We’d like to start out by giving everyone a big thanks for supporting our pop up Genghis Con event. We got to raise some funds to help support these three fine individuals in their endevors to keep the con alive in 2022.

We has a great time and I got to buy some art for the shop.

We will continue to give away the Guardians of the Galaxy / Cleveland Guardians prints with a suggested five dollar donation that will go directly to Genghis Con.

In case you don’t know what the con is about here’s a link to check them out!

It’s a touch late, but here’s a fun video we made from our Free Comic Book Day photos!

Also right quick, how about that Hawkeye trailer!

I’ve always said there’s nothing like Christmas in New York! This will be great!

People keep asking and the new printing of the complete Fraction Clint/Kate graphic novel is due out on November 3rd.

On to this week’s new releases! 


Fantastic Four has a huge $9.99 issues that’s really great. It’s the FF story you’ve been waiting for.

The council of Kang’s (hot off their Loki appearance) attack the FF from different points in their timeline. Art by John Romita Jr too!


Batman’s war on crime goes worldwide in a new hardcover anthology, Batman: The World. This 160-page book will feature Batman stories by creative teams from across the globe, taking place in their home countries. This back is phenomenal.

Harley and Ivy get a new ADULTS ONLY book to go with their cartoon show.

The indie of the week is Primordial #1 from Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Image Comics.

“Mind-bending sci-fi collides with Cold War thriller in this six-issue miniseries by the bestselling and Eisner-winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS!

In 1957, the USSR launched the dog, Laika, into Earth’s orbit. Two years later, the USA responded with two monkeys, Able and Baker. These animals never returned. But, unbeknownst to everyone, they did not die in orbit…they were taken. And now they are coming home.”


Lastly, Batman Day is supposed to be on Saturday September 18th (my birthday!) Since the whole thing has become a corporate mess intended for big box stores, we will be holding the free books for Halloween this year. (October 21st is supposed to be Wonder Woman Day and we’ll be doing the same thing there.)

So mark your calendars for Saturday, October 30th if you want any of those books! There are no official Halloween ComicFest books this year (again) so we’ll be piecing an event together by doing stuff like this.

Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone! You haven’t heard from us in awhile but we’ve got a great event coming up this Saturday September 11th at the shop!

Genghis Con is a really great independent comic convention that was put on hiatus due to the pandemic, having to cancel both of their yearly events in 2020 and 2021. To get back to where they need to be they’ve been hosting pop up events at different shops in the area and it’s our turn to host one!

We’ll have eight visiting creators setting up tables in the shop and selling their stuff, as well as three of the leaders from the con itself. For the first time in our history we’ll break down the new comic table for a day to make extra room, as well as using the foyer and some tables outside. (Don’t worry, we’ll have all the new comic table stuff in one place off to the side for easy browsing.)

Genghis Con is really important to alot of local creators, and to help with the fund raising we had local artist Tim Switalski  design an 11×17 cardstock print for us featuring a Guardians of the Galaxy / Cleveland Guardians mashup.

When the name of our new baseball team was announced alot of people mentioned we should do something like this, so we did! Rocket and Groot catching a ballgame in Cleveland!

We will be giving this print away for free BUT we strongly encourage making a five dollar donation to Genghis Con. Please do your part to help this awesome convention continue next year and throw them a few bucks. Tim will even be at the event to sign them! (We have lots, so even if you don’t make it in on Saturday you’ll be able to come in and get one later and help them out.)

Genghis Con assembled some new leadership recently, in the form of Sequoia, Amalia and Quill! We’ve wanted to do something fun with cats, plants and comics, so we commisioned all three to create a mini postcard print set we’ll also be giving away for free that day. All three of these fine individuals will be staffing the Genghis Con table outside the foyer so you can get your prints signed there if you like, as well as learn about what’s coming up for the Con.

