What We Carry

Well, to start… we have the new comics that we place upon the table every Wednesday and the previous week on the shelf, we carry several months of the recent issues on shelves kindly categorized by published and then alphabetically within those (Which means you won’t find Avengers and batman side by side unless we’ve mis-shelved something and if that happens than John Shearer may have an attack of some kind

We carry one and a half walls full of graphic novels, hard back, soft back, leather-bound.. you name it.. there’s a chance we might have it at some point.

We have collectibles, figures, statues, glasses, and varied paraphernalia on the wire racks and back above our pull list storage bins!

We have our weekly pull lists as well as pulls for special orders out of Previews magazine

The ever popular Comic Book Club for kids!

Back Issues and of course for every back issue collector, boards and bags galore!!