Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.

As we wait for the final issue of Dark Nights Metal in March, we’ve got this awesome one shot to tide us over. 

Dark Knights Rising The Wild Hunt adds Grant Morrison to the list of Metal creators. This book was added to the slate when he said he’d like to do a story. Co-written by Scott Snyder.

So, once the initial hype subsided, Marvel Legacy left us with a solid handful of really great titles, three of which come out this week. 

Doctor Strange #385 by Donny Cates is a must read, with a down on his luck Strange working as a veterinarian and coping with the reality of the new Sorcerer Supreme, Loki. Strange works behind the scenes to keep Loki from screwing up, and as always we’re not quite sure of Loki’s intentions for his mantle. Shop favorite, as any employee to talk you into buying the first three parts, which we have in reprint. 

Captain America #698 by Waid and Samnee is the first part of “Out of Time”, which will culminate in the 700th anniversary issue. Cap’s frozen again, and this time wakes up in the future. My favorite new Marvel title, perfect Cap stuff. Samnee is one of the best artists out there. Issues #700 is something to look out for, as Mark Waid is using old Kirby artwork from all over to create a new story. 

Marvel Two In One #3 is what the Marvel Universe has been missing for some time now. It’s not quite the full Fantastic Four, but you definitely get the feeling that they’re building something here that will matter, and Johnny and Ben’s dialogue was sorely missed. Jim Cheung has been replaced by Valerio Schiti, but who cares? A good story is a good story.       

We’ve got another DC New Age of Heroes #1 with Sideways this week. These new titles are art centric, have a great $2.99 price point and crazy fold out covers. Kenneth Rocafort’s art really delivers too!

This week Kick-Ass returns to comics, albeit with a new person behind the mask. The original creative team of Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr is still intact though. All the old graphic novels will be re issued this week, and look for a new Hit-Girl book next week!

Winston World 2018 is coming to coincide with Wizard World Cleveland on March 2nd – 4th.

Winston World is simple, and there’s no admission or parking fee. 

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 10% off everything else in the shop. (Yes, EVERYTHING.)
  • We’ll also have the above image available as a sticker as always. 

We sure hope Stan Lee shows up, but if he cancels Winston will go down town to sign some paw-to-graphs! 

Last, John and Jim will be out of the shop next week for the yearly ComicsPro Meeting. 

This is where we make all the contacts that help us create fantastic events for you year round. It’s also timed to coincide with the Image Comics Expo. Here’s some info from the ever-dramatic Bleeding Cool!   We’ll be in Portland, so we’ll absolutely find some time to drink a few beers as well. We’re even giving a lecture on marketing and social media excellence. Yune in to our Facebook feed and we’ll post important information as it is released. 

Thanks all! Be nice to Ben, Jason, Josh and John Shearer while we’re gone. 

Here’s the featured New Releases coming out this Wednesday, January 31st, 2018.


It’s a fifth Wednesday of the month which typically means an eclectic mix of special and annuals, all off from the normal publishing schedule. 

The week’s big release is Dark Nights Metal #5.

DC will try to make things as dark as possible before the final chapter in issue six, which we now have to wait till March 14th for. Let’s just enjoy this one while we’ve got it. A great series for those that haven’t joined in, with a good blend of DC mythology and a modernized feel that  Snyder and Capullo have perfected.

Since we didn’t have an email last week, here’s a reminder that Doomsday Clock #3 came out. 

The series has now gone bi monthly. (I see a pattern here. Hurrrm.)

Gerard Way’s Young Animal Imprint is crossing over with the regular DC Universe in this week’s JLA/Doom Patrol: Milk Wars Special. 

Expect this weirder than usual story to run through Five One Shots, including the aforementioned JLA/Doom Patrol, as well as Mother Panic/ Batman, Shade the Changing Girl/ Wonder Woman, Cave Carson/ Swamp Thing, and finally Doom Patrol/ JLA. 

Good books to add to your file, as I really have no idea how to order then. Time will tell, but here’s a preview of this week’s issue. 

The New Age of DC Heroes continues this week with Silencer #1, written by Dan Abnett and drawn by John Romita Jr. 

