Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop is happy to be teaming up with the Rust Belt Monster Collective to raise money for the Kirby 4 Heroes Initiative on Thursday, August 28th!


Jack Kirby is quite simply the King of Comic Books. There’s no other way to put it. His style is one of the first that you recognize in comics, and it has turned into the very definition of pop art. Quite simply, he’s the most influential artist in this history of comic books.

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This week is Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday! But first let’s check out some featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, August 27th!

We’re still loving Dan Slott and Ramon Perez’s early Spider-Man adventures in Amazing Spider-Man #1.4!


​Part 4 of the 5 issue point series, this series has been a really fun flashback to the 60′s. The Alex Ross covers alone have made this whole project worthwhile.

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Greetings from the road! Here’s some featured new releases coming out Wednesday, August 20th!

Grant Morrison’s epic swan song to DC, 5 years in the making, is finally here with Multiversity #1

Multiversity_#1I’ve got a love / hate relationship with Morrison’s work, which leaned more towards hate after Final Crisis. But his work on books like Justice League, Animal Man, Arkham Asylum and Zenith make me always give him a chance on his ambitious projects. I imagine this as a more crafted Seven Soldiers of Victory that will break the fourth wall by the end. Here’s an interview with Grant from Wired magazine to help you make your decision.

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