Andrea’s Silent Knight Picks for 12.06.23

Hey there, Comic Shop Friends! I hope you’re all working on your covers for our Holiday Art Show! I just came up with an idea, so you’ll be seeing one from me this year. There’s a bunch of fun stuff this month:

A reminder that if you’re doing a cover for the Art Show, you do need to turn it in by 5pm on Sunday the 10th.

This gives us time to frame and label them before they are displayed starting Wednesday the 13th.

You can still pick up a blank cover, and this year’s theme is Marvel Vs DC, feel free to interpret that however you’d like! For example, we have a chess match cover turned in, and have heard ideas about a bake sale, and a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Here’s a submission from Kyle Goers. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as @RubyRoadrash.

Starting on the 13th through our Holiday Party on the 16th, you can purchase raffle tickets for $1 each, and every dollar that is donated goes to the Cleveland Food Bank! Last year, thanks to all of you, our donation was enough for them to create 24,900 meals! Can we top that this year?

We will draw winners at our annual Holiday Party on Saturday the 16th. The party is from 8pm to 11pm, and in addition to being able to purchase raffle tickets that night, you can also take 50% off one item! That’s a great opportunity to pick up one of the two Sandman Masterpiece Edition Helms!

Also, starting on the 13th is our Holiday Sale! 50% off all back issues! (Except wall books, but you can use the 50% off during the party on one of those.) 20% off all statues and action figures! The sale runs through Sunday the 24th if you need any last-minute gifts on Christmas Eve!

We always have gift certificates, Winston stickers, and shop t-shirts if you need to give anyone gift ideas!

John just did a big Scholastic restock, so if you’re looking for All Ages books, we have them! We finally have Five Nights At Freddy’s back in, and some Goosebumps because we’re fans of the new show.

One more thing, if you missed last week’s Facebook Live video, go back and watch it, or find it on our YouTube channel! We also posted a cut-down version of just the cold open on both platforms. It’s Long-Bot’s first appearance!


The newest Marvel’s Voices features four new stories about the Avengers! In “Stark Reminder” from Utkarsh Ambudkar and Tadam Gyadu, Tony Stark has a run-in with Whirlwind at an AA meeting. Photon has to stop a meltdown at a nuclear reactor but doesn’t expect to see a Kindorian space slug in “Lessons Learned” by Justina Ireland and Karen S. Darboe. Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes battles the unrelenting foes, boredom and loneliness, and recounts the story of dealing with some shady real estate deals in his neighborhood in “Homeland Security” written by Jason Concepcion with art by Moises Hidalgo. In “A Day at the Museum” by Robbie Thompson and Sid Kotian, Captain America gets some help from a museum patron to stop the Red Skull.

After what seems like an attack on an apartment building in her neighborhood, Jessica Jones crosses paths with Misty Knight, who is investigating a similar incident that happened in Ohio. They soon learn these are not attacks, but accidents, as innocent people gain the powers of the Sentry. After experiencing flashes of Sentry’s memories and manifesting specific powers, Mallory Gibbs, Ryan Topper, and Farhad Anand each go on the run. Will one of them emerge as the new Sentry, or will the new power destroy them? Find out in writer Jason Loo and artist Luigi Zagaria’s new series.

Bucky Barnes has access to a ton of covert intel after he and Steve Rogers defeated a shadowy organization that was secretly controlling the world. Now he has just one objective: justice. Assembling a black-ops team with Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine, the new Thunderbolts are going after the establishment and the people who no one else can take down. And tonight, the Red Skull must die! It’s an action-packed revolution from writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and artist Geraldo Borges.


A four-part Christmas tale with a Batman and Santa Claus team-up! After brutal killings by Norse vampires in Gotham City, Santa Claus comes to town. And it turns out Batman’s stories of his adventures with Claus were true! Now Santa’s former student, the rest of the Bat-family, and Zatanna must find what manner of man or beast is responsible for setting the creatures loose before Christmas is canceled! There are also scratch and sniff variant covers, so we can finally find out if Batman really smells! Happy Horror-days from writer Jeff Parker and artist Michele Bandini!

The first of the World Tour issues of Beast World has three stories taking place in Metropolis. In the first, “Primal Pain”, Dreamer keeps having visions that A-Town will be destroyed, and no one will listen to her pleas to evacuate. She enlists Jon Kent to help move the alien citizens to the secret city of Parthas, but someone is watching, and they have to deal with the Beast version of Livewire! Written by Nicole Maines and Steve Orlando, with art by Fico Ossio. In the second story, “Turtle Boy” written by Dan Jurgens with art by Anthony Marques, features Turtle Boy Jimmy Olsen! The third, “Don’t Stop: A Tale From Beast World”, Lois Lane must fend off an attack from Beasts at the Fortress of Solitude while Superman travels the world rescuing people from the spores. Written by Zipporah Smith and Joshua Williamson, with art by Edwin Galmon.

The second Beast World tie-in this week, from writer Chuck Brown with art by Keron Grant, finds Deadeye being summoned by Amanda Waller to deal with a situation. A situation with Doctor Hate. Doctor Hate is abducting metas, gathering weapons, and using the anarchy of the Beast Boy spores to unleash chaos. Trapping Batwing, Superman, Vixen, Nubia, and others in The Kingdom to feed off their life forces, the heroes band together to save the inhabitants, take down a transformed Black Manta and stop Doctor Hate’s plans.


If you liked Ana Lily Amirpour’s 2016 film, The Bad Batch, you’ll probably like this new four-issue mini-series from writer and artist Ben Stenbeck. Barren landscapes, cannibal tribes, an Artificial Intelligence robot gathering data, a feral kid. All of these connect in this apocalyptic nightmare full of brutality and blood. And a little bit of hope.

Dude. DUDE. This book is amazing. This is one of the titles that ALL of us in the shop will recommend, so you know it’s good. Daniel Warren Johnson is giving us, as Danny says in Hot Fuzz, “Gunfights, car chases, proper action and s***.” If you aren’t already reading Transformers, then what are you waiting for?