CNJComics Artist Bios

David Balan

Cartoonist who likes beer, brownies, brofists, ballcourts, boleaderas, belligerently bellicose beavers, banned books, and hugs.

Dee Piotrowski

Practically nerdy in every way.

Rick Lozano

BORN AND RAISED IN THE CLEVELAND AREA, Rick has been producing comic book illustrations and commission artwork since 2008.

Tim Switalski

I love to draw pretty much everything…heroes, villains, monsters, robots, and beautiful women, yeah defiantly beautiful women.

Clare Kolat

Clare Kolat is an artist born and bred in the wild suburbs of Cleveland. She kicks major butt at drawing cute girls and fantastical things.

Shawny W

Just another illustrator into geek culture, burritos and cats. She draws the most babely of babes and some pretty awesome headshots.

Ron Hill

Caricaturist, editorial cartoonist, humorous illustrator and comics creator who has lived in greater Cleveland his whole life.

Ben Hale

Artist, Game Designer, Animator,…Tall. There are many ways to describe Ben Hale. He’s a Rust Belt Monster and doesn’t care who knows.

Erin Schechtman Caruso

Erin is an artist who makes many different things, but generally can be found making a mess as a member of the Rust Belt Monster Collective. She also draws HUGS at

Rev. Jim Giar

Ink slingin’ sonofabitch

Craig Worrell

Published illustrator, Craig’s work can be found in books, on shirts and posters, as company logos, and on walls with the RBMC

Ryan Finley

Ghostbustin, falcon flying, crime fighting freelance illustrator & instructor at BAYarts

Randy Crider

Rust Belt Monster, best local illustrator nominee, cartooning instructor at BAYarts, plus he’s punched like 5 dinosaurs right in the face.

Tom Szorady

Happy to be back for a second bout at Carol & John’s. To get as many drawings done, I’ll be focusing mainly on head sketches.

Janie Walland

Illustrator.I paint with Gouache and bright colors. My style is best described as fun and whimsical.

Robert Walland

Artist, Comic Lover, Humanoid  ( if thats stupid and you need more just let me know…)

Mark Overlow

Art director, designer, illustrator. First serious comic purchase: Uncanny X-Men 133, May, 1980. (He still thinks he’s Wolverine).

Greg Golem

I have come here to draw sketches and chew bubblegum.
And I am all out of bubblegum.
Likes: Drawing, Power Metal
Dislikes: Not Drawing

Ashley Ribblett

Candy loving nerd who enjoys drawing all things sweet and surreal.
She also co-runs Dr. Sketchy Cleveland in her free time!

Len Peralta

Synonymous with geek culture. He’s illustrated books, comics games and his trading card project Geek A Week

Amalia DeGirolamo

Illustrator, designer, and comic book artist with a weakness for Captain Underpants, ugly sweaters, and silly faces.


Chod is an artist that hails from Northeastern Ohio. He enjoys drawing super heroes, monsters and other things that he’s enjoyed since childhood.

Steve King

Steve King is the co-creator of The Abominations of Science and the upcoming webcomic The Saturday Night Slasher with partner Ryan Kacsandy.


Cosmic Destroyer of Fear. Lighting Bolt Junkie.

Sequoia Bostick

illustrator  for children’s media such as kids books & apparel. She’s quite the anime watching, comic reading, boarder line fan girl.

Henry Pope III
Pink & Nanook Ink

Artist/Creator of the comic Pink & Nanook, an action fantasy comic about two anthro mutant teenage girls who like to cosplay as other characters, growing up in our modern day society. Enjoys creating comics, teaching comic art, delivering pizzas, eating pizza, driving fast cars and riding loud motorcycles.

Also very fond of money. Never has enough.

Angela Oster

Artist, illustrator and creator of criminally cute, odd and wonderful beings.

Phil Freid

I’ve been drawing for most of my 59 years, always striving to improve.  I do all my work on the board, not employing the computer at any point.  There’s a great satisfaction to me in taking a sheet of Bristol and a pencil or pen and making something out of it.

Lindi Rae

Self-taught artist/cartoonist. Special Education Teacher. Ultra Marathoner. Coffee Snob and Children’s Book Monster.

Lauren Chaikin

2D Illustrator & Visual Development Artist. Amateur belly dancer. History nerd. Wonder Woman enthusiast.
Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter: @laurenchaikin
Search Facebook for “LaurenChaikinArt”!

Mark Laubenthal

Children’s illustrator, whose cute characters have been used for mobile games, stickers, and plush toys.

Ryan Kacsandy

Painter and illustrator. Collaborator with Steve King on the comic the Abominations of Science that combines an affinity for hammer horror films & mindless comedy.

Abdul Rashid

Illustrator and creator Abdul Rashid targets to develop characters that enhances the mythology of industry.

Dave Wendt
@doodlindave on Instagram and Twitter

Dave is a local cartoonist who likes to draw superheroes and quirky little gag cartoons.  He has done commissions for the Boogie Board tablet and is currently illustrating a children’s book authored by a local motivational speaker. He posts cartoons regularly on his Instagram account.

Christopher Schmidt

Local illustrator, comic book artist and designer. (Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple, Battle of the Super Powers #2, Prometheus: Titan of Earth)

Brian Gleine

Former art teacher, unpublished children’s book writer/artist, Disney enthusiast and co-host of the DCR Podcast.

Adam Pate

Well known for his unique speed caricature entertainment, Adam also does illustration, fine art and designs entertaining coloring projects.