Spider-Man and Spider-Verse will be our theme for the week, as four new related titles are coming in including the penultimate Amazing Spider-Man #13!

Here’s the featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, January 21st.

Spider-Verse has been one of the most satisfying story lines of the past year. Introducing new characters while respecting the core values of the Spider-Man mythos. There’s still time to hop on board and catch up before the big ending.

SPIDERVERSE_posterScottie Young Spider-Verse Poster. ($8.99) Read the rest of this entry »

Sure we’ve got a full week of new comic releases, but let’s not pretend this week is about anything other than Star Wars’ return to Marvel Comics!

Here’s the featured new comic releases for the week of Wednesday, January 14th.

Star Wars returns to Marvel Comics in an extra sized #1 issue for only $4.99!

Star_Wars_1Regular Cover

Since Disney now owns both Marvel Comics and Lucas Film, it’s only natural that the rights to produce the comics have fallen back to Marvel in 2015. Marvel’s pulled out their top talent in the form of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday to bring us a new story set in the aftermath of Star Wars A New Hope. Read the rest of this entry »

Alright! Let’s get started with the first email of the year. Being a self confessed Marvel Zombie*, I’m excited to announce Marvel’s coming out of the gate stong with some quirky new #1′s. First up, 2015 is the year you won’t be able to get enough Ant-Man.

Ant_Man_1The new Ant-Man #1 ongoing series is a pretty big deal, with the movie due out July 16th this year. (The trailer will be shown during the Agent Carter premiere this Tuesday) The book features Scott Lang and is written by Nick Spencer. Read the rest of this entry »

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