New Comic Releases for the week of 8-05-2015

Let’s hop right into this week, shall we?  Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, August 05th, 2015

Secret Wars

Secret Wars is the hit of the summer and the most comprehensive crossover Marvel has ever put together. This week is a really good representation of everything this event has to offer, with eleven titles spanning all era’s of Marvel’s history.

With Captain America Civil War coming out May 6th, 2016 (Free Comic Book Day Weekend!) it’s cool to see Marvel revisit Civil War in this new series by Charles Soule and Leinil Francis Yu.

Civil War #2Set years after the original Civil War, Captain America and Iron Man are still at war and we’re beginning to see the consequences their actions have had on the country.

One of the sleeper titles of Secret Wars has been Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity Gauntlet #3It’s assumed Thanos will play a big part in the finale of the main story, so following him around Battleworld looking for the Infinity Stones has been a fun ride. Gerry Duggan’s story has helped carve out a growing readership on this title.

To find out what ‘our’ Marvel Universe is doing along with the Ultimate Universe, look no farther than Ultimate End #4.

Ultimate End #4This issue has Iron Man verse Iron Man, Hawkeye verse Hawkeye and Hulk verse Hulk. And what exactly is the Punisher up to in the shadows?

A personal favorite is Siege #2.

Siege2A misfit team protecting the rest of Battleworld from the evils south of the wall. As threatened, the wall goes down in 20 days. How will this affect the overall ending of Secret Wars? I really enjoy all the titles set south of the wall, like Marvel Zombies, Age of Ultron Verse Marvel Zombies and this book.

For fun, we’ve got Giant Size Little Marvel AVX #3.

Little AVX #3Skottie Young’s tribute to his own Young variants. We’ve also seen that this part of Battleworld actually does exist with the others. (How did this get into Doom’s memory?) Great cover.

Other Secret Wars titles this week include:

  • Age of Apocalypse #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3
  • Future Imperfect #4
  • Guardians of Knowhere #2
  • Red Skull #2
  • Spider-Island #2

Secret Wars has truly taken over the Marvel Universe!

Fantastic Four

To celebrate the release of Fantastic Four in theaters this week, we’ve got a special promotion going that you’ll only find at CNJComics!

Fantastic FourBring in you ticket stub for Fantastic Four, make any purchase (even a button for a $1) and we’ll give you a FREE copy of the Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume One Graphic Novel by Brian Bendis, Mark Millar, and Adam Kubert!

Ultimate ff volume oneThis is a fantastic story that retells the FF’s origin by three of Marvel’s finest creators. As far as I can tell, quite a few elements of the new movie were inspired by this book. The whole run of Ultimate Fantastic Four is worth checking out and is some of Millar’s finest super hero work. The Marvel Zombies were introduced in this title, and all together it’s one of my favorite Dr Doom story arcs.

We’ve got 100 copies to give any, one per person with a ticket stub which we will be collecting.

Enjoy this great tale on us after you see the movie!

Graphic Novel Buybacks

We will also be continuing our graphic novel buy back program this week. Bring in your old graphic novels for cash or store credit. We’ve had a great reaction to this program so far, with people excited to get rid of all books as well as pick up some new one’s at a discounted price. We are looking at continuing it indefinitely!

I’m on vacation this week, so be cool to the crew, and have fun at the shop!