Kent State has teamed up with the Cleveland Public Library to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary and to take a look at the changing roles of women within the pages of comic books. We’re lucky to be a part of the opening night festivities by hosting an in store creator signing with some of the visiting speakers, Phil Jimenez and Cameron Stewart. Both writer/artists will be at the shop for a signing on Thursday, September 22nd from 8pm to 10pm.

We have decided to make this a celebration of women in comics in general, and we’ve come up with some pretty cool stuff to check out that night!



Phil Jimenez is one of the most prolific writer/artists in the LGBT community, and is known for his work on Wonder Woman, X-Men, and the Invisibles.  He currently writes and draws Superwoman for DC’s new Rebirth line.

philCameron Stewart is known for writing the new Burnside Batgirl and has worked with Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke on an incredible Catwoman run. Cameron just finished the art on Fight Club 2 written by Chuck Palahniuk; and has a new title coming out from Image Comics with a female protagonist, Motor Crush.

batgirl(Please limit signed items to three per person per creator. If time permits you can get back in line to have more stuff signed.)

Yes, originally Amanda Conner was supposed to be the key note speaker and in store guest, but a hairline fracture on her foot and a shattered elbow has caused her to cancel many long distance appearances. We wish her a speedy recovery. Amanda will still be skyping in at the Symposium.

So this left us with a bit of an issue. How to host a female focused event with two male creators? (albeit two known for their powerful female leads.) So, we invited nine local female artists to come into the store and set up shop for the event. What’s better than exposing people to local talent while they also enjoy engaging visiting creators?

The extraordinary lineup includes:

Sequoia Bostick
illustrator  for children’s media such as kids books & apparel. She’s quite the anime watching, comic reading, boarder line fan girl.

Lauren Chaikin
2D Illustrator & Visual Development Artist. Amateur belly dancer. History nerd. Wonder Woman enthusiast.
Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter: @laurenchaikin
Search Facebook for “LaurenChaikinArt”!

Amalia DeGirolamo
Illustrator, designer, and comic book artist with a weakness for Captain Underpants, ugly sweaters, and silly faces.

Angela Oster
Artist, illustrator and creator of criminally cute, odd and wonderful beings.

Dee Piotrowski
Practically nerdy in every way.

Ashley Ribblett
Candy loving nerd who enjoys drawing all things sweet and surreal.
She also co-runs Dr. Sketchy Cleveland in her free time!

Erin Schechtman Caruso
Erin is an artist who makes many different things, but generally can be found making a mess as a member of the Rust Belt Monster Collective. She also draws HUGS at

Shawny W
Just another illustrator into geek culture, burritos and cats. She draws the most babely of babes and some pretty awesome head shots.

Janie Walland
Illustrator. I paint with Gouache and bright colors. My style is best described as fun and whimsical.
All artists will be displaying their books, artwork, and possibly doing some small commissions. Support your local art community! It’s cool!


We’ve decided to offer some great giveaways to make your night in our shop as welcoming as possible:

The first 100 people will receive a free copy of Batgirl #35, the first Burnside Batgirl issue written by Cameron Stewart. (so you can get it signed.)

batgirl-35The first 50 people will receive a free copy of Superwoman #1 written and drawn by Phil Jimenez. (yup, so you can get it signed too.)

super-woman-1The first 100 people will receive a free female focused Marvel Graphic Novel, either featuring female characters or female creators. (Choices include Women of Marvel, Spider-Woman by Brian Bendis, Mystique by Shawn McKeever, and Osborn by Kelly Sue DeConnick.)

women-of-marvelThe First 75 people will receive a copy of Marvel Essentials Ms Marvel #1 by G Willow Wilson. (Just because it’s such an awesome book and really the modern version of Spider-Man.)

Everybody of age will receive free beverages including beer from Great Lakes Brewing Company and wine from Carol’s private stash. (It’s likely Carol will be popping in as well, most likely looking for her wine.) We’ll also have non-alcoholic refreshments.

If you’ve never gotten a copy of our Ladies Night Lithograph by Erin Schechtman Caruso, we’ve printed up some more to give away at the event. (For the first time in a glossy stock too.) Erin will be there herself to sign the print!

ladies-nightWe’ve got you loaded up with all this free stuff so that you can feel free to spend a little cash at our local artists tables, so please do!


We contacted Fight Club writer Chuck Palahnuik to let him know Cameron Stewart would be at an event in the shop. Chuck has signed 30 copies of the Fight Club 2 hardcover and will be sending them out to the shop for the event. These copies will sell for the list price of $29.99 and you can have them additionally signed by Cameron at the event! (thanks to Chuck for hearing about our event and going out of his way to lend some support.)

fight-club-2Librarians and educators: We’re excited to have an event associated with the library system as well as Kent State University. If you are a librarian or an educator, please identify yourself to the staff. We have a packet for you with a substantial amount of information about how to incorporate comics and graphic novels into your curriculum.

Before Amanda’s cancellation, we ordered up on her graphic novel inventory. :/ We have decided to use these books as raffle prizes throughout the night, including a giant package of graphic novels and hard covers that will be the closing event at 9:55pm. Yup, you must be present to win. We’ll give you a door prize ticket when you enter the shop. Why not hang out, talk comics, have a drink and enjoy the evening? (Trick question, there is no reason not too.)

Here’s the complete information on other aspects of the Wonder Woman Symposium:

As with all things in our shop, this is an all ages event and all are welcome to attend.

Having two daughters and coming from a matriarchal comic shop, creating a positive space for women to enjoy the hobby is on my mind 24/7. Please join us for a night to engage our shop and our culture!

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Just a quick email to let you know about Batman Day, this Saturday September 17th, 2016.


bd2016This day has really been taken over by big box retailers, after it’s initial success in local comic shops. We still like celebrating one of the greatest characters in comicdom and pop culture in general.

First, we’ve got 300 copies of the Batman Day Special Edition of Tom King’s Batman #1 to give away, FREE with any purchase.

batman-day-1It’s a fantastic issue and can be enjoyed as a stand alone story or part one of a new story line. Batman has six minutes to stop a plane that’s actively crashing into Gotham, from a starting position on ground level. If you do one thing to enjoy Batman on the day, stop in any comic shop to pick up and read this comic.

We’ve also got left over copies of Batman and Superman #1 by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness, and we’ll be giving you a free copy of that as well.

batman-superman-1We’ll also be offering 20% off anything in the shop that you can associate to Batman. Meaning graphic novels, new comics, action figures, statues, or anything that has Batman on the cover. (Yes, back issues with Batman in the title or on the cover will be an additional 20% off the already discounted price of 25%. So 45% off.)

Batman has the most extensive graphic novel selection in the shop, so be sure to look to the staff to recommend something based on what you’ve previously enjoyed. We love suggesting Batman stories, and each employee will steer you in a different direction.

batman-day-2016Just a quick reminder about our creator signing with Phil Jimenez and Cameron Stewart on Thursday September 22nd from 8pm to 10pm. Free stuff – local artists – industry talent – ‘refreshments’ – raffles – more.

wonder-woman-6For the complete information check here!

For the record, my favorite “underrated” Batman story is Batman:The Cult. :)

This Sunday is Jack Kirby’s 99th birthday, and we’ll helping the Kirby4Heroes Campaign to raise funds for the Hero Initiative! This Saturday and Sunday (August 27th and 28th) we’ll be donating 10% of all sales to help senior comic book creators who need financial assistance.

Kirby123 Hero Initiative & Kirby4Heroes

This campaign is spearhead by Jack’s Granddaughter Jillian Kirby, and shops all over the country are participating on different levels.

Here’s some info on the Hero Initiative

Here’ some more info on the Kirby4Heroes campaign.

We can never thank Jack enough for his contributions to the industry, looking back to when I was five I can remember Kirby’s artwork standing out from the rest. (Specifically Fantastic Four #22 and Captain America #208)

It’s great to see his granddaughter carrying on his legacy while helping people from his generation. (I think that’s what we all ever really hope for someday)

So we’re behind you Jillian!

Kirby’s Graphic Novels

We will also be selling select Kirby graphic novels at only $3 each, including:

  • Fantastic Four Marvel Masterwork Volume 6: Issues 52-60 which includes the classic ‘This Man This Monster’ issue as well as the first appearance of the Black Panther!


  • Fantastic Four Marvel Masterwork Volume 7: Negative Zone Adventures, as well as the first appearance of Ronan and Adam Warlock. Cosmic Kirby abounds here!
  • Thor Marvel Masterwork Volume 3: Thor vs Hulk, Thor vs Hercules, and the first appearance of the Destroyer!

MMW Thor 3

  • Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Volume 2: Issues 21-40 in black and white.
  • Marvel Essentials Fantastic Four Volume 3: Issues 41-63 in black and white. First Silver Surfer, first Watcher, first Galactus, first Inhumans, etc….! (Kirby and Lee’s FF run has something significant happening in every issue.)
  • So’s not to pigeon hole any one genre:
  • Marvel Essentials Sgt Rock Volume One: Kirby’s military work.

Sgt Fury Essen

  • Marvel Essentials Rawhide Kid Volume One: Kirby’s western work.
  • Tales of Asgard: A recolored collection of Kirby’s trippy Asgardian work.

There’s a few other titles as well. We just wanted to make some of his best stuff super affordable for everyone.

We also carry a huge amount of all Kirby’s collected works, so please ask a staff member for help finding anything you’re looking for, as well as providing their own recommendations!

Kirby’s Graphic Novels

We’ll also be hosting a raffle for a New Gods artist edition, a $150 over sized hardcover scanned from Jack’s original artwork.

New GodsFree entry with any purchase and we’ll contact the winners on Sunday night. (We’ll also have a bunch of small prizes to raffle off as well.)

Art and Attention for Kirby

If you’re an artist and feel like doing a little sketching, Kirby4Heroes is using the #wakeupanddraw to collect Kirby inspired images on Sunday. Tag your photo #cnjcomics and we’ll get to see it as well!

kirby4heroesHere’s a great piece local artist Tom Szorady did a few years back. <>

TomKirby is King! Please consider stopping by the shop to pick up some books and support the cause!


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