Facebook Live Sale 4 at CNJComics 4-19-2020

Well, we didn’t get a Payroll Protection Loan from the CARES act, what a mess that turned out to be, so it’s time to take care of ourselves again, with a lot of help from you!


Our 4th Facebook Live Sale will take us back to the Marvel Comics I love so much.

We’ll have 150 Late Silver / Early Bronze age books at 50% off guide sold live at 6 pm EST this Sunday! Just tune into our Facebook Page!

As always we’ll be posting a gallery of the books ahead of time so you can see the condition. Last week was a technological failure while being a overall success. Due to the storm (?) we had major connection issues that I’m sure were awful for everyone. (It was incredibly stressful for me.) Thanks for hanging in there with us though! We sold 100% of the books, 90% live and the rest in the gallery overnight! The new system worked well, Ben reviewed the video to make sure all the time stamps were correct, then posted a list of the winners that night!

Thanks to everyone for helping to keep Ben and Jim employed. As stated before, until we are open to the public I will not take any money out of the store. It all goes to the basics, rent, utilities, their salary and medical. 


Hopefully we’ll be able to open in some capacity on May 1st! Who knows? Rest assured we will take every precaution upon reopening. Yes, a plexiglass screen is going up, we’ll have to limit the amount of people in the shop, lots of hand sanitizer lying around, face masks for staff. Whatever it takes, we’ll do it. I even have what may be the first Steranko / Kirby Captain America face mask out there. 

Looks like Diamond is shooting for Mid to late May for new comic releases, which I’m fine with. 

We get to sell back issues and graphic novels until then. (we’ve also sold a record amount of bags and boards, people gotta keep busy.)

Yes, DC has a plan for early distribution, but it’s super slim shady, and we likely won’t participate. Check out the dummy companies used to hide Midtown (who I do like personally) and DCBS (who I do not care for personally.)

It would only be one week’s worth of books spread out over three weeks anyway. We will absolutely get you all your books though, not to worry!

Lastly, please try to contact the shop to clear out any books remaining in your file, we need the money dude!

We also understand if you no longer have the finances for your comics, please just let us know!

Okay everyone, thanks for all the support. Here’s one to grow on:

art by @josephryanhill