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Featured New Releases for 6-19-2019

The Big Boss is away on vacation for the week. Knocking his last state off his lifetime list of visiting the good ol’ U  S of A. Make sure to greet him with “Aloha” when he hits the mainland again next week.

Until then you’ve got this email guest appearance from your favorite, candidly photo-ed, Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop Employee, Ben. In the house! Let’s get to the exciting stuff shall we?

NEOTACC – CnJ Comics Swap Meet #2

Sunday July 21st 12 pm – 4 pm

Just like last year, connected to our Winston World / Not at ComiCon / Summer Sale, we will be teaming up with the larger than life dudes from NEOTACC (NorthEast Ohio Toys and Collectibles Club…you know who they are) to put on another wildly successful swap meet.

I love that picture mashup. Anyway. Tables are still available for reserve if you want to sell some stuff (probably only for the next 5 minutes. They all went SUPER fast last year). But this event is completely open to the public. Its like the yard sale of your dreams if you are hunting for nerdy pop culture treasures. Its a great end cap to our weekend long sale and a great alternative for geek culture if you can’t make it to San Diego for ComiCon that weekend. Speaking of which…

Winston World / Not-at-ComiCon Summer Sale

Thursday July 18th – Sunday July 21st

On that weekend that some special folks travel to the West Coast for the big event we make sure there is plenty going on in jolly ol’ Cleveland. We will have upcoming announcements about the specific sales that weekend but keep your calendar open. Everything in the store will be discounted. It’s a great opportunity to corner your favorite comic shop expert and insist they tell you what you should be reading that you haven’t gotten to yet. We read a bunch of stuff, so trust us, we know what we are talking about.

Ok. Onto the main event.

Here are the featured new titles for Wednesday June 19th 2019


Frank Miller is at it again! He is going to redefine the origin of the Man of Steel himself!

Any comic fan knows that it has been difficult to consistently go to bat for Mr. Miller, but if Superman: Year One fulfills even half of the promises made by Batman: Year One we are in for a serious treat. John Romita Jr’s art for our native son, Superman, has always been electric (See Superman Men of Tomorrow).

I read a blurb about a part in issue #1 of Year One where they show baby Kal’s journey from Krypton in his rocket from the first person. I’m a little more than jazzed to see what happens from there.(

We will have 2 covers available for issue #1. The main cover by Romita and the B cover by Miller himself.

DC’s Year of the Villain is off to a great start since its FCBD debut.

Justice League #26 will continue the prologue of this status quo with more info about Lex Luthor’s “offer.” All of this is coming together in a way that promises to be EXPLOSIVE. The citizens of the world are having a hard time finding reasons to trust their heroes, maybe it’s time to put their faith in the hands of a darker cabal?


On to the portion of the show for all of us Marvel Zombies.

Donny Cates has been killing it lately. This is not up for debate. Silver Surfer: Black #1 last week was spectacular (2nd prints available this week in case you missed it) and coming up with Guardians of the Galaxy #6 he is concluding his first story arc, in which every galactic hero was thrown into a black hole like matchsticks in the wind, Gamora was “killed” by the Anti-Guardians, Thanos was reborn!…maybe! What’s left to happen? I’m in the void at the moment but i can’t wait to find out.

Speaking of great writing. All of Chip Zdarsky’s Marvel work will have a lasting effect for years. Just great storytelling. Take a look at ANY of his issues of Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man or Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He just started a new story arc in Daredevil and it promises more of the same greatness. Check out Daredevil #7  this week to get caught up…That pesky Kingpin.

Okay. And would it really be a Ben kind-of post if I didn’t mention Deadpool in some capacity?

No. Of course not. Luckily Deadpool #14 is coming out this week so they made it easy for me.

