Before we start we’d like to remind you about our Pandemic Art Show for the benefit of the Cleveland Food Bank!

The show will run from Wednesday December 16th to Sunday December 20th in the foyer attached to the shop. You can win all the artwork through a basket raffle system where one dollar gets you one ticket towards the cover(s) of your choice. We’ll have another email this week laying it all out but for now please mark your calendar! 

On to this week’s new releases!

DC Comics

In December DC is completing it’s current incarnation to give way to less continuity in 2021 and beyond. It likely means I very different DCU after the new year, even beyond the Future Slate books coming out in January and February. To that avail, lots of heroes have their final moments in this weeks Dark Nights Death Metal Last Stories of the DC Universe One Shot. They’ll still be around, but they might never be the same again. 

From Superman by Mark Waid to Green Arrow and Black Canary by Gail Simone to Green Lantern by Jeff Lemire. These stories and much more as we head into closing time. 

Big old $8.99 special. 

Another DC anthology this week is Batman Black and White #1 (of 6)

Five stories told in Black and White with art by J H Williams II (!) Andy Kubert, Tradd Moore and, well, more. 

DC has been having luck with their ‘Dark Multiverse’ one shots, basically What If stories revolving around major DC storylines. This week’s Flashpoint one shot had record preorders for us for this series. 

People love Flashpoint. 

For the kids we have another original graphic novel by Art and Franco, the team behind the still popular Tiny Titans.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has a super fun anthology this week too! The first of the big two to cash in on the current pandemic health crisis with the Heroes at Home one shot.

Good for ages ten and up, see what the Marvel Heroes are up to under quarantine! 

Avengers #39 is set in the past, but it’s setting up the big Dark Phoenix storyline everyone’s been asking about. 

Jason Aaron contributing to the Phoenix mythos seems like a dream. Can the Phoenix Force find a new host before Wolverine kills it?

Help us help you to keep up with the King in Black crossovers.  (just reading the main mini series is fine too.)

This week Venom #31 is front and center and also written by Donny Cates. 

The only other tie in is King in Black Namor #1 (of 5)

On the indie front, all fans of comics should be reading Donny Cates’ “Crossover.”

It’s an homage to collecting comics and word is it’s only going to get better. (I mean, it’s set in a comic book shop. What more could you want.) Lots of references to comic history in there.

Lastly, our yearly holiday sale will be timed to coincide with the aforementioned art show and beyond. We’re not sure about the discounts other than everything in the shop will be on sale from Dec 16 to the 24th, so stay tuned True Believer. 

First off we’d like to thank everyone for all the support over Thanksgiving Weekend. We miss having our old Black Friday event but we still had a great weekend with your help.  

Everyone did a great job of helping to keep our CoVid protocols intact, and we thank you for that.


This week the big book is The King in Black #1, the culmination of two years of Donny Cates writing Venom, and it involves the entire Marvel Universe.

Five issue mini series with lots of covers to choose from. It’s fun to see Eddie Brock finally take his place among the Marvel Heroes, and you can see even Cap and Iron Man showing him respect here. Plus, Donny Cates!


DC’s big book is my pick of the week, Batman Catwoman #1.

This book is everything the Tom King Batman run was and should have been. Crossing three timelines, past, present and future, this twelve issue mini series traces Selina and Bruce’s relationship across the years. Black Label book too, so anything goes. You’d be hard pressed not to love this story.

Right on schedule is DC’s December crossover story Justice League Endless Winter.

This nine part story jumps through timelines too, as an extinction level storm comes out of the site of the Fortress of Solitude.

Here’s a checklist for you.

Top of our Christmas Present list is the Wonder Woman Dead Earth Hardcover.

“It’s Wonder Woman as you’ve never seen her before—fighting monsters in a post-apocalyptic Earth, as brought to life in a daring sci-fi epic by visionary writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson! Princess Diana of Themyscira left paradise to save Man’s World from itself. When Wonder Woman awakens from a centuries-long sleep to discover the Earth reduced to a nuclear wasteland, she knows she failed. Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering the secret of this dead Earth—and how she may be responsible for it.”

This book is a staff favorite and we’ll be restocking it throughout the holiday season. Again, great gift for a Wonder Woman fan.


There’s still time to do a cover for the art show! Stop in and pick up a free blank cover and turn it in by Sunday December 13th! The theme is comic book characters and the pandemic. Here’s a link to all the info!

Thanks to everyone who’s picked one up already!

They set a record this Thanksgiving for most meals given away in a day, so the need is there now more than ever.

Every bit helps and be sure to mark your calendar for the Art Show from December 16th to the 20th!

It’s on! Black Friday week is here, a week of sales to help off set the in store traffic at any one time. 

From Tuesday November 24th to Sunday November 29th we’ll have:

  • 75,000 books in the foyer at $1.00 each! (50 cents each for 100 or more!) Marvel, DC and Small Press!
  • 50% off ALL Back Issues!
  • 20% off Statues and Action Figures!
  • 10% off Everything Else in the Shop! (yes everything)
  • Wednesday is Local Comic Shop Day so come in and show you support of your LCS! 

Come in and clean out your file! Pick up a copy of Spawn #312, which has hundreds of comic shop names built into the artwork, including ours! (Only $2.99!)

We’ll be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving!

Friday is Black Friday, but it’s a whole week now so whatever!

Saturday is Small Business Saturday and a great day to visit any small business you’d like to see live through the pandemic!

Sunday will be the last day to dig through the $1 books for quite some time, so make the most of it. 

Please be extra aware of you surroundings in the shop, and give people some space while they’re looking through stuff. Masks are required, we have our occupany rating posted, so don’t be offended if a staff member checks you on anything, they’re just trying to keep themselves and you safe. (as well as making sure we’re open through the holiday season.) Everyone’s been doing great in our shop so far, so let’s keep it up!

This week’s stand out new releases include one that seems like it came out of nowhere and took the staff by storm, The Other History of the DC Universe #1.

Written by John Ridley, the screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave, “it examines the mythology of the DC Universe in this compelling miniseries that reframes iconic moments of DC history and charts a previously unexplored sociopolitical thread as seen through the prism of DC Super Heroes who come from traditionally disenfranchised groups.”

From a classic comic collector, it really examines key moments from DC history with a different perspective, almost like Kurt Busiek’s Marvels did in the 90’s. This issue follows Jefferson Pierce, as he becomes Black Lightning. Each issue can likely be read alone or as part of a whole. It’s prose and artwork but really masterfully done. Great work. 

For fun DC also has the Death Metal Multiverse Who Laughs, a one shot with a lighter look at the Dark Multiverse. 

Evil Superpets anyone?

This is also the week to pick up your FREE DC Nation Future Slate preview book!

In January and February all of DC’s series will take a jump into the Future, with a series of 23 new mini series. This book will give you the low down as well as a checklist that you can turn in to manage your file. (We know how we’re going to adjust some of the books in your file based on what you already get, but we’d love to hear from you too!)

This week also wraps of X of Swords with the XOS Destruction one shot. 

Honestly, I haven’t read it yet, as we keep selling out of chapters, but I look forward to adding it to my pile as people have really enjoyed it here. 

That’s it. Again Please consider shopping small this week. Each small business has it’s own culture and by choosing to spend your dollars there you are making an active choice to keep that culture alive. I’m not just talking about us, I’m talking about any place you enjoy standing in. Thanks everyone! Stay safe this holiday!

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