Secret Empire and ‘The Button’

It’s an AMAZING week at the comic shop, as the big two debut their new storylines on the same day! (we save all caps for when things are really important.)

Marvel’s Secret Empire and DC’s ‘The Button” give you two reasons to run to your local comic shop!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, April 19th, 2017!.


Earlier this month Marvel revealed it’s plans for the year to a select group of comic book retailers. I was lucky enough to be chosen and even had to sign a non disclosure agreement. I can tell you that as a lifelong Marvel Zombie, every one is going to be very excited about how this year plays out. For reals. Expect to see the return of the classic elements and characters that have always ‘Made Mine Marvel.’

This all begins with Secret Empire #0.

Earlier this year there was controversy over Steve Rogers being revealed as an agent of HYDRA. What you really have is a hero with pure intentions who cares about the future of America and believes he is doing the right thing. In this issue he steps out from behind the curtain and reveals his affiliation to the world. HAIL HYDRA! (A gag we’ve been running for years now.) It is not a throw away zero issue! Great read with a lot happening and artwork by Daniel Acuna. Forget the disappointing big events of the past few years, I’m all in on this one.

There will be a Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day Book this year, we’ve read that, and the reveal at the end hit the entire staff as stellar. Be sure to pick up this book on FCBD and don’t spoil it for yourself before hand. Let yourself have that moment geek out moment on FCBD! (after I read it, I immediately ordered an additional 500 copies to give away.)

If you need a little catch up, we’ve got a great deal for you. We’ve packaged up sets of the doubled sized Captain America #7, as well as the aforementioned Captain America Steve Rogers #1 – 3 for only $5.00. (A $19 retail value.) Don’t ask how we did it! This is the controversial story that nerds blew the internet up about. And not good nerds, but bad nerds that don’t understand that this stuff is all made up.


DC’s finally revisiting the events of the Rebirth Special from last year in “The Button.” A four part storyline crossing over in Batman #21, #22, and Flash #21, #22. We learn more about the button Batman found in the wall, and the possible connections to the Watchmen Universe. All four books will have a $3.99 lenticular cover, as well as three $2.99 variants. (We applaud DC for making this important story so financially obtainable. Really, you can get the whole storyline for under $12.)

It all starts this week in Batman #21. We will have all four covers hitting the table on Wednesday.

While this story has been written by series regulars Tom King and Joshua Williamson, the plot was developed by Geoff Johns’ himself.

I have some ideas about where this story is going but I’m keeping them to myself in case I’m right. Time to reread Flashpoint.


Lastly, Free Comic Book Day is upon us! We’ll have all the details out later this week but we’ve got an excellent year lined up. 2017 Lithographs are now available at the shop for only $4. The coolest thing you can do to support the event (other than spreading the word about it) is to buy one and help the cause. By request, we’ve also printed up small amounts of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 litho’s for people that would like to catch up.

Be sure to check out so you can start to pick out your books. We’ll have the early release event on Friday May 5th from 10pm to 2am, and the main event will be on Saturday May 6th from 10am to 7pm.

Here’s a cool cover image to use on your Facebook Page to help spread the word!

Thanks everyone!