Andrea’s Toxic Picks for 02.28.2024

Hi Comic Shop Friends! We’re back from ComicsPro, full of news, ideas, and swag!

First, thank you to Raf and John Shearer for keeping things running at the shop while the rest of us were in Pittsburgh!

We represented the Short Box King at the charity auction!

Second, I want to tell you about what I’m most excited about that was announced. You probably saw most of these online already, but if you didn’t:

EC Comics is coming back at Oni! Very excited for another horror anthology, which they’re calling Epitaphs from the Abyss, and they are also doing a sci-fi one called Cruel Universe.

The Toxic Avenger is returning to comics from Ahoy! Based on the classic Troma movies and the cartoon series, it will be starting in October. I grabbed a bunch of extra promo posters of Toxie to give away to you!

The next one-shot BRZRKR chapter will be a western, written by Jason Aaron! It’s out in June and is called A Faceful of Bullets.

You’re going to want to get the Red Band version of Marvel’s Blood Hunt! There are extra pages and more blood and gore! My favorite!

There’s more, but my brain is still too tired to remember it all.

We also got to meet the Pink Ranger herself, Amy Jo Johnson, while she was signing at the Boom table.

Boom also had a short show with The Prizefighter Inferno, which is Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria, and Chondra Echert-Sanchez. They are the co-writers of the Amory Wars, which is returning! Boom is reprinting the previous trades as well. I know a few of you were asking about these recently.

We also introduced our friend Timmy Heague, from Arsenal Comics and Games in CA and the writer of Archie’s Toybox of Terror, to Pierogis! (You may remember Timmy made an appearance last year on the Tuesday Facebook Live video the week his comic came out.)

John also ordered some Silver Sprocket books that we haven’t had in before, so look for those soon! I love this year’s tote bag they gave us. (Also, I cannot see their name without hearing it sung in the Halloween III Silver Shamrock jingle…)

Now onto some new stuff this week!


Celebrating the Mighty Women of Marvel, we get five new stories from across the Marvel Universe! First in “Malice the Mitigator” by Gail Simone and Lydia Rasero, who is taking these fabulous females? And where? And weren’t the X-Men completely creeping on someone a minute ago?

Then, Sarah Rees Brennan and Arielle Jovellanos know that in every “Witch House” there is a witch and in this one, there is Scarlet Witch. Or many Scarlet Witches.

Next, Black Widow does a favor for a friend in writer Erica Schultz and artist Giada Belviso’s “The Favor”, and it does not go well.

Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe need some help in the one-page short, “The Endgame”, from Nao Fuji.

Finally, “The Future is Here” for Madame Web when Mister Negative forces her to reveal his future, from Celeste Bronfman and Leila Leiz.

Writer Jeremy Holt and artist Jesus Hervas ask, What If… Venom? What If Venom had bonded to a host with a different rage and temper than Eddie Brock? What If it was She-Hulk? Find out in the first issue of the mini-series reimagining the symbiote’s earliest days! Jen Walters tries to be a hero and help Eddie, but she has no idea how her life will change after her run-in with Venom!

Spider-Punk is back! Along with Mz. Marvel, Daredevil, Riotheart, and Captain Anarchy, in Cody Ziglar and Justin Mason’s new series! They took down Norman Osborn, and with the help of Shuri, T’Challa and Wakanda’s mutual aid, the band is re-building their community. But can Hobie be the leader they all need? And with Hammer and Dok Ock teaming up with some new designs of old Osborn tech to get the country back to the old ways, it may be harder to handle than Spider-Punk thinks.


Nothing new from DC this week, but some good series are still going, like:

The other DC Tom King book you should be reading! In this issue, what could go wrong when Penguin teams up with Batman? Probably a lot! If you picked up issue #6, this continues that story, and is a great jumping on point for this book.


Again, nothing big or new this week in Small Press, but we’ve got Duke! And W0rldtr33! And tons of small press recommendations on our rec wall! Come in and find something new!