Featured New Releases for 12-18-2019 at CNJComics

We’ve got the big Christmas Party / Art Show / Fundraiser / Sale coming up this Saturday, but first here’s this week’s featured new releases!

New Releases

The theme this week is definitely year-end and story closure!

The big book this week is Doomsday Clock #12! (finally!)

We’re also proud to announce that our next book club in January will be on this and the new Watchman TV Show! (Stay Tuned!)

This week is also Tom King’s final issue of Batman!

This week is also the final issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman Last Night On Earth!

DC’s Year of the Villain is starting to wrap up with the first issue of Year of the Villain Hell Arisen #1!

Branching off of the events of Justice League and Batman/Superman and written by James Tynion IV. (Both of which are out this week and wrapping up their respective storylines.) Four-issue mini-series.

This is also a big week for DC Black Label Books, with new issues of Joker Killer Smile, Harleen, and the all-new Wonder Woman Dead Earth #1! (which looks beautiful!)

Over at Marvel, the Star Wars Empire Ascendant One-Shot will bridge the gap between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back, paving the way for the new post Empire Strikes Back comic coming out January 1st!

Be warned ahead of time, this is the biggest week of the year by far! 

As stated above, this Saturday is the big day for the art show and to get 50% off ALL back issues! Here’s all the info on that! 

The entire Marvel Silver and Bronze collection is now processed and out! It will be 50% off until Christmas Day!

Also, at the party ONLY:

That’s it! Expect another email with more party details this week!