Secret Wars at CNJComics on 5-6-2015

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do after our biggest free comic book day ever, so this week we’re going to make it quick and feature the week’s biggest release, Secret Wars #1!

Secretwars1Secret Wars is not only Marvel’s biggest event this summer, it’s taking the place of the entire Marvel Universe. The core of it all will be this eight issue mini series starting this week. I’ve given it a read and it’s pretty impressive, with the Marvel Universe battling the Ultimate Universe as the two worlds collide and seal their final fates. Hickman has been building towards this story since the beginning of the all new Marvel Now Universe, and the big payoff is here. You can also just pop into the book and enjoy it for what it is. 

The first issue is $4.99, and to get everyone to hop on board, we have two incentives going on. 

The first 250 people to buy the item will get three freebees, that’s right, all three for buying one copy.

First is a copy of Secret Wars Newspaper explaining the back story of Secret Wars.

fauxnewsSecond is a Secret Wars #1 Skottie Young Lithograph

secretwars1skottieyoungThird is a super cool ‘Battleboard’ that will explain all the worlds of Battleworld in Secret Wars, a map to everything that’s going on!

BATTLEBOARDOur second incentive is for people who act quickly on Wednesday, as all variants we will be receiving will be COVER PRICE and first come first serve as long as supplies last. These variants include Bianchi, Blank, Christopher Action Figure, Conner WOM, Guice Classic, Ribic, Young and Zdarsky Party Variant. Each book will be only $4.99 each!

This is a great opportunity to hop into the world of comics and see what’s going on!

Thanks and look for our Free Comic Book Day follow up email soon!