After a good start last week, we’ve got more DC Future State books hitting the new comic table. (we only had one copy of one book left by Sunday, but fear not, reprints are coming.)


This week’s titles include:

Dark Detective #1 (of 4) $5.99

This is the book featuring Bruce Wayne set in the near future with Gotham under the command of the Magistrate! Grifter back up story. 

Future State Justice League #1 (of 2) $5.99

All the new incarnations of the classic heroes fighting together! Week two and we already get to see their personalities bouncing off each other! Justice League Dark back up as well.

Future State Kara Zor-el Superwoman #1 (of 2) $3.99

Kara is all grown up and watches over the moon and it’s refugees. 

Future State Teen Titans #1 (of 2) $3.99

The line up from Teen Titans Go (Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg) founded a school that was destroyed in an epic battle. Now they return to face the evil that destroyed the team. First print appearance of Red X!

Future State Superman Wonder Woman #1 (of 2) $3.99

Always a classic team up no matter who wears the mantle. 

Future State Robin Eternal #1 (of 2) $3.99

A grown up Tim Drake is Robin during the Magistrate’s reign, and Spoiler is by his side. 

Future State Green Lantern #1 (of 2) $5.99

John Stewart beyond the know sectors, Jessica Cruz powerless against the Yellow Corps, and Guy Gardner reopens his bar. 

All of these book are out of print at DC already but we’ll have some hitting the table at noon on Wednesday!


Over at Marvel the King in Black has three new #1’s, including the much hyped King in Black: Gwenom vs Carnage.

Others include KIB Planet of the Symbiotes and KIB Thunderbolts. All are three issue mini series at $3.99 each. 

Chris Claremont has a one shot Anniversary Special featuring stories from his favorite characters with artists he’s worked with in the past!

We have spoken to Chris and he’s still hunkered down in New York. We’ve keeping communication open so we can still have him out some day when things clear up. 

We will likely sell out of the above titles on Wednesday but rest assured we already have more copies on the way. (we used to get these extra copies on Wednesday morning to fluff up the table, but they show up whenever now due to the pandemic and the slight collapse of the USPS.)

On the indie front HaHa! from Image Comics is a new horror comic with stand alone stories featuring clowns from the creator of Ice Cream Man.

That’s it for this week!

It’s a great start to the New Year, with a beginning and an end at DC, as well as some great Marvel books and Crossover #3 as well!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, January 6th, 2021!

DC’s Future State

While it’s been a crazy ride, Dark Nights Death Metal ends on a high note, with a really heartfelt final issue. 

The series has been a commentary on the state of DC Comics, from big crossovers to the mess they’ve made with continuity over the years. Rest assured that at the end of this book, it’s reinforced that all the stories matter. The whole issue just felt very comforting. 

Another stray comic left over from whatever Dan Didio was going to do with his now dead DC5G project was the $9.99 Generations Shattered One Shot. 

A team is pulled together from across the Multiverse to tell the history of the DC Universe. (I did not get to read this issue yet, so I’m just going with the copy.)

Now let’s jump into the six Future State books that have come out this week. We warned you and now those warnings have become reality. DC is sold out of all these books at the publisher level, though we’ll still have copies of all hitting the table on Wednesday at noon. (lunar taking over as lone distributor didn’t help the matter either.)

I really liked the new Future State Wonder Woman, #1 of a two part $3.99 series. 

Written and drawn by Joelle Jones, and introducing the new Wonder Woman from the Amazon Rainforest, Yara Flor. 

The big one this week is Future State The Next Batman, #1 of a four part $7.99 series. 

Written By John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave and writer of The Other History of the DC Universe, the new Batman is introduced. Nick Derington really shines with his artwork, and there’s two other back up stories, making this title almost a European style anthology. 

Future State Swamp Thing was the sleeper hit, set way in the future where Swamp Thing and the Green rule the planet. 

#1 of a two issue $3.99 series. 

Other books include Future State Harley Quinn #1 (of a two issue $3.99 series) Future State Flash #1 (of a two issue $3.99 series) and Future State Superman of Metropolis #1 (of a two issue $5.99 series).

