Halloween at CNJComics on 10-30-2021

Hey everyone! It’s John D here and I’m back to give you a low down on our upcoming events at the comic book shop!

I hope you’re all enjoying Rafael’s emails, it’s something he’s wanted to do for some time now and I feel he’s doing a great job.

I’ll try and pop in once a month to let you know about the other things that are going on at the shop!

First up, Halloween!

While we’re not up to having full scale events just yet, we will be having Trick or Treating for Comics and Candy at the shop on Saturday October 30th. We’ll be set up all day so stop in anytime between 10am and 7pm to grab some treats.

There was no official “Halloween ComicFest” again this year, but we did manage to put together some fun books for the kids. (and for everyone for that matter.)

Marvel graciously produced four comics especially for Halloween and we’ll have more than enough of each. (I always over order so I can take the rest home to hand out Halloween night.)

Books include a Miles Morales Spider-Man, a Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Daredevil and Star Wars High Republic. Truly a great assortment!

We bought books that were meant for Batman Day (9-18) and Wonder Woman Day (10-21) and we’re just saving them to use on Halloween. There are three Batman titles as well as three Wonder Woman one’s. Each character basically has an all ages book, a young adults book and an adults book. I’ve scanned them all and there’s nothing really objectionable in any of them, but parents should flip through the adults ones to make sure they’re comfortable with the content.


The Batman all ages book is Batman Knightwatch.

The Batman young adults book is Batman / Fortnite.

The Batman adults books is Batman The World.


The Wonder Woman all ages book is Diana: Princess of the Amazons.

The Wonder Woman young adults book is Wonder Woman Tempest Tossed.

The Wonder Woman adults book is the Wonder Woman Day Special Edition.

We’ll keep the two adult books up and away from the rest as always parents, not to worry.


We also have a really special treat we’ve been saving. We have hundreds of copies of the Marvel Tales Marvel Zombies book to give away for FREE, a $7.99 collection of the first appearance of the Marvel Zombies by Mark Millar, as well as the first issue of the series by Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman.

It’s a great read and worth the trip to the shop alone. It’s got standard zombie gore but nothing really crazy beyond that. If you determine it’s not a good pick, we will have other Marvel Tales books for you to pick from instead, like Fantastic Four and Captain Britain. (which has a really great Spider-Man story in it for the kids!)


We’ll set some fun photo ops up outside the shop, as we’ll be on hand for any questions you might have about the books.

We’re a big believer in healthy snacks but not so much on Halloween, so we’ll have candy for everyone as well!

People in costume can take whatever books they would like, one of each even. If you’ve not in costume you’re welcome to take a couple books. (including that Marvel Zombies book, so stop in!)

Also, here’s a heads up that on Saturday November 6th we’ll be doing another fund raiser for Genghis Con, to help support the local indie comic con that means so much to our community. That day we’ll be pulling 60 long boxes of small press comics out of our storage locker and putting them into the foyer at $1.00 each. (50 cents each for 100 or more!) All funds from the sale of those books on that day will go directly to Sequoia, Amalia and Quill to help keep the show alive in 2022.

So we’re essentially using independent comics to support local indie comic creators! Please come in and help support your local art community!  This is a rare opportunity to dig through our massive small press selection that we don’t have room for in the store and for a good cause too. Most books are grouped into letter order to help out a bit. This will also be the only time these books will be out in 2021. Plan accordingly!

Black Friday! We will not be doing a midnight sale again since the pandemic is still creeping around the edges of our lives, but we will be having a great sale from Friday November 26th to Sunday the 28th. With all the collections we’ve been buying and putting out this will definitely be the year of “Making Black Friday Great Again, Again.”.

Thanks to you all for your support and understanding over some pretty big transitions here these past couple months!

See you on the 30th! I’ll bring a handful of costume changes!