Captain America and Featured New Releases for 11-1-2017

Another Halloween ComicFest is in the bag, and we had a very successful turnout yet again. Thanks to all who dressed up and came out. Here’s a link to the gallery that we put together and it’s pretty awesome. Thanks again to Heather Linn for the great photo set!

ComicFest 2017

From us to you, sincerely, thanks.

Now to get back into the swing of things!


First up is the Marvel Legacy book that everyone has been waiting for, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Captain America!

Waid and Samnee had a very successful run together on Daredevil, and now they’re reuniting to bring Integrity back to the mantle of Captain America. I’ve read this book in it’s entirety and I’ve giving it an A plus as a big Captain America fan. You need no previous knowledge of what’s going on in Steve Rogers life, he’s just on his own after the events of Secret Empire and roaming the country side on his motorcycle. Nuff’ said there.

Other new Marvel Legacy starter titles this week include Guardians of the Galaxy #146, Spider-Man #234 and Power Pack #63. (Which is a one shot continuation of the old series. Look for more of stuff like this in the future like Darkhawk and Not Brand Echh.) We’ll also have a free preview magazine of all the new Legacy titles for the month of November.

Walking Dead is back on the air, and we always see an increase in readership when that happens. The latest issue is out this week, and we always keep a full inventory of all the graphic novels at all times. (No big box lazy inventory here.)

Over at DC we’ve got the usual, Batman, Batman, Batman. (and that isn’t a bad thing at all.)

Along with Batman #34, the Batman Dark Days one shots continue this week with Batman: The Devastator #1, an evil Batman/Doomsday hybrid. We’ve still got reprints of all the other one shots.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming is the first of two $12.99 original hardcovers by acclaimed European comics master Enrico Marini.

It’s a Batman / Joker story an it’ll be interesting to see if the content warrants the unusual format.

If you missed out on the sold out Batman: White Knight #1, you can pick the reprint of #1 with the new #2 this week. This was a great story written by punk master Sean Murphy which places Joker in the role of the hero. Maybe.

Also this week, Neal Adams returns to one of his characters in Deadman #1.

Neal’s writing and drawing this one (again), and while his dialogue is pretty rough, you can’t pass up the artwork. Neal’s one of the last of the living legends out there. Oh yeah, it’s got a glow in the dark cover, just (not) in time for Halloween!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that local Tony Isabella is back on Black Lightning, and that the book is set in our own Cleveland.

Black Lightning is a Cleveland High School teacher during his day job, so he more than has his work cut out for him. The irony of one of DC’s first iconic black characters being written by a little white kid from Cleveland never failed to escape me. But Tony is a local treasure, and a good friend to the shop. They’re even doing a Black Lightning 40th Anniversary Celebration at Akron Comicon this weekend!

Also look for a new free DC Chronology Guide, to help you organize your graphic novels and maybe suggest a few you haven’t read yet. Just ask for one at the counter.

What’s next for CNJComics you ask? It’s time to start thinking about or huge Black Friday event on November 24th! Along with Local Comic Shop Day on November 18th (Which is also Justice League Day) and Small Business Saturday on November 25th! Remember to shop local this holiday season! It makes your community a better place!

Oh yeah, enjoy Thor Ragnarok this week!