Even during a full blown War of the Realms (see any issue of Jason Aaron’s Thor run…seriously do it! So much Giant-Demon-Fire-Golbin-Minotaur fighting. It’s incredible) the rest of the worlds heroes try and distance themselves from the Merc with a Mouth as much as possible. So last issue Deadpool was air dropped into Australia to deal with Ullic and his troll army.

So far he is doing… an okay job. This issue promises to go full Mad Max! Look at that cover! I can’t wait to see him tear it up on thousands of trolls. Especially alongside a new Australian hero named Nancy the Nuke. What could go wrong…or right?


Everyone should be excited by IDW’s acquisition of the historical comic staple Usagi Yojimbo!

A ronin rabbit adventuring through Edo Japan? Yes please. The material for this character has always been fantastic. Always overseen by comic legend Stan Sakai, he wrote, drew, and lettered the beginning of this series. That’s quite a feat! Check out issue #1 on Wednesday.

There are plenty of amazing stories being woven outside of the big two companies’ grasp. Here are two that I have really been enjoying.

Garth Ennis is telling some kind of story here. Walk Through Hell is part FBI investigation and part Susperia level mind wrinkle. I have been avidly reading it since issue #1 and the direction it is heading in still boggles my mind. It’s a great head trip. The first story arc is collected in a paperback. Be warned. You will have no idea what’s happening until it happens in the best way possible. Don’t go into any unknown portside warehouses anytime soon.

Boom Studios seems to have written Matt Kindt a creative blank check. He’s building a really fun universe. In Black Badge the clandestine workings of governments are executed by the Boy Scout troops of the world. “Prison riot down the road? Huh? We were just camping.” “Dam explosion that destabilized a small government? Nope we were just roasting weenies.” It’s an amazing concept and, again, the first story arc is collected for your reading pleasure.

See. I told you we were good at all of those off-the-wall recommendations.

That’s it for this week’s update True Believers! Thank you for bearing with my wordy-wordy-ness! If we don’t see you in the shop this week then we’ll see you in July for the Summer Sale and Swap Meet!

-Signing off

Benjamin J. Joines-Mundy

First up, we’re good to go on this year’s Swap Meet in conjunction with NEO-TACC, the North East Ohio Toy and Collectible Club!

Details are to come but this is a free event next to the comic book shop on Sunday, July 21st! Last year we had over 500 people in attendance! Hop on over to the NEO-TACC Facebook page and see if the group is for you! All tables will be distributed through them this time, so read their buy sell trade rules and join the group!

We’re also giving another shout out to Youngstown ComicCon; they’ll be hosting a Steranko dinner similar to what we did last year for FCBD. All the details on how to sign up for that are here! I’ve got my ticket, and I’m happy to be a part of something where I have no real responsibilities and I can just enjoy myself.

Okay, onto the Featured New Releases for Wednesday, June 12th, 2019.

DC Titles

Brian Bendis’ first big DC event book is here, and he’s bringing his regular collaborator Alex Maleev with him. 

Event Leviathan is a six issue mini series tracking the mystery of Leviathan across the DC Universe. Bendis and Maleev are responsible for one of the greatest Daredevil runs of all time, so expectations are super high on this one. It’s also part of DC’s overall Year of the Villain arc.

Speaking of Year of the Villian, Batman Who Laughs concludes this week with issue #6. 

This series by Snyder and JOCK has been a highlight of the year, and leads into what’s to come. 

Just for fun, here’s this week’s awesome cover priced Artgerm variant cover to Catwoman #12.

 Artgerm has an artbook out this week as well.

Marvel and More

Marvel’s big book this week is Silver Surfer Black by Donny Cates!

Five issue mini series springing out of Guardians of the Galaxy, but it also stands on it’s own. I’ve read it, and it’s a win. We will also have lots of variants on this one, including a cover priced ComicsPro variant by Adi Granov!

Also for fun, Rick and Morty Presents the Mr Meeseeks One Shot!

