CNJ Employees

John Dudas, Co-owner…
With over Three Decades straight in the comic book business, John still just learned that comics were fiction in the not too distant past. You’d think being a firefighter for the City of Cleveland would have taught him this fact many years ago, but he still has hope. He is responsible for organizing all those really cool events we have and controlling the inventory. John believes in the morals of the stories he’s peddling and is always there to lend you an ear and give you a recommendation. The key to success? Follow through and attention to detail. All he promises is that he tries really hard and loves his mother. 

John S
{Has the Con}…

John has worked at Carol & Johns since the late 90s (exact date unbeknown). All these years have only enhanced his love for comics. Ask him for a recommendation and you’re sure to get a wide variety of enthusiastic responses.

Favorite Comic Series:
Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley

Favorite Comic Book Character: Spider-Man

Kevin M…
{Head Roadie}

“While I’ve always enjoyed comics it wasn’t until the mid-90s that I got totally hooked. Around 2004, I joined the crew helping out on Wednesdays. While my role has switched to more behind the scenes I still love working and hanging out with my friends talking comics and life.”

Favorite Comic Series: Sandman by Neil Gaiman / Starman by James Robinson and Tony Harris
Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman

Ben JM…
{Alphabetizer Extraordinaire}

“I love my life as a comic book salesman. I’ve met the most interesting people, seen some of the rarest things, and traveled until my eyes were full of wonder. I appreciate every minute of hanging with Winston and my co-workers. I really like collecting first and weird appearances, good story arcs, and any comic involving Deadpool (ever. Like I even own one where it’s just his foot popping in from out of one frame…). Come ask me what to read. I’ll probably tell you to pick up either…

Favorite Comic Series: Fear Agent by Rick Remender
Favorite Comic Book Character: Deadpool

Josh B…

Born and raised in Cleveland. He fell in love with comics in the early 90s thanks to the X-Men, specifically Wolverine. He started as a customer buying Marvel trading cards when he was ten years old and he is now in his 30s!

Favorite Comic Series: Gotham Central
Favorite Comic Book Character: Doctor Doom

Rafael C…
{Top Suggester}

Raf has come into the pros recently from a part-time position at C&J. The “Mikey” of the team; he’ll read just about anything he’s handed. Known for his taste in popular music and some unpopular take on the prequels and podracing. Raf’s a little all over the place but he certainly keeps things interesting.

Favorite Comic Series: The Invisibles by Grant Morrison
Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman

Felipe D…
{Back Issue Guru}

Filipe has come to the shop since he was ten years old and has been coming back week after week. He enjoys reading anything and loves collecting first appearance comics.

Favorite Comic Series: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman
Favorite Comic Book Character: Spider-Man

Missty K…
{Weekend Warrior}

“Hey everybody my name is Missty! You can catch me at the shop most weekends. My collection is compiled of mostly new-age comics. I enjoy reading anything that has Rogue or Batman in it. That’s right, I’m on both sides of the Big Two! I’m happy to talk about both Marvel and DC comics. One of my favorite parts of collecting is taking a detailed inventory of and organizing my comics. With that said, it just made sense to work at a comic shop. I love that I get to work with such an amazing crew in the heart of my hometown.”

Favorite Comic Series: Watchmen by Alan Moore
Favorite Comic Book Character: Rogue

Winston Zeddemore…

{Head of Security}

Winston is hot and cold. Typical cat. He’ll either meet you at the door or be too “busy” napping. He prefers head scratches over butt scratches and is never shy about reminding you of mealtime
. He’s constantly in search of a blue vest that would suit his greeter role but has no problem trying on other costumes in the meantime. He supremely enjoys hosting events that feature local artists and all of their new stuff. His existence is sweet and colorful and he has absolutely no complaints.

John W…

Hey all. Once upon a time, I was an avid web guy, writer, and wannabe artist and in some ways, I still am though the most art I put out now is the yearly Holiday fundraiser. I have a passion for comics, art, drawing, and writing and an opinion on almost everything regardless of how much I know on the topic at hand.  My crowning achievement with CnJ is initiating the first store Newsletter with Carol and John.  While you won’t find me behind the counter, much as I may enjoy that process as well, you will find me here and in your mailboxes every week… I like being the man behind the curtain of the site.

Favorite Comic Series: Age of Apocalypse (original 1995 series) and The Sandman
Favorite Comic Book Character: 
Colossus (with 2nd place ties of Rogue, Longshot, and Wolverine)