We’ve had a crazy few weeks, and we’re happy to spend this one just focusing on this week’s new release! There’s some great stuff across the board, from DC to Marvel to Independants.

So hey! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 16th, 2020!


The big book this week is Detective Comics #1027, at 144 pages for $9.99 it feels more like an original graphic novel than a comic book. Everyone wanted to work on it too so you’ve got new stories by Matt Fraction, Brian Michael Bendis, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Scott Snyder, Marv Wolfman, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Tom King and more!

Lots of covers too, and we’ll have all of them hitting the table at noon. You can dig around online to find them but here’s one by J. Scott Campbell!

Joker War continues in Batman #99, after the very satisfying previous issue. (For real, #98 was just really good storytelling, and I think it’s great when a storyline can take an upbeat turn a couple issues before the end.)

Make sure you’ve got your order in for issue #100 next month!

In the world of collectible reprints and DCeased, the 4th printing of DCeased Dead Planet #1 will have a Peach Momoko cover featuring Poison Ivy.

We love hand selling DCeased, and all you need to catch up are two hardcovers and three issues of Dead Planet. It’s basically world building with DC Zombies featuring abstract characters that Tom Taylor enjoys writing.


Iron Man has a new number one where he’s taken ‘back to basics’ and will be flying around in an actual suit of armor again.

Art by rising star CAFU (another thing to look up online) and a great Alex Ross cover too!

You get two issues of Immortal Hulk this week, #37 and a #0 issue.

The zero issue contains reprints of two issues the inspired the current Immortal Hulk series and expands on the abusive nature of Bruce Banner’s father. It also has some new material written by Al Ewing.

The current Amazing Spider-Man story has grown so big it needed a one shot, but fear not, it’s still written by regular writer Nick Spencer.

Amazing Spider-Man the Sins of Norman Osborn One Shot features a gathering of spider friends now know as the Order of the Web.


We lied up above, the really big book this week is Kent State by DERF.

This incredibly well researched book took him about five years to make. Derf made “My Friend Dahmer” and has lived in the Cleveland area his whole life. He was even supposed to give a lecture on this book during our Free Comic Book Day event this past May. (Stupid stupid CoVid.)

 I knew about the Kent State shootings but this made me watch the old movie from 1981, as well as listen to a few podcasts on the subject. The greatest praise you can give a work like this is that it inspired me to learn more. Great job. I even plan to take a road trip out to Kent to see the actual locations.

Fan of Old Guard on Netflix? Enjoy the graphic novel by Greg Rucka? A second volume comes out this week, Old Guard Force Multiplied.

Chip Zdarsky has a new book from Image as well, Stillwater #1, a town where no one dies. Art by Ramon Perez too!

For you fans of Umbrella Academy, Klaus gets his own six issues mini series!

Great second season of the show. Here’s a video of Klaus in action. Just a really well crafted character.

We also keep fighting to get the three volumes of the original Umbrella Academy graphic novels in and more are due this week.

Lastly thanks for all the support during Free Comic Book Day Summer. We had some really great Saturdays and we truly appreciate it! There are no books being made for Halloween Comic Fest this year but we’re trying to get some stuff together to make it a fun weekend for everyone!

We have a tradition each year where Jameson signs 100 FREE copies of his yearly FCBD lithograph, and we decided to keep this alive on the final weekend of Free Comic Book Day Summer.

Jameson has signed and number 100 prints and we will give them away starting at 10 am on Saturday September 12th. We will continue to hand them out into Sunday (and even Monday) if they’re still around.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a print up to this point. You have done your duty to keep the ‘event’ afloat, and we never needed a go fund me to finance it.

We hope there will be a Free Comic Book Day next year, but if circumstances prevent it we will bounce back in some manner. The most important thing about FCBD wasn’t the comics, it was you, the community. We’ll figure something out.

There are three new FREE books this week, and here’s a list of them and what’s left over from previous weeks.

