Batman 75th Anniversary Event Saturday July 26th


This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27 published on March 30th, 1939. To commemorate this historic occasion we’ve put together a Batman 75th event including giveaways, exclusives, local artists, photo ops, civic pride and charity. If you were planning on celebrating, we’ve got it all laid out for you. Hang on Caped Crusader! This is one of our most expansive events ever.

On July 26th, we’ll be having our Batman 75th Anniversary Event from 10am to 10pm.

All Day long you’ll be able to get a free copy of the Detective Comics #27 Special Edition, featuring a re-imagining of the 1939 Bob Kane/Bill Finger original comic book, designed by Chip Kidd with a script by The New York Times #1 bestselling author Brad Meltzer!

Detective_27You will also be able to pick out a free Batman Mask from four different styles by artist Ryan Sook!

Batman_75th_MasksMasks include Golden Age Batman from Detective #27, Batman 66′ from the TV Show, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, or Greg Capullo’s New 52 Batman. Masks represent very well in social media pictures. So ask yourself, what kind of Batman are you?

Exclusive to Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop!

Torso_Still_1CNJComics has uncovered evidence that Batman assisted in the investigation of the Torso Murders in the City of Cleveland between the years of 1935-1939. This photograph, taken on 4-3-39 (only 5 days after Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27) depicts Batman working with Dr. S.R. Gerber, Cuyahoga County Coroner, investigating what may possibly be the remains of a 14th victim. We will be offering a set of five 8×10 photographs featuring Batman working with local law enforcement to investigate this horrible crime. This set will be FREE with a purchase of $20 or more. This set is beautiful and worth the trip to the shop alone.

All day long we will be hosting a Pop Up Batman Art show curated by our new employee and BAYarts Cartooning Instructor Ryan Finley.

batmanOver 25 local artists will be contributing artwork for the show, including Randy Crider, James Giar, Craig Worrell, Ashley Ribblett, Henry Pope III, Clare Kolat, Tom Szorady, Len Peralta, Angela Oster, Erin Schechtman, CHOD, Deanna Piotrowski, Tim Switalski, Shauny Walthaw, Greg Golembiski, Sean Burns, Josh Usmani, Jeff Hulligan, Mark Laubenthal, Eric Dull, Jim Guilliams, Philip Fried, Abdul H. Rashid, Krystle Finley and Apryl Dudas, Abdul H. Rashid, Kevin Monahan, and Jim Janek!

Artwork will be for sale and ALL of the shop’s cut will go towards “Preston’s H.O.P.E.”, our charity for this event.

Preston's_HOPEPreston’s H.O.P.E. is a free playground in Beachwood where children both with and without disabilities can play together. The park was designed to accommodate kids with mobility, vision or hearing issues. More than just collecting money, we would like to raise awareness about this amazing resource during our event.

We will also have limited prints available of some of the artwork, many signed by the artists themselves.

There will be three mini events during the 12 hours we will be open that day.

Scheduled Events:
12pm until 2pm

We will have and all ages focused event. Of course kids are welcome all day long, but as a parent I like to know the time frame other kids will be around. Bring your kids in costume and we’ll have our staff photographer Laura Wimbels there to take their picture. We will also have custom CNJ Comics Batman Coloring sheets. There will also be a limited amount of very cool Batman 75th Anniversary Capes made by Rubies.

Batman_CapeThese capes will be FREE to anyone participating in the spirit of the day. So dress up, bring some Batman cookies, or have your kid draw a picture of Batman that he’s proud of. Do whatever it is that you do, but be Batman doing it. Capes will be available all day but will be given out more liberally during this time period.

5pm to 6:30pm

We’ll be showing the Batman Documentary Legends Of The Knight

Batman_DocNot currently showing locally in theaters, on I-tunes or Netflix, this Documentary shows people who have gained strength in their lives using the power of the Batman myth. The philosophies of this movie mirror our own, that every so often you need to be a little bit stronger in life, and there’s nothing wrong with gaining that inspiration from your favorite superhero. This showing will be free, seating will be limited, and we will pass the hat for Preston’s H.O.P.E. beforehand. This is a very rare opportunity to see this film, and we’ve been given permission to show it by director Brett Culp himself. The movie is 76 minutes long and there will be standing room if we run out of seats.

7pm to 10pm

We’ll be hosting a Dr. Sketchy Batman themed Anti Art School

Keith_and_Courtney1Dr. Sketchy is a fun, interactive, unconventional art class featuring live models, music and drinks. We’re proud to have Cosplayers Keith Miller and Courtney Childs along with Burlesque model Ava Adore on hand as Batman themed models. Poses range from 1 to 20 minutes. This mini event is 18 and over, and we’ll be collecting a $5 cover charge ALL of which goes to charity. This is another great time to come out in costume and get your picture taken. Refreshments will be available.

Both the movie and Dr. Sketchy will be hosted in an adjacent storefront to the comic shop.

Beyond all of this we’ve got some really great Batman books to sell you. We’ll be stocking multiple copies of books like Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, Black Mirror and more. If you’re new to comics or have never read Batman in your life, let our staff be your guide to some on the richest stories on paper.

And remember, more importantly than anything:

Batman_MEMEAlways Be Batman Cleveland!

Important Note:
We’ve got 300 copies of the book, 100 capes, 400 masks, and 500 sets of photographs. The artwork in the show is truly amazing as are the Batman photographs. Everyone involved has outdone themselves on many levels.I believe we have the most comprehensive Batman celebration in the country just shy of San Diego. (for real) Show up early for the freebees and later for the events. Bring friends, they’ll be impressed.