Looks like we’re getting more episodes in November, but till then…

Lastly, D.E. is reprinting all of Garth Ennis’s old ‘The Boys” comics into new graphic novels, this is in anticipation of the new Amazon Prime show. (So there’s no inventory fail like there was with Umbrella Academy.)

I’d link a trailer here, but you’re just going to have to go out there and find it yourself, it’s graphic and amazing. Imagined unchecked superheroes doing whatever they want and the people who are tasked to keep them in line. Garth Ennis all the way. 

That’s it everyone! See you soon at the shop!

We’ve got some fun selections across the board this week!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, June 5th, 2019!


Marvel’s leading the pack with the return of a classic creative team on the Incredible Hulk Last Call One Shot.

Writer Peter David and artist DALE KEOWN return for a $4.99 special! Dale is one of the greatest modern Hulk artists, and pulling him out of retirement is a really big deal. 

“Bruce Banner is tired of being the Hulk. Heck, he’s tired of being. But just when he’s about to lose all hope, a miracle occurs: a fight worthy of the Incredible Hulk.”

Marvel also has the new ongoing Black Cat series this week, with covers by J Scott Campbell and Artgerm, both at cover price.

There’s a few ratio variants as well for the speculator crowd.

Felicia Hardy stands to hold a place in the new Spider cinematic universe, so this is a good way to get yourself introduced to her. 

Also for fun, and a long time coming, is the Marvel Art of Skottie Young Hardcover.

$50 price tag but again everyone’s been waiting years for this one. 

DC Picks

Grant Morrison has a pretty good thing going with Green Lantern lately, and we’re excited to see his take on the Hard Traveling Heroes mythos in Green Lantern #8.

Green Arrow guest stars in this homage to Green Lantern / Green Arrow #85  with “Space Junkies.”

A lot of books are converging on this year’s  “Year of the Villains”  story, and that includes the oversized Justice League #25. 

The end of “The Sixth Dimension” but the beginning of Luthor’s “Offer” which will play a big part in next month’s books. You should also be reading the Batman Who Laughs Mini Series, as well as Action Comics and last weeks Superman Leviathan special. 

We’ll gladly give you a free copy of the FCBD Year of the Villains special, which leads into the story as well, just ask. 

We’ve been hand-selling Image’s new ‘Die” book by Kieron Gillen, and now we can push the first graphic novel.

“DIE is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning, unearthly horror they only just survived as teenage role-players. If KIERON’s in a rush, he describes it as “Goth Jumanji”, but that’s only the tip of this critically acclaimed obsidian iceberg.” Really, the best new title Image has produced in awhile, and a perfect book to complement the DnD revival that’s going on.

This is also a big week for Walking Dead, as it looks like Rick will die in this issue from wounds sustained last month.

Last month’s #191 sold out instantly when word got out, so we ordered up on #192. (We also have second prints of 191 in.) Robert Kirkman used to say the book would end when Rick died but I guess that’s an outdated statement. 

Kids and Summer Events

For kids, we’ve got a pretty important book this week, Minecraft gets it’s first comic book ever in the form of a $9.99 original graphic novel. 

I don’t get Minecraft, but I know it’s all my kids do, along with Roblox. 

A little heads up on some of this summer’s events. 

First up we’ll be headed out to Youngstown Comic Con on July 6th and 7th to see Steranko, Jason Mewes and sell some comics. What a weird world to put them both in the same room.

If you see me walking the streets of downtown Youngstown that Saturday night buy me a beer or point me in the right direction of my hotel. Whichever seems more appropriate. Youngstown is like the wild west sometimes. 

Our next big in-store event is our annual “Not-At-Comicon” sale from July 18th to the 21st, timed to go along with NOT going to San Diego. 

Just like last year this will all build up to the last day and our Swap Meet with local Buy Sell Trade group NEO-TACC!

More like a family than a BST group actually. This event is FREE and we’ll give you more information as we get closer. 

Alright, school’s out! Summer’s here!

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