Immortal Hulk at CNJComics

This week we’re deviating from the norm to give a shout out to a book we really love.

The Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing recently got a pretty big honor, it outsold Batman for the month of April!

Since this stat is not true in our shop, and we love the book so much, and we finally got new printings of the first two graphic novels, AND the third graphic novel came out this week, we thought we’ve urge everyone to hop on board and give the book a try.

The book is redefining the mainstream horror genre, and well as flesh out the Hulk sometimes convoluted history.

Here is the best pitch I can give, straight from Marvel. If these 16 things don’t sell it to you, then it’s not for you.

Each graphic novel covers five issues and retails for only $15.99 each!

We got really big stacks of all three so it will be there when you stop in.

We’re also going to give a big shout of to War of the Realms, which has been very satisfying. (That one could have gone either way, so we’re really happy it’s a fun red)

We’ve doing our best to keep all issues in stock, and #4 come out this week.


We have new ECO-Bags! Bring in ten of your worst comic books and we’ll trade you for a FREE ECO-Bag! We recycle the comics into the system, you get a bag and remove ten losers out of your collection.

We dare you to show us your most embarrassing comics! (Or you can buy a bag for $3.00. We meant to do this for Earth Day but our order got lost.)

That’s it! So you this week at the comic shop! Come see our oppressively bright new overhead lighting!