It’s a big weekend for everyone, with the premiere of Deadpool in theaters, Valentine’s Day, and the news that Winston World has been co-opted by Wizard World.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend at CNJComics!


Deadpool is here! And the reviews are very positive! (We can check one movie off the extensive list for the year) Here’s the Superbowl Spot

While’s we’re at it, let’s catch you up on everything:

Civil War

X-Men Age of Apocalypse

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Ant-Man verse the Hulk over a can of Coke

Bruce Wayne for Turkish Airlines

Lex Luthor for Turkish Airlines

And the Final Batman Superman Trailer

But let’s get back to Deadpool! To coincide with the release of the of the movie, Deadpool #7 is a $9.99 over-sized special by a who’s who of writers and artists.

Deadpool _7Free with the purchase of any Deadpool product will be the COMPLETE six part Deadpool Build a Figure. (This time you get the whole thing at once. There’s creeps online selling this for $12.99 already)

DeadpoolBuildAlso free this week will be a new Marvel Preview Book, giving you details on all the new story lines going on.

Also also free this week will be a new 2016 DC Reading Chronology Book.

DC Entertainment Chronology GuideJust ask at the counter when you check out for any of these great FREE promo items!


What better way to show someone you love them then to take them on a comic shop spending spree?

CCCAll day Sunday you’ll be able to pick a Valentine out of a box with any purchase. These cards contain discounts on your purchases, free items and gift certificates! (There’s even cards for free Omnibus’ in there!) Every card is a winner. Just another way to show our love on Valentine’s Day. The perfect pre-dinner date!


Winston World has been Co-opted by Wizard World.

Winston_WorldYes we’ll be setting up at Wizard World this year. And we’re also working with their grassroots coordinator to put a little love out into our community.

First, here’s a code for 20% off your tickets: CNJCOMICS16 (you can thank Winston for that)

Second, we aired some concerns over the cost of getting a family down to Wizard World, and the org is allowing us to grant three family scholarships to attend the event. We’ll be announcing the winners of these tickets next week.

What they would like us to communicate to you, is that you get a free ten and under admission with every regular ticket purchased. (So a family of four with two kids under ten really only has to buy two tickets.)

Finally, to serve only his vanity, Winston will be hosting an art contest where you can do your rendition of him to win free passes to the show.

catFrom February 12th to the 23rd, turn in your best drawing of Winston and you could win a pair on free passes good for any one day at Wizard World.

There will be six (6) pairs of tickets given away total, three pairs going to the best three drawings ages 11 and up, and three sets given to the best three drawings ages ten and under. (so yes, given the above theory, a five year old can win passes to get his parents in, along with themselves and his/her older brother if they’re under ten)

All winners will be chosen by Winston himself and will be announced on February 24th. (you will be contacted and your name will be on a list at the door)

All entries will be scanned and we’ll put up a cool gallery online. Wizard World will have the images as well, and the winners will likely be shared through their social media circles. (so be sure to put your URL on it!

If any of YOU are setting up or are involved in a panel or whatnot, let us know. We plan on putting together a guide of local stuff going on down their so our community get the recognition they deserve.

While we will be setting up at the show, we will also be having an extensive sale in the shop that weekend, in case you still can’t make it down. That’s the magic of Winston World!

Okay, enough excitement, time to go see Deadpool!

Spider Man! A Marvel Omnibus Sale! One Thousand vinyl albums for $2 each!

Here’s the craziness for the week of Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016.


The book of the week is an easy pull, Miles Morales makes his Marvel Universe debut in Spider-Man #1!

Spider-Man #1Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli take Miles into the big leagues. It’s also a good week for Spider-Man fans in general, with the release of Amazing Spider-Man #7 and Spidey #3 as well.

Spidey #3Marvel is having a liquidation on their Omnibus’, and we’ll have a bunch in stock at 50% off this week.

Highlights include Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Omnibus, a fantastic collections of Marvel’s Greatest Stories. (A really really great collection of stories, I kept one.)

Marvel 75thFrom the Streets of Cleveland! The Howard the Duck Omnibus. Some people may know him from the after credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, but locally we all know that Howard’s adventures in the 70’s were set right here in Cleveland.

Howard OmnibusAll the social commentary from Steve Gerber in one giant collection. (and half off too!)


Next, watch as I turn the Comic Shop into a garage sale for a week!

BowieVinyl enthusiasts! We’ll have a 1,000 records from my collection at the shop for $2 each including punk, 80’s, alternative, soundtracks and more. I just want them to go to a good home. All sales are first come first serve starting Wednesday! (No inventory inquires please, we’re making this split as quick and easy as possible. I mean hey, two bucks each dude.) Anything left on Sunday will be $1.00 each. Come and see my awkward teen years on display.


Finally, we will be attending Wizard World this year, and it looks like Winston World has been Co-opted by the org. Stay tuned for details.

Winston_WorldRemember, you can follow his cat-tastic comic shop adventures at Comic Cat Winston.

A quick email this week as we finish out the first month of 2016. Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, January 27th, 2016.


Not only has Marvel decided to keep Old Man Logan in the All New All Different Universe, they’ve given him his own title as well.

Old Man Logan #1 Read the rest of this entry »

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