New Releases – Marvel

Marvels Eternals #1 was delayed but is now here. Written by Kieron Gillen, who’s given us Wicked and Divine and Die from Image Comics. 

A ridiculous amount of covers but I did order at least one of each. At this point you’ll just have to grab the one you like the most on Wednesday. 

A good primer for the movie coming out…whenever. (November 2021?)

If you didn’t add Star Wars High Republic #1, it’s sold out already with preorders. If you asked for it, it’ll be there for you. (Start a file if you don’t have one.) This book took everyone off guard and is the start of a whole new multimedia line from Star Wars, set way before the Skywalker Saga when the Jedi are at the height of their power. 

With all the Star Wars announcements from Disney expect to see a bigger selection of the product in our shop. Star Wars is hot right now! 

Finally Crossover #3, Donny Cates’ Image title that seems to be crossing the fourth wall. 

Word is this is the big issue, but we’ll let you decide for yourself! We’ve got a a really big following on this book right now, so hop on board with everyone else!

Whew! Okay, that’s it. See you this week at the shop!

It’s finally over! 2020 is almost in the books! That means everything can go back to normal again right? Right?

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, and we’re ready for a couple more days of 2020. The shop will be open normal business hours on Thursday, New Years Eve from Noon – 8 PM and then Closed on New Years Day, Friday, January 1st, 2021.

New Releases – DC

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, December 30th!

Next week is the final issue of Dark Nights Death Metal, which will show how we get to Future State, but for now we’ve got a few books to help clear out the year!

Batman Annual #5 is a Clownhunter origin issue with art by James Stokoe and written by James Tynion IV. Great looking book and Stokoe is always one to watch out for. 

Dark Nights Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses One Shot is an $8.99 special that expands on individual battle in the big issue to come. The John Constantine story is fun. Regular Constantine is apparently darker than Dark Constantine. 

We’ve got one more Tales of the Dark Multiverse book out, this one dealing with Dark Nights Metal. Basically a “what if” book for major DC events. 

Jinny Hex also gets her own one shot this week!

New Releases – Marvel

On the Marvel side Avengers kicks into high gear with the start of the new “Phoenix” storyline, heroes and villains all compete to be the new host!

The ‘Last Remains’ storyline concludes in Amazing Spider-Man #55 and this cover is getting a lot of buzz.

Wolverine #8 is an oversized issue that’s supposed to be a good starting point as well as a tribute to his history. 

Otherwise it’s a pretty small week and a good time to clear out that file. Please make an effort to come in before year end if you have books on hold. Just like a car dealership, we pay taxes on unsold inventory, so those books sitting on the shelf create an extra burden to us after the new year. :/

Fun Facts!

I drove out to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to personally drop off the donation check for $5,090 so they didn’t lose any of the money collected to credit card or processing fees. 

I always talk in terms of ‘meals created’ and it’s nice to know the Food Bank does the same. When the lady at the front desk looked at the check she said, ‘This is over 20,000 meals here, you know that?’ I said I did and she said ‘well all right then.’ This was a big victory for the community that has grown around the shop and we’re glad it worked out so well. We can’t thank you enough for everything that you all did to keep us afloat in 2020. We’re doing pretty well and while it’s far from over, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

On Monday, I got vaccinated because I’m a first responder. 

While I wish I felt strongly about it one way or another, I can only say that it was that right move for me, and for the people around me. Everyone’s situation is different so talk to the people around you and make the best decision for yourself. As a firefighter I believe it was the right choice, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that being a small business owner didn’t factor into my thought process too. I know a lot of smart people on both sides of the fence and I respect and factored in everyone’s opinions. We do have a long way to go, but this is a pretty good step in the right direction (hopefully) and it’s how I wanted to close out 2020. Take care of yourselves and lastly thanks for keeping our shop safe in 2020!

We posted this picture when we were shuttered up on March 23rd, and it’s also appropriate now. See you on the other side everyone. 

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