New Comic Releases for 11-4-15 at CNJComics

Marvel’s All New All Different titles kick into high gear this week with seven new #1 titles. We’ve also finally got the finale to Bendis’ X-Men run in Uncanny X-Men #600, as well as a few cool indie’s.

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, November 4th, 2015.

All-New, All-Different

Deadpool’s back, and he’s the idol of millions in his new ongoing series.

Deadpool _1Deadpool’s classic creative team of Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne return as Deadpool finds himself to be the most popular hero in the new Marvel Universe.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 is this week and it’s got one of the best line ups and creative teams of all the new X books.

Extrodenary X-Men _1Storm assembles a team including Old Man Logan and Nightcrawler. Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Humberto Ramos.

For something different, try Vision #1, still hot from his appearance in Avengers 2.

Vision _1Tom King looks into what happens when Vision build his own family.

Other #1’s this week include Hercules #1, Drax #1, Howard the Duck #1 and Nova #1.

After considerable delay, Uncanny X-Men #600 is finally out this week.

Uncanny X-Men _600This book will conclude all of Brain Bendis’ plotlines as well as being a huge issue filled with work from a host of popular X-Men creators.


Indie wise, we’re all excited about James Bond #1, mostly because it’s written by Warren Ellis.

James Bond _1Ellis has told some amazing epics in the past (Global Frequency, Authority) so he’s really well suited for the globe trotting James Bond. Just in time for the new movie this Friday.

It’s November, so it’s time for Christmas decorations and Grant Morrison’s new comic book Klaus.

Klaus _1Telling the back story of Santa himself, and drawing on Santa Claus’ wilder roots in Viking lore and Siberian shamanism. Expect another Morrison head trip here.


We had a very successful Comic Fest this weekend, and we’ve put together a really cool photo gallery of people who stopped by between 10am and 4pm. Thanks to Heather Campbell for the photo’s and Ashton Cortright for the assist.

Comicfest-3742Check out the gallery on Facebook here (where you can like and interact with photos)

Or check them out on our website, which has much better resolution if you’d like to download a copy of a picture for yourself.

Need a photographer? Heather can be reached at or

Akron Comicon

This weekend we will be making our year pilgrimage out to Akron for our favorite convention of the year.

AkronAlways a fun time and how I remember convention being like when I was a kid. I’ll be down there on Saturday with Ben, and Ben and Jason will be down their on Sunday. I’ll even be one of the judges for the costume contest. We’ll be donating participation prizes for all the kids who enter, for the sole reason that we feel it takes a lot of guts to suit up and walk that line in front of everyone. The spirit of Akron Comicon to me is mutual respect for other people likes, dislikes, and accomplishments within the hobby. I look forward to being a part of the show every year. We’ll have quite a bit of stuff we’ll be liquidating, so be sure to stop by our booth. More info here


Finally, we’d like to thank Yelp for picking us as one of the top 100 business in America! For real! People love us on Yelp! Our own shop manager Jim is being flown out to San Francisco this week to take part in a Coast to Coast business summit at Yelp HQ.

yelpCheck out our Yelp reviews here! We thank everyone who had kind things to say about us which ultimately led to this honor. (Even not kind things, that made of rethink and restructure how we do things.)

Thanks Cleveland, and we’ll see you this week at the shop. (Or hey, maybe in Akron!)