October is National Bullying Prevention Month at CNJComics

Guardians_of_the_galaxy_#20October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Marvel Comics has inspired us by releasing some really cool Anti Bullying Variants. As these book were limited, we were worried about the accessibility of these really cool pieces of artwork. So, working with the Scribble Nerds, we have created seven different stickers, one from each member, to help capture the spirit of Marvel’s endeavors locally.

A FULL set of these 3 x 3 stickers will be FREE with the purchase of ANY graphic novel through out the month October. (Yup, that includes anything out of the discount bins too)

Who are the Scribble Nerds? – The Scribble Nerds are a crew of artists from Cleveland, Ohio who want to share our art with the world! We create fun and fanciful illustrations in our weekly challenges and encourage all of our friends and fans to create along with us. Everything is better with art, and we came together to spread the word!

Clare Kolat


ClareKolatBeAHerocs6“The new “Spider Gwen” is a strong female character with her own experience with bullying. When challenged, she stands up for those who need it most and tries her best to do the right thing. While she is far from perfect, the most important thing is that she tries her best.”

Shawny Walthaw


BeAHero_OLA message from Kitty Pryde and Lockheed:

“You might run into people who choose to bring negativity into your life, but please remember there’s also people who will bring the positivity as well. And the good will always outshine the bad.”

“I picked Kitty Pryde and Lockheed because they have dealt with negative people in their lives and understand that caring more about the good things in life is always better than carrying about the few negatives.”

Mark Laubenthal


BeAHero_OL“My sticker features Nightcrawler teleporting onto the scene and comforting a young boy. Nightcrawler is portrayed as very compassionate towards others, so I enjoyed creating a piece showing my favorite X-Man doing something he would probably do in the comics. I chose to illustrate the sticker with a child-like look, to appeal to younger children.”

Ashley Ribblett


AshleyRibblett_BeAHero“Deadpool isn’t normally thought of as a hero, in fact anti-hero is probably closer to the truth. What I love and why I wanted to represent him is, despite being a mercenary out for his own gain, at the end of the day he wants to see the good guys win. I admire a character that can do bad things but still have a heart and try to do good, even if they mess it up sometimes.”

Henry Pope III


HenryPope_BeAHero“I choose She-Hulk for my sticker as I enjoy drawing this character. Not only is she a super hero, but a lawyer as well. She would know a thing or two about standing up to a bully.”

Dee Pio


BeAHero_OL“As a shy, overweight nerd who dealt with the occasional bully I only needed to look as far as the spandex-wearing hero’s of my own childhood to find inspiration for my sticker design. Little me had a weakness for X-men trading cards, the cartoon show and comics so I decided to choose characters from my favorite team of mutant do-gooders. For me, Storm and Wolvie always stood out and seemed like an obvious choice as defenders of the “little guy.””

Ryan Finley


BeAHero_OL“I am very honored to be a part of the anti-bullying campaign. The characters I chose to represent anti-bullying include: Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. This is because throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Drax bullied Rocket and Rocket bullied Groot, but in the end they each realized that bullying was not the solution and became friends. Be A Hero, Not A Bully.”

The uniform feel of these stickers is a testament to this groups professionalism, and they will be making their full debut as a team at Oddmall this year on November 1st and 2nd.  These images are also the Perfect size for social media profile pictures!

Here is the artwork for the aforementioned Marvel Anti Bullying Variants, along with the above image of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy #20. These variants will cost $10 each, and all of the money from the sale of these books will go to fund the creation of the above stickers. (So you can buy one knowing that it’s charged with positive energy)

Avengers #36

Avenegers_#36Captain America #25

Captain_America_#25Hulk #7

Hulk_#7Inhuman #7

Inhuman_#7Rocket Raccoon #4

Rocket_Raccon_#4Starlord #4

Starlord_#4In comic book terms, these books are 1:15 ratio variants, so they will again be hard to get.

Bullying is something close to the hearts and minds of everyone involved in this project. We’ve all been bullied, and sadly, probably been a part of bullying too. The best we can do is turn to our kids or anyone who looks up to us and say, ‘Look, it’s okay to be that person that says no, I’m not going to pick on this person to feel like I’m a part of a group. It’s okay to be unpopular for a minute if it saves someone even a moment of sadness. In fact, you’ll always be cool to me for doing that. Look out for that little guy. Watch out when you’re just going along with everyone else and it feels fun. You just might be bullying someone. Be a hero. Not a bully.”