New Releases for 3-17-2021 at CNJComics

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, March 17th, 2021!

Bendis takes over on Justice League, check out the new team full of classic heroes and new additions!

Tom Taylor begins his run on Nightwing with issue #78!

Tom’s usually know for his work on epic stories with lots of charcters, like Injustice and DCeased. It’s be fun to see his take on a solo character!

Superman Red and Blue is a new anthology told primarily in Clark’s signature colors!

With indie names like Jill Thompson, Wes Craig and Marguerite Bennett on board, this book has our attention. 

I’m really excited about the Captain America Anniversary Tribute One Shot, even with the $6.99 price point.

A bunch of artists redraw and modernize Cap’s origin from Captain America #1, as well as his Silver Age return in Avengers #4.

Look at the Mark Brooks cover. Take that Hitler! It is okay to punch a nazi.

The Black Knight gets a new five issue mini series to catch you up on the character’s history before the Eternals movie. 

This is a really cool cover priced Peach Momoko variant cover.

We’ve also got some indie comics and graphic novels coming out that will be added to our new featured small press section!

Ultramega #1 from Image Comics!

“A cosmic plague has spread, transforming everyday people into violent, monstrous kaiju. Only the Ultramega – three individuals imbued with incredible powers – hold the line against this madness. Their battles level cities and leave untold horror in their wake. Now, the final reckoning approaches for the Ultramega… but is this a war they can even win?”

Orphan and the Five Beasts #1, A brand-new kung-fu epic from James Stokoe! (who we can never get enough of!) Four issue mini series from Dark Horse!

Graphic Novel wise we’re spotlighting Stillwater by Chip Zdarsky and Ramon Perez!

“Nobody dies in the town of Stillwater, that’s not just a promise. It’s a threat.”

AWA and Pete Milligan present one of their $9.99 graphic novels with American Ronin!

“War is over, democracy an illusion, real power now lies not with nation-states but huge corporations engaged in a silent war for global domination. Their number one weapon: highly-skilled, technologically-enhanced operatives trained since childhood to pledge their allegiance to the corporate flag. But what happens when one such operative breaks free of his mental chains and decides to bring the whole system down?”

Finally, You Look LIke Death Tales From the Umbrella Academy features Klaus in a solo story!

We’ll keep these indie starting points stocked so you can Try Something New and Independant!

Thanks everyone! Be advised that Kamm’s Corners gets a little crazy on St. Pat’s as the day moves on, but the shop is pretty removed from it all. (Heck, stick around and grab yourself a beer!)