All Ages:

  • Sue and Tai-Chan
  • Only a Matter of Space Time
  • Super Mercado Mix Tape
  • Jack Kirby The Epic Life of the King of Comics
  • Owly
  • CBLDF Defend Comics
  • Stepping Stones
  • Donut the Destroyer
  • Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics


  • Legend of Zelda
  • Naruto
  • Mean Girls
  • Street Fighter
  • Lady Mechanika
  • Best of 2000AD
  • Spider-Man (we actually found some of these we lost track of! Written by Donny Cates!)
  • Usagi YoJimbo


Enter the Incal

Manhwa Contempory Korean Comics

So yes, you can take one of each and get 19 FREE comics this weekend as well as a free signed lithograph.

We also have 150 long boxes of comics in the foyer at $1.00. All Marvel and DC and mostly in order. (50 cents each for 100 or more.) These will remain in the foyer till the end of day Monday. You can keep getting the free books on Monday as well, if they’re still there.

So, this is us, signing off for Free Comic Book Day Summer 2020.

So, the big news this week is that we are opening up the foyer again with 150 long boxes of Marvel and DC comics in there for only $1.00 each. (50 cents each for 100 or more!)

The Bins are Open

That’s about 50,000 comics and a majority of them are in order too. They’ll be in the foyer from Wednesday September 9th till end of day Monday, September 14th. (We thought we’d add one more day after the weekend.)

Opening the foyer adds five to our occupancy limit but try and keep a respectful distance from everyone while you’re digging.

DC New Releases

New releases this week include DC’s Death Metal Trinity Crisis One Shot, which is written by Scott Snyder and ties directly into Death Metal.

The big three are back again, and they’re up against the Anti Monitor, Superboy Prime and Darkseid. (dare I hope this pokes a little fun at previous crises?)

A good story is a good story, and I’m giving a personal shout out to the Basket Full of Heads Hardcover written by Joe Hill, Steven King’s son.

Joe has the same writing skills as his father and what would be a campy plot turns into a fantastic horror story with proper characterization. “June Branch is a woman trapped with four cunning criminals who have snatched her boyfriend for deranged reasons of their own. Now she must fight for her life with the help of an impossible 8th-century Viking axe that can pass through a man’s neck in a single swipe—and leave the severed head still conscious and capable of supernatural speech.”

Great read!

Marvel New Releases

Over at Marvel Amazing Spider-Man has been getting better and better, best to hop on this week before the next issue and the return of the Green Goblin!

Oh yeah, Marvel got the rights to Ultraman, and he’s got a new #1 this week!

We also got a few more of the seriously discounted Marvel graphic novels in, and I ordered up on one in particular.

Captain America Fallen Son came out after Cap died in the aftermath of Civil War. It was a five part mini series written by Jeph Loeb (Batman Long Halloween) with each issue highlighting a different stage of the grieving process. (denial-anger-bargaining-depression and acceptance.) What’s more, each issue had art by a different artist, David Finch, John Cassady, Ed McGunness, John Romita Jr and Leinil Yu.) The Iron Man bargaining issue by John Romita Jr features Hawkeye and is one of my top ten favorite comics of all time. John Cassady (Astonishing X-Men, Planetery) draws the final funeral issue and it’s beautiful too.

This book runs for $19.99 but we’ll have it for only $4.00. Enjoy.

Free Comic Book Summer Conclusion

This is the final week for Free Comic Book Day Summer, so stop in Saturday for the final three books. (You can also grab any of the books we have left over from previous weeks.)

All in all, I hope Free Comic Book Day isn’t dead and that it comes back someday when events are a good idea. If not, we’ll just figure something else out. Free Comic Book Day was never really about the free comics anyway, it was about community.

This weeks books include Mark Waid’s new Incal story (mature), Legend of Zelda (Teen) and Sue and Tai-Chan (Winston’s pick, an old cat has to deal with the energy of a young one. All Ages!)

Thanks to everyone who did come out on Saturdays to help us out. We saw a little boost in sales every Saturday to help cover the cost of the books.

Lastly, (and we hid this at the bottom of the email to see if you were listening) we’ll have more Marvel masks going out Wednesday at noon! $10 each, limit two per person and we don’t profit from selling them, it’s just a service we provide when we can. Thanks again to Margaret for making them for us!

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