Andrea’s Valentine Picks for 02.14.2024

Happy Valentine’s Day, Comic Shop Friends! If you’re reading this before 4pm on the 14th, stop in the shop and say hi to Carol!

She’ll be here from noon to 4pm on Wednesday the 14th, maybe longer depending on how she feels, and she’s excited to be back in the shop and see all of you!

And if you’re reading this before the 15th, come on out for our Valentine’s Day Late Nite Comics! We’ll be staying open until midnight, with 60+ long boxes of dollar stock coming out, and if you get 100 or more, they’ll be 50 cents each!

We’ll also have a bin with Valentines, and each one has a number for that many free dollar books! Everyone’s a winner, and you could get 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 50 free books! Back issues will be 50% off as well, including the wall!

It’s our Valentine to all of you, and who doesn’t love dollar books and discounts?

Also, keep an eye out for a full Bronze Age Marvel rerack going up early Friday afternoon, and John will be doing a Facebook video walkthrough! We haven’t had one of those for a while, so mark your calendars!

Then, on Wednesday, February 21st, the day before we leave for ComicsPro, come out to the Grog Shop for the monthly Midnight Rental Secret Screening! It’s a big one! Ben is co-co-hosting because Lenora’s first co-host, Joe, will be coming back for the one-year anniversary show! It’s also the Valentine’s Day show and Rachel from the Grog Shop’s birthday show! And there’s a tape swap! Wrap up a VHS to trade, and maybe you’ll find a new movie to love. Doors at 7pm for an hour of commercials and trailers, then the Secret Movie at 8pm.

Magnets. How do they work? We did a huge restock of Marvel and DC magnets! And since we’re Transformers people now, we got a few of those, along with G.I. Joe and Sonic the Hedgehog! Still $4 each!


Corey and his skater buddies take their beef with the Daggers to a deadly skate race. No wait, that’s Thrashin’, the 1986 movie starring Josh Brolin. We’re here to talk about Night Thrasher! Writer J. Holtham and artist Nelson Daniel bring Dwayne Taylor out of the 90s, and back to New York City. His days as Night Thrasher are long over, and his decision to end the Taylor Foundation doesn’t sit well with former New Warriors teammate, Silhouette. Wanting to leave his legacy behind doesn’t last long, after a run in with a bunch of kids led by a man called The O.G., who use Night Thrasher’s old moves. Now he’s back in the suit and trying to figure out who is training these kids to fight like him, and what connects The O.G. to his past.

Writer Steve Orlando and artist Lorenzo Tammetta celebrate sixty years of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with this new chapter in the twins’ legacy. When Wanda and Pietro receive a locked cask containing a letter from Magneto, Wanda’s choice to destroy the letter before her brother can read it causes a rift between them at the worst possible time. The energy lingering on the cask is Endless, and with the twins separated, the Wizard and his Frightful Four Hundred move in to destroy the two. Now Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s lives depend on them repairing their damaged bond before it’s too late.


Welcome to the Hill, one of Gotham’s most dangerous suburbs, but after banding together during the Joker War, the residents kept themselves safe with the help of vigilantes like Strike and her team. Now as the Hill is being gentrified and a new villain is emerging, new resident Jason Todd is ready to return to the visage of Red Hood and keep his new home safe. Can Red Hood, Strike, and the Hill’s small militia of vigilantes be able to stop this villain, and save the community’s small businesses, in Shawn Martinbrough and Sanford Greene’s new six-issue mini-series?

They’re mad, they’re bad, and they’re angry at dad. Peter J. Tomasi and David Lafuente team up to team up the sons of Zod and Sinestro in Sinister Sons! Sinson has defeated Nagaf and has plans to build a ship to take him to Sinestro and prove he’s Sinestro’s son. While he’s gathering what he needs, he’s also leading the Sinson Corps, a gang of kids on Xela. Meanwhile, after getting cast out by his father, Lor-Zod wants to show that he has the strength and will to dominate the galaxy, and he’s starting with Xela. But the two bad boys butt heads, and it looks like it’s leading to a battle of who’s the baddest.


So, for some reason they weren’t allowed to call this “My Bloody Valentine”, but it’s the comic continuation of the classic Valentine’s Day slasher film! (Though my favorite is 2001’s Valentine starring David Boreanaz and Denise Richards.) Taking place in Valentine Bluffs decades after the events of the original film, a film crew is in town making the “based on the true story” adaptation, and of course the masked killer shows up for real. Get one for the horror lover in your life! Written by S.A. Check and James Kuhoric, with art by Andrea Arcari.

This is the book that your Valentine wants! The perfect gift for the Transformers fans you love, or yourself! They even mention it in the letter column: “Hey, maybe you’re even gifting this to a certain special fan in your life (alongside your own copy of course haha). And what’s more romantic than bringing back your best buds like Thundercracker and Reflector.”

Avani and her family are keepers of a cabinet full of bizarre relics, but Avani made a little mistake using it as a child, and accidentally unleashed an ancient evil that caused the death of her parents. Now a teen in 1991, she and her jocky best friend Trent are on a mission to find all the missing doodads that were cast to the ends of the earth, so that she can use Cabby to fix the mistake she made seven years ago. But the friends also have to decipher Avani’s childhood notes, and stay ahead of the Blackguard who want the cabinet for their own nefarious purposes. A vibrant, YA reader friendly mini-series, writers Jordan Hart and David Ebeltoft, along with artist Chiana Raimondi, have created a great fantasy story with hints of nostalgia.

He may be the son of Satan, but he’s still human, and Abraham Morgenstern is dying of cancer. Now to keep his family name on the largest criminal enterprise in the world, he has to decide which of his three children will inherit the shadowy empire. Narcissist Nero doesn’t have the temperament, Jackal is smart but conflicted, and Baphomet is still a child away at boarding school. Can Abraham cede control of the Apocalypse? What is his plan? “See, in this house, things ain’t always what they seem.” Writers Ryan Parrott and Noah Gardner, with artist John Pearson, weave an epic tale about family, power, legacy, and Satan!