Happy Birthday Jack

Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop is happy to be teaming up with the Rust Belt Monster Collective to raise money for the Kirby 4 Heroes Initiative on Thursday, August 28th!


Jack Kirby is quite simply the King of Comic Books. There’s no other way to put it. His style is one of the first that you recognize in comics, and it has turned into the very definition of pop art. Quite simply, he’s the most influential artist in this history of comic books.

A picture speaks a 1,000 words though.




​On Jack’s Birthday this year, we’ll be helping his 17 year old Granddaughter to collect funds for Kirby 4 Heroes, which will help the Hero Initiative provide financial support to older comic book creators who have fallen on hard times. To help the people who have defined and created our hobby.

On August 28th will be be donating 10% of all sales to Kirby 4 Heroes. Want to just make a donation? We have a really cool way to make it easy for you. Cleveland’s own Rust Belt Monster’s have each designed a sticker that you can get with a $2.00 donation. ALL of the money for these stickers will go to Kirby 4 Heroes.

So for $10 you can get a full set of Kirby stickers created right here in Cleveland.

From Randy Crider..


When John Dudas of Carol And John’s Comic Shop asked me to put a sticker together to celebrate the King’s birthday, it was a pretty big deal for me. John was the one who pushed Mr. Kirby’s work on me years and years ago, and forever changing my underground comics influenced artwork.  More than a decade later I’m constantly looking to Jack for inspiration, and this sticker is a very small thank you for that. Happy Birthday, Sir. “

From Ben Hale…


“Had I known one human’s death would pained you so, I would have killed more. And kill more I shall. Carry that agony with you to oblivion, Superman.”
I really like Darkseid.  As a character, as a design, it just works for me.  Granted, the majority of my experience with him is from Superman: the Animated Series.  So a lot of that appreciation may come from the voice of Michael Ironside.  Either way, I decided to draw him up last Sunday and here he is.”

From Jim Giar.


If there is one artist that influenced not only myself but generations of others…it’s Jack Kirby. I feverishly poured through his work on superhero titles for Marvel when I was a kid. But then one day a friend of mine bought a copy of a DC title Jack had created. The Demon fed my already ravenous appetite for action and comics, but also made the tie between comics and monsters…The tale of Merlin, Etrigan and Jason Blood ignited a spark in my brain untouched previously. It was also THE very first comic page I ever did. Copying a page from the first issue as Etrigan dives into the forces of Morgaine le Fey’s invading army, helmets armor, shrapnel and weapons flying. The way only Jack could illustrate it. I chose Etrigan for purely that reason…a sticker will be available at Carol and Johns Comic Shop, to not only celebrate Jacks birthday, but also raise funds for the Hero Imitative….And Jack….thank you for the spark.
Happy Birthday”

From Tim Switalski…


Happy Birthday Mr. Kirby! Thanks for sharing your imagination with the world, and inspiring countless others to do the same.”

From Craig Worrell…



​”The Kirby High Five! If you have such hap hazard eye lasers why would you hold your hand up when you were firing them off?  Cause your Darkseid that’s why! “

The final member of the Rust Belt Monster Collective had something better to do, like get a new last name. 🙂


Congrats Erin and Ron!

We hope to have the stickers available all weekend long in case you can’t make it in one Thursday. Stop by anytime, drop two bucks in the jar, and you can let everyone know that on this day and always “I BELIEVE IN JACK KIRBY!

Here’s the full art piece The Rev’s art was pulled from: