Here’s the featured new releases for the week of Wednesday, July 29th, 2015.


Two of the best selling Secret Wars titles come outl this week, starting with Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3.

Deadpool's Secret War #3Part three of this four issue mini series takes Deadpool back to the original Secret Wars where he was apparently their the whole time. Looks like he’s hijacking Spidey’s new costume from Secret Wars #8 and Amazing Spider-Man #252.

Next is Thors #2, by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse.

Thors #2In Battleworld, the Thors act as Doom’s police force, and this is their team book. More of a mythological Hill Street Blues. (does anyone even get that reference anymore?)

Other Secret Wars titles this week include

  • 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #2
  • Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #2,
  • MODOK Assassin #3
  • X-Men ’92 #2.


Once a year, quite a few of DC’s titles have giant sized ‘annual’ specials. These books may tie into regular continuity or be stand alone stories, but they are a good chance to try out a title you’ve been thinking about picking up.

Several annuals come out this week, including Flash Annual #4.

Flash Annual #4Professor Zoom recruits a new team of villains to hunt down the Flash. A good place to try out the series of you’re interested in the television show.

Also this week is Batgirl Annual #3.

Batgirl Annual #3Batgirl crosses over with Grayson and Gotham Academy.
Other annuals from DC this week include:

  • Deathstroke Annual #1
  • Gotham Academy Annual #1
  • Lobo Annual #1.


The new Star Wars title has quickly become the number four best selling book in the shop, just after Batman, Secret Wars, and Amazing Spider-Man. This week’s issue is a stand alone story featuring Ben Kenobi.

Star Wars #7That’s right, we said Ben, not Obi-Wan. Written by series regular Jason Aaron yet drawn by the talented Simone Bianchi.

Here’s a super cool 1:25 variant cover by original Walking Dead artist Tony Moore.


August 1st will start the beginning of our new graphic novel buy back program.

civil warWe regularly have people ask about wanting to get rid of some of their old books. We will be buying back graphic novels at the rate of 10 cents on the dollar for cash and 15 cents on the dollar for trade. These books will be put back into the system in our 50% off bins. We ask that graphic novels be in decent shape, and we reserve the right to refuse books that we don’t need. (of course) If you choose credit it must be used when you cash in the books. This program will last two weeks (until August 14th) when we will reassess the program and see if we want to keep it around. Clear out those old books and we’ll make sure they get to someone who wants them.

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015.


July 22nd? Why does that day seem important? Oh yeah! Sharknado 3 is premiering on the Syfy channel!

And in what can only be called a miracle of timing, the Archie Vs Sharknado One Shot also comes out the same day.

Archie Vs Sharknado #1Word is that the story is even in continuity and written by the series directors.

Archie has been doing a great job lately, from Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ new sold out Archie #1, to their adult superhero line as well as the launch of Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Another big hit for them was Archie Vs. Predator, which concludes this week with issue #4.

Archie Vs Predator #4It all comes down to Betty and Veronica in a story by female writer Alex De Campi.

We highly recommend a look at all the books Archie Comics has been putting out this year.


Only one new title from Secret Wars this week, Starlord and Kitty Pryde #1.

Starlord and Kitty Pryde #1Finally in their own series together, but is this even the Kitty that we know?

Also this week is the new issue of the popular Secret Wars Spin off title, Old Man Logan #3.

Old Man Logan #3We’ve learned that Old Man Logan will have a place in the new Marvel Universe, so how far into the mechanics of Battleworld will he go in this series? By Brian Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino, easily one of the best read going on right now. If you’ve haven’t read the original graphic novel (yup, there’s only one) run to your local comic shop and grab one ASAP.

Other Secret Wars titles this week include

  • E Is For Extinction #2
  • Future Imperfect #3
  • Marvel Zombies #2
  • Weirdworld #2

We will also have copies of the two books we were shorted last week, Siege #1 and Armor Wars #3.


Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Fables is such as success as a graphic novel that the final issue is also the final graphic novel.

Fables 22Instead of having monthly issues, Fables ends on Wednesday with the 22nd Volume of the series (which is also the 150th issue containing 150 pages.) You get to have the whole finale laid out for you in one fell swoop. Another series to check out if you’ve never had the privilege too.


Also over at DC, future star of the screen and Teen Titans Go character Cyborg gets his own #1.

Cyborg #1Also, you get to see what would happen if Harley Quinn was a villain on the Batman television series in Batman 66′ #25.

Batman 66' #25We’re also getting in a new DC Direct Joker Action Figure along with the second half of a huge DC Direct restock.


Finally, we would like to thank everyone for the help locating Winston two weeks ago. Be the time it was all said and done he spent a little over 24 hours in a salt bin and sent a reporter over to tell his “tail”

We figure by the end of the month he’ll have two unlicensed “movies of the week” and a tell all autobiography about his experiences.

We simply know him as “The Manx”

WinstonSeriously, thanks for the assist. According to Facebook’s insights, the reach of his initial ‘missing’ post reached over 70,000 people less than 24 hours. A tip of the hat to John Shearer for finding him. (I’m sure later on they’ll be another movie telling his side of the story) All in all, we’re glad he’s back to sit around and do nothing.

Movies, toys, Secret Wars and board books. This week has it all. Here’s the featured new releases coming out thisWednesday, July 15th, 2015.

The Spotlight

This week is the release of Ant-Man and Marvel is putting out a special stand alone annual for anyone who feels inspired to learn more about the character.

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