Not-At-Comicon Summer Sale at CNJComics 7-20 through 7-23

It’s time for one of our largest sales of the year, our annual ‘NOT-AT-COMICON’ Sale, timed to coincide with San Diego Comicon! (Just like we are.)

This is one of two times in the year that we are able to pull all the comics out of our storage locker and back room and put them in the foyer for only $1.00 each. This includes unprocessed collections we have bought, including the remainder of York Comics inventory when they closed. It amounts to about 60,000 books toal at this point. To make things even better, this year when you buy books in increments of 100, the books are only 50 cents each.

I.E. 100 books $50  105 books $55 dollars  200 books $100    220 books $120   etc…

You have to buy in increments of 100 to get the bigger discount. (We figured this was way better than having to fill up an entire box to get a better rate.)

We’ll also have 50% off all back issues in the shop. (Back issues means bagged and in the back issue bins.) This includes 8 boxes of Silver Age we recently bought.

We’ll also have

  • 10% off all hardcovers and graphic novels.
  • 20% off all action figures, statues and Pop Funs.
  • 75% our already discounted graphic novel bins.

Sure there’s no comic books left at Comicon, but there sure is here! We’ll be happy to hang out with you while you go digging through our bins for some hidden gems!

Peace, and we’ll see you at the shop. (Since, you know, you’re #NOTATCOMICCOM)