These books are putting the focus on artwork, and DC is trying to draw attention to some new characters.The price is good at $2.99, and a lot of customers are excited about the line up in the Terrifics. 

It’s hard not to be excited about the new Black Panther movie. It looks great. 

It’s also hard to be excited about Ant Man and the Wasp, because it looks a little…tacky? Cheap? meh.

Either way, we’ve got a Black Panther book for you, FREE with any purchase. 

It’ll have samples of the current Ta-Nehisi Coates storyline, as well as some of the older stuff by Reginald Hudlin. Black Panther has lots of enjoyable graphic novel material, so don’t be afraid to ask for a rec. The first volume of Christopher Priest’s run is my favorite. 

Another thing to keep an eye out for is anything by Donny Cates. His current run on Thanos and Doctor Strange are both impressive. (Thanos has a pet Ghost Rider and occasionally looks into his eyes for the penance stare so he can reminisce about all the pain he’s caused.)

Cates’ Image work on Redneck also earned him a ‘Best New Series’ award form Diamond. It’s all great stuff but a tad hard to find till the reprints show up. This week we will have a reprint of Thanos #13.

Lastly, we’ve taken January’s down time and we’ve started to restructure the Marvel back issue from the top down. We’ve just refilled and reorganized all the titles starting with ‘A”, and this has produced six boxes of excess we’re selling for only 50 cents each.

There’s a lot of Avengers in there, and the best part is they are in perfect order. (I knows because I did it myself.) Expect this trend to continue until we slowly finish everything. 

We’ve got our yearly Winston World coming up to coincide with Wizard World on March 2-4th. Stan Lee is coming to Cleveland for the first time since I believe the International Superman Exhibition in 1988. (Please don’t screw this one up Wizard.) 

We have also started planning for Free Comic Book Day this year, and we’ve come up with some pretty cool this stuff year. For now check out this year’s books at www.freecomicbookday.com

That’s it! Thanks for tuning in everyone!

Well we did really great with our curated discount graphic novel selection last week, so we decided to add a few more books to the list. Thanks to all for supporting this idea, we’ll be doing it more often. 

We still have copies of Punisher Girls in White Dresses for $3.00, Ultimate Comics New Ultimate Thor Reborn for $1.00, and both Vertigo Samplers for $2.00 each. All the rest have sold out! 

We’ve got four new titles to add this week.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Volume Four

Regular Price: $19.99 for only $4.00!

Runaways Dead End Kids

I’ve been enjoying the Hulu television series, so it seemed appropriate to include a graphic novel here. The series was originally written by Brian K Vaughan (of Saga fame) and when he signed off, Joss Whedon took over and sent the kids to New York City. This was part of a deal where Brian took over the Buffy comics for a bit while Joss took over for him here. 
Regular Price: $15.99 for only $3.00!

Mystique by Brian K Vaughan

Speaking of Brian, here’s him practicing his skills over at Marvel Comics before his work on Y The Last Man, Ex Machina, and Saga made him famous. 
Regular Price: $24.99 for only $5.00!

Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall United We Stand

At a time when the Ultimate Comics line was losing it’s steam, this really cool epic broke the decline and was super fun. Written by Brian Bendis, Brian Wood and Sam Humphries, things get so bad that Captain America takes over as President of the United States. (Not just running for President as before.) This story also had some early Miles Morales material, and the whole story spans eighteen issues. 
Regular Price: $34.99 for only $6.00!

In our down time during the month of January, we’ll be restructuring the Marvel back issues a bit to make the order more unified. As we go we’re be refilling stuff and processing a few collections we bought. We’ve just completed the Marvel Ultimate Comics section, and we now have three boxes of excess comics in order for only 50 cents each.

There’s some really great stuff in there by Bendis, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Robert Kirkman, and the aforementioned Brian K Vaughan. (He did Ultimate X-Men for awhile, as did Robert Kirkman.) Bring in your lists to dig through these boxes, and expect more in order discount bins in the future!

That’s it! We’re keeping things pretty mellow for the month. 

Oh yeah, it’s never too soon to start thinking about Free Comic Book Day! Check out this year’s books here!

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