About the Store

Carol and John’s Comic Shop is located on the west side of Cleveland in Kamms Plaza and has been in business for over 20 years. After originally opening in a 1,600 square foot location on October 28th of 1990, we expanded to a new location in the same plaza on December 6th of 2006 to a 3,600 square foot store. In March of 2011 we downgraded again, not for store performance, but industry performance. If you check around you will find we are the number one comic store in the Cleveland area but being number one doesn’t guarantee the sale of back stock and we were carrying a tremendous back stock inventory… so to keep with the competitive market and flow with the business trends we opted for a smaller store to focus on the here and now!

We are proud to have an incredibly knowledgeable and well-rounded staff and we constantly keep our inventory fresh. Our job is to help you find the comic or story you’re looking for through our personal knowledge of comics and our experience in the industry. We are happy to be first and foremost, A COMIC BOOK SHOP!

For more details about the amazing history of CNJ’s Comic Shop in the City of Cleveland, please click here!