Featured New Releases for 5-1-2019


But first we’ve got some featured new releases to get through.

This week’s big Marvel Book is Savage Avengers #1!

Imagine an Avengers team consisting of Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, Brother Voodoo, Elektra and …Conan!

You can even get your first look at this team for free on FCBD, with the Avengers FCBD Special. 

DC has a huge week lined up. We’ll be giving the DC Year of the Villains Special away for FREE on FCBD, but you can pick it up early for only 25 cents! Yes, the one with the Winston back cover!

There are also ratio variants, 1:100 ($5), 1:250 ($10)  and 1:500 ($30)!

DCeased is a six issues mini-series, think DC Zombies! Lots of great press out there for this one, written by Tom Taylor.

We just had to show you the Kevin Eastman Variant for the new Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #1.

Another six issue mini series coming out this week!

Finally, another DC INK original graphic novel, Under the Moon a Catwoman Tale. 

I read a preview copy of this and I’m a big fan. Geared towards the 13 plus crowd, but a lot darker than you’d think. You can also get a preview of this book free on Free Comic Book Day!

That’s it! You’ll have another email this week with the final FCBD info!

Everything has come together great!

Here’s a link to the current info out there!