with Mignola’s work on Hellboy. 

“Small” Press Titles

Image had so much success with the ‘My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies” HC, that they’ve collected issues two and three of Criminal into the same format and added new pages and material to thicken it out. 

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are masters at crime noir, and this story has an aging comic creator cruising though the dirty parts of the industry. We even have a FREE signed bookplate for you to go with the purchase of this book. 

To be clear, we cannot recommend this book enough, this is the stuff we love to hand sell. 

Lastly, for the kids, we have another addition to our picture books for kids with the “First Day of Groot” hardcover. 

From the same team as “Night Night Groot”, these books are perfectly paced for a bedtime story, at least in my household.

That’s it for this week! Keep an eye out for that second email!

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