From Sequoia:

From Amalia:

From Quill:

Other artists who will be setting up include Erin Caruso <from Super Group Hugs>. Erin helps us with a lot of our projects and will have a full set up in our shop for the first time! She is one of my daughter Zoe’s favorite artists so we’re pretty excited to have her be a part of this.

We will also have the legendary Gary Dumm in the shop, who worked with Harvey Pekar on American Splendor back in the day. Gary is a local treasure and has recently completed an original graphic novel with writer Scott MacGregory, who will also be joining us. Gary is a local treasure so be sure to say hi! Here is the book, about a true life disaster in the tunnels under Lake Erie in 1916.

Ashley Ribblett will also be there, and she’s always a welcome addition to any of our events.

 (I’m looking at a piece of Captain America artwork by her on my shelf right now!)

Brian Gliene is a shop regular and his sense of humor permeates all of his artwork nicely.

New to our shop events is Gabby Zemaitis and Leo Covault! We’re always happy to see new faces in the shop and we’re excited to dig through their tables!

All in all this looks to be a great day where you get to meet some amazing local creators, get some cool artwork and help a group of people who add style and culture to our fair city. We need to actively help the things we love to survive and still be around after the pandemic has cleared. We recently purchased two amazing comic collections, and I promise to have some new back issues going up that day, so you have even more cool stuff to look at and another reason to stop by!

Thanks Cleveland, you’re the best!

Hi! Here is your final Free Comic Book Day Email with things to clarify and add!

First up, to clarify. Chris Claremont will be signing from 10am to 7pm in the foyer next to the shop, so you will be lining up in a seperate place to see him. He will be taking a lunch break when he needs to and we will cut his line at 6pm, meaning we will add no more people to it at 6pm. Act accordingly!

We had a lot of people ask about having Tom Orzechowski out for Free Comic Book Day. He’s a living legend and likely the most prolific letterer in the history of comics. (And he’s a Wednesday regular now.) Tom lettered Claremont’s X-Men run, and he also has the Guinness World Record for ‘Most issues as a letterer for the same comic book series.’ for Spawn. Tom says he’ll be joining Claremont in the foyer next to the shop around 2pm Saturday if you’d like to meet him too!

In the back of the actual Free Comic Book Room:

From 10am till noon we will have Jameson Campbell signing and giving away 100 free copies of this years 2021 lithograph! We do this every year and are keeping up the tradition. 

From noon until 2pm in the same spot, Leopold and Lenora (our beloved Laura Wimbels) will be signing free 5 x 7 art prints we had made up just for the event by Erin Caruso. Here’s the prints:

We do have an event photographer for this year! Liz Adams will be taking photos out there so keep an eye out for her and be sure to say hi!

Liz Adams has been a photographer and multimedia artist in the Cleveland area for over 20 years. Her latest project consists of 3 separate months driving around the US, documenting the pandemic around the country along with daily life here in Cleveland.

Www.elizabethadamsart.com and @fancypaintsadams for Instagram 

Lastly, and most importantly, CoVid measures. The key to successfully running this event will lie with you. We highly recommend unvacinated people wear masks. We highly recommend staying home if crowds are making you feel uncomfortible. We totally get the stress associated with what was usually a completely fun event. The key is to respect others request of you on the day, if someone asks for a little space, just help them out and oblige. Don’t take it as an insult or a disrespect. Be the better person and try to help them get themselves back together. We love you guys, and we want to have a fun and safe event. To be clear, if you see someone wearing a FCBD staff, artist or volunteer lanyard, they have been vacinated, and you can rest easy. We will keep the doors wide open to create and open air environment, we will sanitize high contact surfaces regularly, we will help keep the Free Comic “Pit” a civil and friendly place, but the rest is up to you. I will be there, my family will be there, and Carol will be there too, and we’re confident in a successful event based on what we know about this culture and it’s awesome people. 

Oh yeah, be sure to tag all event photos #cnjcomics on social media so we can check you out the next day!

Thank you.

John Dudas

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